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  1. Russia a nuclear armed, terrorist, mafia state that week ran expertises to prepare for a nuclear attack on Poland. Not for the first time. A couple of years ago they threatened to nuke Denmark. They have more in common with Daesh than a country.
  2. Why would anyone want to be connected to that dysfunctional millstone? It's not xenophobic to want nothing to do with a useless country with no future.
  3. That currently doesn't exist but will magically appear to solve the problems caused by idiots.
  4. It's completely illegal to operate in China. Exchanges cannot get bank accounts to interface to fiat or pay taxes or employees. Chinese government bills for the bullet.
  5. The individual transactions not recorded on the bitcoin blockchain and are not charged as such.
  6. His point was that you cannot and never have obtained good saving rates because risk is proportional to reward. It's neither shite nor a coin. DeFi is a revolution, far more than Bitcoin.
  7. Virtual nobody who worked all their lives has "paid into the system" anywhere near enough to cover what they are now receiving. Another burden on the young, Boris of the Pensioners Party will jack up National Insurance to to reduce social care costs and protect house price gains of Pensioners. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/09/02/tax-rise-25-million-pay-social-care/
  8. Don't forget the demographics, the boomer population will be dying in significant numbers from about 2023 onwards for a couple of decades.
  9. Natural immunity last as long vaccine immunity and annual re infection is going to the source of most mutations.
  10. Most of Cuba's income come from overseas remittances. That would get traction.
  11. Ffs, Do you have any idea what life is like for El Salvadorians?
  12. Nope, vendors do not have to accept it. This point has been made clear.
  13. That theory only applies if the customers demand to use BTC. If they don't get paid in BTC they won't use it. Unless there is a legal requirement to use it its not legal tender.
  14. And its optional whether businesses accept it. So not really legal tender.
  15. It's volatility is what makes it ideal to trade, its why 100x leverage trading was going on.
  16. KYC is to ensure there is a connection to your regulator and taxman. If you are outside the region that a regulated entity is permitted to do business you will be rejected as a customer. So if you are dealing with a fully KYC compliant, regulated entity the FCA is connected to you. Crypto has nothing to do with it.
  17. Hilarious take on Crypto regulation, where the law is supposed to bend for the status quo and not vice versa. https://www.coindesk.com/fundamentally-incompatible-how-the-proposed-crypto-tax-rules-miss-the-mark
  18. Unregulated anonymous exchanges and dodgy websites yes, Regulated blockchain technologies are here to stay.
  19. Bitcoin has no future, Ethereum is the center of the revolution. Eth has six time the fee income of BTC because it really is useable.
  20. Well quite, many other countries would dream of dumping their parents in care.
  21. Increase NI to support tory pensioners who don't pay NI. Yet another tax on the young.
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