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  1. Shitty third rate country trys to pass off a aliexpress bought Chinese robot as its own https://theins.ru/en/news/254153
  2. Russia Empire has how many countries, 30+? conquered over centuries. Largest continuous empire on the planet.
  3. Russians were told Ukraine was about to invade Russia and Belarus. So a 3 day SMO would stop it. Defensive, see.
  4. Not invading your neighbours is a stabilisating factor. Every Nazi invader has the tools to solve the problem, little white arm bands make conveniant surrender flags.
  5. Hundreds of vehicles, tanks to MLRS probably destroyed this morning. Russians civilians trying to evacuate Crimea, panic setting in.
  6. Russia shod hurry up and surrender, save everyone the hassle of destroying their military forces.
  7. Russian airbase at Gvardeyskoye, crimea, has been hit. Igor Girkin confirmed it, as did some locals. 5 aircraft destroyed?
  8. Early participants in Ponzi schemes make good money too. Given crypto currencies reputation, why risk it with a known, notorious, scammer?
  9. https://azcoinnews.com/hex-founder-richard-heart-was-revealed-to-be-a-notorious-scammer-known-as-the-spam-king.html
  10. Abrdn, one of the top five UK asset managers, has invested in Archax, an FCA-regulated digital securities and crypto exchange purely focused on institutions. The asset manager with around $560bn in assets under management becomes the largest external investor. The startup initially focused on security tokens for several years and more recently expanded into crypto. The exchange will launch later this year. Security tokens can include tokenized stocks, bonds, funds, carbon credits and other assets. Archax CMO Simon Barnby confirmed the abrdn relationship also involves a strategic partnership to tokenize funds. Meanwhile, abrdn said it would ‘connect existing offerings’ through tokenization, enable investor access to digital securities, and generate efficiencies by adopting blockchain https://www.ledgerinsights.com/uk-asset-manager-abrdn-invests-in-archax-digital-asset-exchange/
  11. Nothing new about the tech and I'm sure the Russians have it. Besides, missiles flying 20,000m into air will be visible on radar from Russia.
  12. Indeed it has. Not actually imposed sovereign over an island that has not been part of China since 1945? Was it ever, please enlighten me.
  13. Insinuations? Russia are going to officially and public support him as their candidate. He's a traitor, pure and simple.
  14. The Chinese are very obsessed Taiwan, I suspect its a lightning rod for their nationalists, the government is very scared of their populations ability to revolt.
  15. Crimea was fully booked until a few days ago. Impossible to get a train ticket or accommodation. How things change....
  16. One of the videos has a double supersonic boom before impact which indicates it was a supersonic missile. Either ATACMS or Ukraines medium range ballistic missile.
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