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  1. Thats what my solictor said (off the record)
  2. Just a quick update. Had 3 valuations done a few weeks ago. £195,000 £185,000 and £175,00.(asking prices) We agreed on the middle valuation as a starting point As i intend to stay here i offered to buy her share to which she agreed. My first offer went in at £72,000 which she refused so i upped it to £80,000 which she still rejected. She says she wants half the valuation and not a penny less. My solictor has advised me to put it on the market and continue living here until it dawns on her that there is no way the house is going to sell for the asking price then make her another offer. It has been nearly 2 months since the valuations so hopefully prices have dropped even more. Your opinions/advice would be appreciated.
  3. Sold sign just gone up on house on Skipton rd by the hospital. Original asking price £149,995. Last asking price £125,000.
  4. Thanks for all your suggestions/comments so far. Yes, iwant to buy her out as cheaply as possible but i don't want to have drag it on forever. As one poster said, "lifes too short" and as i intend stopping here for a few years yet the fact that prices will continue to drop doesn't really bother me. Although it's been difficult i've accepted whats happened and it's time to move on and start to enjoy life. There was never a problem in the bedroom dept but as you never know whats round the corner i may buy the book anyway. Barry.
  5. Sorry, i should have said, there is no mortgage on the property. We paid it off a few years ago. She wants it valued,sold and split 50/50. or i can buy her out. I suppose i could put it on the market for £200.000 and stay here for a few years. Barry.
  6. 6 months ago my wife had an affair and left.(wed 30yrs) i posted at the time that i intended to buy her out. 18 months ago the house was worth approx £200.000. I've just had a letter from her solictor saying she wants to get things sorted asap. In the letter he says that although the current value is uncertain his client thinks it's worth in the region of £200.000. I think my wife is in for a bit of a shock! Obviously i'm going to stretch this out for as long as i can as every month counts in my favour. I'll keep you informed on valuations when i eventually get round to getting one. Barry.
  7. I live in Branksome drive. I want to stay in the house as i been here 28 years, have good neighbours handy for work and both daughters live nearby. It's a good area 5 mins walk from canal, river, woods, good bus services and i like it here. Barry.
  8. I'm in Nab Wood, so not far from Saltaire. Fortunately the kids are grown up and living away from home and we've no other debts to worry about. Everythings being done as amicably as possible in the circumstances. Finances have all been sorted and divided and she's taken a few items she wanted and is willing to sign an agreement that she won't take anything else. She doesn't need anything anyway. She'e agreed to us both getting a valuation and settling on somewhere in the middle. So i''l ljust sit tight and drag it out as long as i can. Barry
  9. Hi, first post so be gentle with me. After 30yrs marriage my wife has had an affair and moved out. The house is paid for and in joint names. We've agreed that nothing will be done regarding the house until Jan 2009 when we will get the house valued and i will buy her out. Obviously the longer i can delay this the better it will be for me with house prices falling as they are. The advise i'm seeking is, who is the best person to give my a true and proper valuation and the approximate cost.. The adjoining semi sold in Nov 2007 for £200,000. Ours has a kitchen extention and conservatory so would be worth a bit more. Anyone like to hazard a guess on its value today and in 6 months time. The house is in a "sought after area" of Shipley in West Yorks. Regards, Barry.
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