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  1. LOL Maybe they would move West in their droves to escape the horrors of Morriston?
  2. I quite like the West Cross house, the kitchen has lots of potential.
  3. It's a common dilemma, some of these HAs are a complex and large business and I doubt that a smaller salary would attract a suitable experienced CEO. I can't see a suitable business professional taking the job at a lower salary than they could command just because it's a social housing employer.
  4. Barry has plenty of pubs.
  5. I like the house in the park, wouldn't suit my needs right now but in a few years time it really could.
  6. Another one. How many have tried this over the years? Point about providing affordable housing is ********, if the restriction is removed they will become more expensive = no longer 'affordable'
  7. Rossers field's got to be worth naming, no?
  8. Sorry for the delay, been travelling all week. My point was that St Chris has gone a bit scruffy and unless the rent is substantially cheaper I would go for St Stephens or Catherines instead. Go and have a look, check out all the cars parked on flowerbeds in St Chris then compare with St Stephens (where they have paved over the flower beds - posh or what?)
  9. Something odd here, I know that house and don't think that it has sold in many years, rephrase that, don't think it has been on the market for many years. TMT - given where you went to school you might know the daughter?
  10. More likely a result of too many 'investors' buying off plan then renting out for a few years which for St Christophers would be a recipe for diasaster. St Christopher were the first flats/houses built and any switched on renter would prefer one of the newer ones which seem to have aged better leaving the owners at St Chris without tenants or poorer quality ones. Only those on the front row would be directly affected by the kids on the dunes, ironic really as they were the really expensive ones! What really struck me as odd about living in the marina was how few people you would see on a daily basis, there must be about a thousand homes down there now but you would see very little of the occupants, it's a surprisingly peaceful place to live.
  11. I sold out of the marina in 2008, consider it a lucky escape. Even some of the newer parts have gone a bit scruffy, st Christopher's for example. At the right price a decent enought place to live, very sociable and the houses are dirt cheap to run and very well insulated for sound too.
  12. Where is that, I've never seen it? Great hallway
  13. The scooter feller packed it in a few years ago I think, it was very handy and I wished that they still were going (partly becuase taxis stink!)
  14. It will always be 'horses for courses' but I would consider retirement down there, agreed that my idea of buying something like that for £250k (or less) would bring retirement or semi-retirement a lot closer and make me a lot younger than the average retiree! Your comments about Pennard/Southgate and lack of nightlife suggests that you are a fair bit younger than me, possibly single - not for me to speculate though - nightlife is not really an issue for me any more. In fact, if I was to want to go out it would probably not even be in Swansea due to lack of really good restuarants. I did used to make good use of scooterman at one time for nights out, drive to the venue and get driven home in my own car with the guy's scooter in the boot.
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