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  1. Let you go?? The petrol station employee has no way of keeping you there. It's happened twice to me. Once I just forgot to pay, had a call from the local policeman telling me to get my ass back there to clear things up. Popped round, had a giggle with the staff about it and settled up. The other time I'd driven from Cardiff to Manchester then realised as my fuel light came on that id left my wallet at home. I was heading off for a weekend with some friends and was so furious with myself and situation. Id heard about them sometimes asking for your phone or watch and didn't fancy that so I
  2. Definitely a glut of flats, But the bay is in no way isolated. there's all sorts of shops, bars and restaurants. It's a short walk or a bus ride to town, a couple of quid in a taxi. You can ride the Taff trail into Cardiff centre in less than 5 minutes. The bay certainly has its problems and it's possibly the last place on earth I'd consider buying a flat. But isolated?
  3. Amazing. How do the banks work out the yield. There seems to be plenty of different ways where people like to leave all types of costs out the equation. Do banks allow for void periods and damage or is it purely on cost of loan to monthly income.
  4. Just logged in to see what's happening in The Wales forum. I used to follow it closely but dropped out and bought a repo in January. I rented for 10 years and loved all aspects of renting. Pressures from the wife when she fell pregnant meant it was the right time for us to buy. Put 50% down and borrowed the rest at 3.24%. A crap deal at the time but the ea's own mortgage advisor was a total runt. He tried tucking me up to a huge fee which luckily I spotted. I ended up finding him the mortgage and making him get it for me. The mortgage is exactly half the amount I was paying in rent so I was p
  5. It's the fee's that scare me. People just add them to the mortgage, I did it with mine, worked out at around 500 quid. I remember it taking about a year to pay off that 500 quid from the capital. When people are adding nearly 2k in fees every time they move product, I can't believe they are ever going to pay off the mortgage. I just hope people are paying for the fee's with a bit of savings or a credit card. My mortgage is only 40k and is fixed at 2% above base. I'm taking my chances and sticking as A. I dont want to pay a grand in fees, and B. Even the good deals are still leaving you wi
  6. I did a bit of work on that house. Going back about 12 years. The location is wonderful, I remember I would have been around 17 at the time and the view on a good day blew me away. There would have been a time when a retired city boy would have snapped it up for that price but that time has passed. Property is looking very reasonable indeed down that way. Newport has always carried an "idylic move from the city" type scene tax. Much more expensive just because it's Newport. There are some great pubs and restaurants there. Off the back of the said scene tax.
  7. You really need to explain this logic to save looking like a total bell end. Whoops, too late.
  8. Yes, Write to your MP, get everyone you know to do it. May add pressure and help the cause. Serious question? Really?? It doesn't take very long to pick holes in it to be fair.
  9. Yes we could all just work. All the while the government are judging us, seeing how we take it, judging and munipulating public support. We could just let the government wipe the floor with us. Or we could take a stand at each stage and try and make a difference for everyone. We struggle to pay for the elderly in the UK as it is. The Tory's dont care wether we rock up at 75 and die within 2 years because we cant afford to heat our homes. Yes you will be working when I have a nice day off. But I wont be getting paid so surely thats fair enough? Just like when you have a day off i'll stil
  10. I'm on strike on Wednesday. No pickett line for me i'm afraid. I'll be using my much needed time off to get the wifes car serviced, winterise the bike and pop down the beach for a quick surf. I think the wife has a day off so probably grab a pub dinner. Absolutely no point wasting a perfectly good day just because public sympathy is lacking.
  11. Thats a bit of a contradiction though isn't it? On one hand you say Swansea is going into meltdown. Then go on to say houses are selling for record highs. You can't really have both. In Cardiff we have neither it seems. Just stagnation with the odd lunatic asking way too much. The problem is sometimes they get it. I'm almost convinced there will be no significant house price crash in Cardiff. Not without Higher interest rates. Which i think is very unlikely after Camerons decision to back house prices indefinately.
  12. I've had a long standing problem with EA's. I need a bit of advice as to what i'm doing wrong. The problem is they don't give me any time, they seem to disregard everything I say and just answer me as if, well to be honest, as if i'm just wasting their time. I'm in a position where I want to buy a house very soon, Before Xmas if possible. I'm not in a chain and have a 40% deposit. I know I can get a Mortgage and am in a secure job. i'm willing to move fast for the right house. These are the aspects that I always presume put me in a good position and therefore a good bet for an EA. So why wh
  13. sorry. They would be stamped coins and 1 ounce bars.
  14. Am I correct to think that when I sell my gold I will only get the Non trade scrap value. This seems to be no where near what I can buy gold for. Any better ways of selling?
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