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  1. CIUW LMAO - what does it mean? I made a few posts on Singing Pig earlier this year. I asked "Property Guru" a question, can't remember what. The reply was so stupid that I left Singing Pig forever. Edit: I think I've got it, no need to reply
  2. on the same topic http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=19808
  3. I didn't say that it is, and I'm not making any forecasts. I was merely answering Gandalf's question.
  4. Ask anyone who bought property in the 70's what happened to their mortgage. There are plenty of posters on here (who are older than me) who will testify that what I am saying is what actually happened. Wage increases and house price increases eroded their debt.
  5. Gandalf MarkG is mis-informing you. During periods of high inflation, prices rise, including house prices. Wages also rise. But if you have mortgage, the debt stays the same (or rather it's paid off slowly over the years just as in a period of low inflation). So, the value of your property increases, and your wages increase, but your debt stays the same. So in real terms your debt is decreasing. Thus, high inflation erodes debt.
  6. 18 months of rising prices does not look like stagnation to me. But I'm a bear, and yes, the next 6 months I believe will start to show price falls. Just follow the graph down. Ok, it's a dead cat bounce in the rate of change of prices.
  7. The grey line, which shows up then down, shows positive year on year change, even when it's going down.
  8. No, this is not a dead cat boucing. Dead cat bounce refers to prices recovering slightly after a fall, before falling again. The graph shows constantly increasing prices.
  9. beenhearingthisforyears There have always been illegal immigrants (beenhearingthisforyears?), and there always will be. Why should they have any more impact now than they have had in the past?
  10. Do any of the landlords here have any experience of having to evict anti-social tenants during the fixed term of an AST? selkirk
  11. dogbox How many properties do you own in Germany and Lithuania?
  12. Thanks for the reply Bear Goggles. "What I mean is assured shorthold tenancy" The fact is, if the assured shorthold tenancy did not exist, it would be extremely difficult to find good quality rental accomodation. Before the introduction of the AST, landlords had no incentive to spend money on their properties, and most simply allowed then to deteriorate. I don't think you can blame the labour government for house price inflation. It's a global bubble. selkirk
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