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    How is Van these days?
  2. Back on page 11 I posted about this house for sale. 50 Kenton Road(or Lane, can't remember which). Well it sold for £1.18 million! What is more, there is a huge amount of building work being carried out. It has already had a new roof, looks like there is a two-storey extension going up and the whole place is being gutted. Someone obviously has money to burn.
  3. In that case don't use it at all. I enjoy your posts but on occasion you make sweeping statements which undermine your credibility. Try to be a little more circumspect when posting.
  4. I disagree with this statement. There are plenty of people who can afford to buy. Whether it is sensible or not at these levels is another question, but to say housing is unaffordable for everyone is patently untrue.
  5. You are very bullish and challenging in your posting. Just like someone who has a VI in keeping property prices high. That is all. Like an EA/Mortgage Broker.
  6. And you come here because?............ Mr EA/Mortgage Broker!
  7. If people are that worried by a 0.25% rise then things must be really tight. What's the betting the full rise is not passed onto savers?
  8. Drink and drive? I don't find Germany sterile at all. It is a place of much diversity with a rich cultural heritage. I've spent a lot of time there and didn't notice a preponderance of red heads.
  9. Miss the air of menace and sense of unease that things may kick off any minute at the slightest provocation that seems all pervasive in any UK city centre pub on a Saturday night? If it is a choice between "boring" Germans and tanked up, tooled up chavs, I'd take the Germans every time.
  10. Where are you moving to and what work will you be doing over there?
  11. My two main worries are the real rate of inflation eroding the value of my savings and the devaluation of GBP. My thinking is that if I convert my money into another currency and this strengthens relative to the pound, then I have protected the capital sum. There may be flaws in this. The pound may not devalue. I'm interested in alternative views and any constructive criticism from people who know more than me about this sort of thing.
  12. I suddenly realised that perhaps things may be moving in the right direction at the weekend. about 10 months ago my ex-wife was looking to buy one of the Clarendon Mews flats in Gosforth. In the end she had a moment of clarity and didn't. At the time asking prices were about £170000-180000 for a 2 bed. To be honest they actually seem like decent places. I think they were built before the madness really started to grip so the quality is not too bad. Anyway, I was walking along the high street and looked in an EA window. There was a 2 bed flat in Clarendon Mews on for £150000. I think the most they have gone for is £170000. I was shocked, perhaps I am not such a deluded nutter after all, and my basic hunch about the state of the housing market was right all along.
  13. Some sage advice to a 21 year old, in the forces with access to dirt cheap accomodation who is concerned about not being able to afford to buy at the moment! (This from a motorcycle website I frequent) Quote: Originally Posted by balbas Live in the mess for a few years and put 10k in the bank for a deposit, then do a couple of tours and get LOA and all the other allowances - you won't be paying messing and you can't spend much cash when you're overseas - and you'll have another 10k in the bank... So, suddenly you're looking to buy, with a 20k deposit and a good job - go to a specialist mortgage broker rather than a high street lender and you'll be able to borrow 7 times salary. Not that you'll be able to repay it, unless you shack up with a bird who's also got a decent job... Spot on! Save up the deposit and work out a realistic budget then go to an independant mortage broker who will be able to work out the best for you and also a lack none of this 4times salery stuff. IMHO it depends how much you really want to have your own place, do you have to go out every friday/saturday/etc and blow £xx in the pub/restaurant/nightclub, do you have to spend this that and the other on "entertainment"? When you work out your priorites then you should eb able to find a lender that will match your budget throught a broker but do be realistic when budgeting! Example of this is Mrs Izzy and I have mortgage of approx 6times joint salery and we do ok. However we eat out very rarely, dont go to the pub (humm) etc however the saveing goes towards the mortage and we have a super home that we love.
  14. Hi, I've done a search but not a lot on this topic came up. Would opening a Swiss Franc account be a good way of protecting my money against a fall in the value of GBP? Swiss banks back their currency up with gold reserves, don't they? What is the best way of going about doing this? I have done a google search and there seem to be a number of companies out there providing this sevice for a one off fee. Some of the accounts also allow you to buy physical gold and keep it in their vaults. are there any pitfalls in going through one of these companies? What about UK Euro denominated accounts?
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