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  1. Yep the truth is about all he is truly being economical with. lol. They are basically creating 'credit' based on the assets of the American people from what I can see. Nothing as crooked as a banker....except a politician.
  2. I say HPC creates their own party... Ideas for leader?? I vote Injin, Goodbye to the banks. teehee
  3. If you don't jump off that cliff, you'll never learnt to fly -lol Sounds like a nutter to me! More like, if you jump off that cliff when there's no ledge below it, you're scr3wed! lol Doesn't he remind you of Ricky Gervais? lol
  4. Great Post I agree, this is criminal. I am, for once glad I live in Britain where the companies, banks and politicians are too stingy to consider anything like this -hopefully I know we'd pay for it but I'm sure Gordon would be physically dragged from Downing street and lynched if they did it on this scale!! When will people learn to just let it rise and fall? The housing market is a cycle, like most things in life -don't break the cycle! That's why it works!
  5. Congratulations on being an English teacher. Would you like me to edit your text to correct the punctuation? I wasn't boasting, I mentioned it to show that my views came from a reliable source, something you don't seem able to do. This is a forum!! There are certain 'rules' for different modes of writing. It's called social 'norms'. Other examples might include text (something that annoys me)and short hand. This is something, I can see, that you are not partial to?! I hate to sound rude but....Grow up and get back to the discussion!
  6. What a load of b******* I'm an English Teacher -children learn by word recognition, not phonics. Besides I often type fast and occasionally mistime the moment that I hit the keys resulting in a spelling mistake. The Educational System is not in a bad state at all. More students are leaving school with A-C Grades in English Maths and Science than ever before! Please check your information first. Tut tut, Petty things.
  7. Just one look at these programmes spells 'recession' No really, you can spell recession using the letters of the titles! LOL LMAO Here's Mr Brown's We're back on the up! Attitude. Here's Mr Brown's Don't Panic Attitude Here's Mr Brown's I'll Try Harder Here's Mr Brown's Denial. WAKE UP GOD DAMN IT One look at terrestrial television just spells that out!!
  8. I love to watch the chaos! Teehee I love having a Nationwide account. I sleep very well at night knowing that my money is safe, my bank isnt (as) greedy (as others) and doesnt gamble away my money. Ahhhhhh! Keeping life simple really does pay off. Silly gambling shareholders
  9. I find it strange how the government can fund these Giant companies and inject all these billions yet somehow cant allow me to get my inhalers free / reduce my council tax / fuel bills / inflation / by a few quid -It's our god damn money you're spending Gordon! :angry:
  10. bring on the chaos what time do the looters get up?
  11. lovely email sent to estate agents: FAO: The Desperate Never a better time to buy - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Best Wishes
  12. I'll use my Halifax cheque book to pay for that then Looks like my estimates arent the only thing going under at the moment though...
  13. Damn, FOILed again I feel an office whip round coming on at Man U, lol
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