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  1. Good video. How Fed with the help of US government engineered biggest bubble in the history: Lowered interest rates to near zero Dished out loans to in large numbers without any checks artificially boosted housing market Now if you think about it, they were in recession, hadn’t recovered from dotcom bubble then 9/11 happened(of course doesn’t look that far fetched that it was false flag black op) gives them an excuse to start two wars, lower interest rates & fake economic boost same could be said about UK and most European countries. As Celente puts it “Bubble of all bubbles was created, bail out bubble“, the biggest of them all. When it pops the whole system is just going to die. Future, may well be like this, clip from the movie Downstream http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzCAQMeZ_Fk&feature=related
  2. QE2 will happen, could be done unannounced as someone said earlier. All Central Banks do is to carry on printing to infinity until the whole thing collapses in between, no one's got a crystal ball but market oracle article Mike posted yesterday was pretty good, something along those lines. get ready, for inevitable
  3. exactly its all in the name few grand work & material turn into million
  4. There was a time when these type will be snapped up by some Russian or Arab billionaire, not anymore. They can see something as well. which is good.
  5. Anyone want to help her out she's in a bit of a pickle, can't sell. top end of the market, done up & reduced. What else do yo want. oh dear, whats happening.
  6. these are nothing compared to what you posted earlier (marketoracle article) that was some scary stuff.
  7. may be because as mortgage brokers they could be recommending loads of variable & tracker types deals, any increase means their clients are truely in the proverbial dodo, which means they could be in it.
  8. cull continues more to follow but they (banks) are making profits (as some assume incorrectly)!!! Mod please merge, already posted
  9. Largest Nordic economy raise rate two times within 3 months This should put BoE & EU Central Bank under considerable pressure to take action Lets see what excuse they come up with for their in action
  10. You always have some can't see crash coming though won't be able to get those mortgages that easily
  11. cgnao did say GM is better option than BV perhaps for that reason, but do read his post for more recommendation.
  12. fat cats sack the lot abolish the licence fee, job done
  13. nightmare senario for some of us with large cash holdings & tin food one of those mornings when you check news gold has gone up to $3500/oz or even $5000/oz! ops... some experts are predicting $10k or even $20k! the panic will start....
  14. Tony fat finger or something big!!! have some of us missed the boat?
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