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  1. Campbell is back in the fold with a bit of manipulation. Only this time he can't save it.
  2. It's easy to dismiss the idea but it actually has a lot of merit as long as it remains social housing and isn't sold off as 'affordable'. Compulsory purchase orders needed and traditional building standards (council stock was nothing if not well built where I've seen it) and tell the council planners to approve it or look for work elsewhere. It's time for some spine.
  3. Spoke to Morris Dibben, the builder's looking for offers around the 92k mark for these flats.
  4. Is there any way of finding out what HBOS' funding levels were throughout that period? It would be interesting to see how much was emptied out of accounts. NR scared those who could be scared (the rest being too ignorant). I suspect many people were slowly transerring cash over a number of days so as to minimise their potential losses.
  5. http://news.sky.com/skynews/video
  6. HSBC holdings? What is this in relation to the bank? Holding company for UK interests?
  7. Given the news of the last three days, I am distinctly underwhelmed by Coogan's latest whining.
  8. AIG down 45% but yesterday's news. Is Morgan Stanley next - down 35% MORGAN STANLEY (NYSE:MS) Last Trade: 18.78 $ Trade Time: 5:21PM Change: 9.92 (34.56%) Prev Close: 28.70 Open: 22.83 Bid: N/A Ask: N/A 1y Target Est: N/A$
  9. One of the other Banks taking a caning. Morgan Stanley off almost 40%.
  10. I should think that they needed it to be mainstream as quickly as possible to stop a run developing.
  11. So what's holding the shares at their current level if the risk is of a collapse tomorrow?
  12. Just pulled the black and yellow handle on my Halifax account. No queues as yet but half a dozen people turned up to withdrawl cash whilst I was there. One, on a mobile, talking about banks collapsing. Salisbury.
  13. For as long a we accept a bunch of jock social-workers running the country, the last thing that will happen is a cull of the public sector.
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