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  1. Its difficult to know what to do. Cash (held in Stirling) has devalued faster than property over the last few weeks and if held in a bank is at risk if the bank folds. Kept under the mattress it is at risk from Chavs and inflation. Farmland does have intrinsic value as people will need to eat and they aren't making any land. IMO this makes it a better hedge against catastrophe than gold in a county where ownership rights are enforced. Obviously in China or Zimbabwe and politically unstable counties land is stolen by those in power and cannot be taken with you if you flee so diamonds and gold are a better bet. Unless we are planning for a collapse of civilisation in the UK then holding on to land would seem to be a long term way to protect wealth. Better than spending it on Jimi Hendix's guitar anyway. I have been a property bear since 1997 and invested in the stock market instead. I would have done better in property even if there is a 50% crash. I really don't know what the best way to protect capital is now.
  2. Yes very funny read. Look at this on the BBC website: "Cameron Christie, who works in financial services, has been trying to get on the housing ladder for the last few years. He is now buying a one-bedroom flat in London for £145,000, so he will benefit from the stamp duty exemption. Cameron Christie will now not have to pay stamp duty on his new flat "I'm very happy," he says. "I just got a freebie today that I wasn't expecting. " Someone really ought to tell him that when he is about to lose his job might not be the best time to get into debt.
  3. Read on Griauniad Online. Nothing to do with cost of fuel then.
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