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  1. Don't be so parochial. Its a global problem (which started in America). It makes perfect sense for the UK taxpayer to help the French, German and Japanese auto industry.
  2. If that were so the price of oil and other commodities would be going the same way. The rise is due to loss of confidence in all fiat currency (and the early phase of a bubble but hey, bubbles can last decades)
  3. Yeah but its a useless metal with few industrial uses and it must be in a bubble because it has gone up in price. I became a zimbabwian dollar billionare so I have done better than holding gold over the last few years
  4. I'm afraid there is a misunderstanding of your relationship to the employer here. If you were employed to bring in that business and you did - well done, but the business belongs to your employer and not yours to take away. I am taking some private work off a hospital I work at but my relationship is different and I am self employed and pay to use their facilities. I doubt you are in that position. You need to be careful because they could even have grounds for taking legal action against you.
  5. Not trying to wind you up but I hope you get someone to check your spelling on your CV and application forms. Good luck. I'll keep an ear open for any jobs in Hereford.
  6. Thats the *****. Someone suggesting I should be sorry for this overstuffed bag of shite if he loses money on his Bulgarian properties? Trouble with these parasites is they never bet their own money. They get other people to take the risks and take their cut whatever happens. This guy sums up everything that is wrong with the UK now.
  7. I'm not taking up my offer. Too much misinformation and market manipulation for it to be anything other than a blind punt. The reason for the offer seems to be so that the bank can get back to its old ways without having to account to the taxpayers.
  8. Are you serious? How many British pensioners thought it would be nice to retire to Bulgaria or even to holiday there regularly. It was a pure speculative bubble. Many of the buyers were Irish. Priced out of property speculation in their own country. It was the greater fool theory in action. No-one ever actually wanted to live or holiday there but they thought they could sell on their investment to another speculator. If they are solid working class folk who have lost money then I say - tough. If they wanted to get involved in high stakes gambling they should have taken the trouble to educate themselves.
  9. May as well have done. Either on steriods or inbred over many generations. Looked like one of those prize bulls you see at agricultural shows.
  10. The horrible piece of work was the guy featured on TV a couple of times before the crash. Investor in Bulgarian property. Big guy on anabolic steriods with a bodyguard. Wore jewelry like Mr T and boasted he had sessions with several ladies at a time on TV FFS. If I see someone like him fecked over it will make me a happy man and help convince me that a lifetime of hard work, self improvement and supporting my family has not all been wasted.
  11. Britain Socialist Government has run out of money, the CBI is told Fixed Still plenty of money in Britain but its in the wrong pockets. It is in people's deposit accounts and pensions. Needs to be transferred to government pdq Gordon is on the job already.
  12. It would be funny if this hadn't happened before. How about putting the super-rich into camps (for their protection of course) confiscating their assets and make them work for their food. Whenever the economy crashes down another notch the super-rich can be a convenient scapegoat for economic mismanagement. Their houses and assets can go to on message supporters of the new world order who obviously need multimillion £ homes in Regents Park and Connaught Square if they are to be proper socialists. (Mandelson and Blair)
  13. Never mind. We have unelected politicians in Europe to protect our democracy now.
  14. It is a bit utility but I don't think they are expecting many follow-on sales or personal recommendations. The classier option would be a nice silk curtain tie back with tassles.
  15. Looks like someone has already cornered the market with this his and hers kit link to ebay
  16. I don't think killing off your customers is ever going to be an attractive business model unless you're an arms dealer and can sell to both parties or a cigarrette manufacturer where you have time to extract funds over many years before you kill the customer.
  17. Messy and you might land on someone. Also bad for surviving family financially but that would be par for the course for a banker I suppose. We need to be careful we don't become a how-to-kill-yourself-best site. Plenty of these around I gather.
  18. Does this still work with catalytic converters? The rope method seems the commonest around here. Or the unexplained high speed crash into a tree on a deserted road if you want to avoid the stigma of suicide.
  19. Women have better communication skills and come over better to the employer. They are also generally more malleable and these days employers don't want independant thinkers or anyone who might question the system. Employers also have to fulfil the quota and show the world they don't discriminate by discriminating against men and finally we are in a position where the interviewer or panel will have possible a female majority and no man wants to be branded sexist by opposing the sexist majority. In the days when physical strength and an ability to think and act rationally are no longer valued men will lose out.
  20. The middle classes are like the old horse in Animal Farm. They can be squeezed until they literally drop dead because they will keep working and stay on the right side of the law. The chavs will riot, thieve or go into the black economy because they have nothing to lose and the rich will just move whereever it suits them (as they are doing now). I don't see DC doing much different but there might be some minor concession to middle class thrift such as not withdrawing tax relief on pensions or not abolishing ISAs. At least we wont be subjected to insulting pledges to abolish the lower 10% (or whatever definition of poverty is ) of household income which is patently nonsense unless everyone earns the same.
  21. We need to all rally around Injin and support him. Seriously. Is the Pope a Catholic? If losing your job, savings, house and gold-digging wife and having to watch Gordon Brown lying and gurning all day while Tony Blair earns several million £ a year for destroying the country and sending young men to their deaths doesn't make you clinically depressed, what will? Chin Up. Marriage counselling is on the NHS now.
  22. Sounds like she might be the CEO of HBOS or Northern Rock
  23. Let us know if you successfully get a loan to buy gold. Then we will be in a bubble and I will be selling. Leeds BS used to do a Liquid Gold account - now part of HBOS. Try them for a loan.
  24. Back in Feb when POG got to this level RM raised the price of sovs from 170 to 225 and then dropped the price back to 199. I should think they will be up to 225 any day now. Whoever sets the price is a bit more savvy than Gordon-the-Moron. Getting upward of $1300/oz compared to $250 that Gordon flogged it off for. The markup on silver coins is even more than the gold.
  25. The time for doing this may have passed. In the past you could have inflated the value of the assets and borrowed heavily. A clever accountant could then have syphoned money off the company to your personal account and then when the company is bled dry you go bankrupt, tell all the creditors to spin on it and retire rich. Examples of this were Wrekin construction who borrowed millions using a paperweight as collateral and of course British Leyland. Not so easy to borrow now so this door may have shut. Gold plating ordinary circulating coins and selling them as gold proofs or gold plating tungsten bars and selling them on ebay might bring in some money if you have nothing to lose. If you have a printing business you could cut out the middle man and just print £20 notes
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