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  1. If its just based on age (or sex) it would be scandalous and I worked on a CCU in the 1980s which only admitted men and the age cut off was 60 which was a bit difficult to justify. However this can go too far. Offering mammography to men or aortic aneurysm screening to a 90 year old is nonsense but we will be forced to do it under equality legislation before long if politicians and non-medical folk decide how the money is to be spent.
  2. Should read $80 million It would be funny if so many lives had not been put at risk and lost over this scam. Link
  3. I don't know how old you are but doctors did make those decisions every day. Then everyone decided we were acting paternally and wanted in on the act. Now there are laws which prohibit us from denying an operation with a 10% 5 year survival to a 90 year old who isn't likely to survive 5 years anyway. Today I had to scan someone on the ward and I was so concerned that the patient would die in the time it took to boot up the machine I asked the family to come in while I waited for windows to load up. I don't know if that patient was still alive by the time I got back to the department. Total waste of time for me and the patient but the family felt something was being done so it was a therapeutic investigation - like so many are now. I honestly believe that if we pulled the stops out and let the public and politicians have what they wanted we could use the entire NHS budget just on diagnostics. No-one has ever been punished for requesting too many investigations but I regularly have to explain why I refused to do them - sometimes to a coroner or tribunal. Hope of cutting anything off the NHS bill is fantasy unless the structure is changed so that patients and doctors are incentivised not to use it.
  4. I wonder how many had mortgages from Northern Rock and RBS and HBOS. Looks like I'm a part owner of a property in Dubai now. Lucky me.
  5. No need. When you owe the bank $80 billion or whatever its the banks problem not the debtors. UK and its taxpayers are on the hook anyway via Lloyds and RBS. I think Gordon will announce a scrappage scheme for luxury liners. That way the owners will be able to claim some money off the UK taxpayer and buy themselves a nice environmentally friendly luxury yacht to take to Monte Carlo.
  6. Herefordshire lost a lot of its hospital specialties to Worcester because Worcester had a shiny new PFI hospital and a shiny private diagnostic and treatment centre for NHS patients. Now we are going to be told the services will be cut and there is nothing our Herefordshire or Powys patients will be able to do about it. Worcestershire has been in financial trouble for years because of the costs of its PFI hospital.
  7. Well if you wanted to build the worlds biggest brothel and casino you would build it slap bang in the middle of the Muslim oil rich states where such activity is punished in their own countries and they can afford to play. Saves dealing with the whores (financial and otherwise) in the West.
  8. Yeah, More if I do private work too. You could do the same. What's stopping you? I had no special privilege. I came from a penniless immigrant family. Oh yes a lack of ability, no appetite for hard work and long hours and a unwillingness to study until you are 35 before you become a consultant.
  9. Don't be harsh on Winkie. The world is divided into basically two types of people. One type feel comfortable following the herd because even if they are wrong they take comfort from the fact that most other people are wrong too. You see the effect in plane crashes and the like where they stay in their seats while the plane burns when the appropriate response is to climb over the other passengers and get out at all costs. The other type is the natural survivor. Balances the risks of inaction with the benefits of action at each stage. Sometimes, like the people who jumped out of the Twin Towers, they dont survive but they take control. "Stars" is actually one of these too but pretends he isn't in order to fool the first type and improve the odds for himself. In this respect he is like other Statists who really only care for themselves. He'll be like the guy telling everyone not to panic and stay in their seats while making his way to the escape door.
  10. He's gone for a beer. Don't you see its already happening? There are already less cars on the road than a couple of years ago and cars are more expensive to run in terms of toilet paper money than they were. In terms of gold they are cheaper because the recession has reduced demand for fuel so fuel has got cheap. When demand picks up fuel will catch up and wipe out any drivers trying to use toilet paper to buy it. I'm off for a beer too.
  11. Total b0llox. Are you seriously suggesting anyone would pay 1000 gold sovereigns for a return ticket from Cornwall to Scotland.
  12. Its over 1000 toilet paper £ for a ticket from Cornwall to Scotland * already. In my lifetime you could have bought a house in Notting Hill for that. * first class return
  13. Yes, copper is fine and it has been used widely as a measure of value. Carrots, I'm not so happy with. Too variable and perishable but you could use grain or sunflower oil if you had to as their value is linked to oil. Gold and silver are just more convenient. The last thing we should be using is a bit of paper that says I trust the government to look after my interests
  14. Or the value of fiat to fall by four or five fold. That could never happen surely. My childhood home bought for £8000k in 1970s Sold £500,000k in 1990s Worth ?? £1.5m now Same house. Just the money is worth less.
  15. You are joking right? The point of valuing things in gold is the same as why we measure things with a steel ruler and not an elastic band with cm markers on it. Well perhaps you do use an elastic band for measurement. Each to his (her) own.
  16. Generally speaking I use whatever has been given to me. Its trading whisky not drinking whisky. It does allow a bit of flexibility within the system so that as long as its single malt you can give a more expensive one if the other guy has taken a lot of trouble or just a cheap one if he rushed you through. I broke the rules recently and gave a chap a litre of blended ( I got it on offer at Tesco) rather than 75cl of single malt because I thought he might want to drink it but I might have got it wrong and got the reputation of being cheapskate.
  17. I think we will find out that we are on the hook for much of the debt in Dubai too via our government owned banks (RBS and Lloyds soon)
  18. What would you choose Injin? My parents used to deal with Americans - tourists and GIs and they often paid in duty free whisky and cigs. I don't know what the price of a room was - I was only 5. The going rate for a consultant seeing another consultant privately has been a bottle of single malt and has been for years. System breaking down a bit because some want more and also HMRC has wised up and actually estimate how many bottles you have been given and bill you! My sons friend wanted a postage stamp I had gaven my son and offered him another postage stamp in return but the deal fell through because my son collects silver coins and the other guy had none to exchange. You could probably use a wide variety of things in exchange, especially with the internet and if you were willing to travel a bit with a sheep in the car but storing wealth is a bit trickier. Masai store wealth as cattle but they are vunerable to drought and disease. Apart from the only proven viable alternatives of silver and gold, what would you suggest? Seriously.
  19. Our BMA negotiators were outmaneuvered. We ended up being paid in monopoly money and now they even want that back off us to pay for an artificial island in the middle east or something. I can't quite figure it out. If things carry on like this people really will demand payment in hard currency like they do in other banana republics.
  20. I have been doing this for a while and I even have the kids at it but it depressed me a bit recently because I reckon on earning an oz a day or 2 oz if I do a night too and now I am watching my wage decreasing quite dramatically :angry:
  21. If people are so stupid as to sell their gold at less than what its worth there is probably a good living to me made from buying up people's £50 notes for £20.
  22. You must feel like a dork running a website with this name. Stick with it a few years and if you can still afford the domain renewal fees it might become quite popular
  23. Nice graph. Quite a few people predicting that POG will go to $3000-$3500 as this graph does but who knows. There wasn't the money printing and demand from China and India last time there was a gold bubble.
  24. Oil has gone up but not in parallel with gold. I'm more inclined to think the rise in stocks, property and gold is the Mises "crack up boom" or flight to real assets that has been widely predicted on here. You can only trash fiat so far and people are beginning to vote with their feet.
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