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  1. I'm surprised by this. You would have thought shareholders would be wary after being shafted once by Lloyds and Brown. Now the government has even more control than when it forced Lloyds into a shotgun marriage. Short memories is the problem. Have people forgotten how Labour shafted them over Railtrack, BT, and British Energy? I steered clear
  2. No serious cuts in public spending and token, politically motivated tax increases which will do nothing for the economy. If the financial markets decide he was taking the p!ss because there is an election coming up the £ may survive but if they decide the politicians don't have the guts to deal with debts then the £ will be toast and the HPC will come sooner rather than later. He had a very narrow path to walk. Lets see how it goes down.
  3. If he doesn't get to the serious stuff the markets are going to dump £
  4. There was a subsidy on condensing boilers up to a couple of years back but then they made them compulsory and withdrew the subsidy. The condensing boilers do break down and are unlikely to last 25 years like the ones they replace so will never pay for themselves and this essentially acts as a transfer of wealth from consumers to the industry. Not to worry though. Just think of it in terms of a subsidy for the 3rd runway at Heathrow. ( the government has decided to keep carbon emmissions from aviation at 2005 levels by making bigger cuts elsewhere so, if you winter in chilly Britain, you will be subsidising those who winter in Barbados)
  5. This is all very predicable (well it was for Von Mises) Once money printing starts its always easier to continue than to stop.
  6. He's been announcing efficiency savings since his early days as chancellor. It usually involves some highly paid consultancy group suggesting a service should be taken over by a friend of theirs at twice the price, making a hash of it and handing it back to the public sector. Look at rail franchises and diagnostic centres
  7. Funny you should mention Google. The politicians used the scenario of a patient turning up unconcious in casualty and the doctors having no previous history to justify handing over £12 billion (or £20 billion according to some ) A couple of years ago Google lauched a free service in the States which allows patients to upload their medical details so that if the scenario arose the information would be available. I don't know if it caught on but it pulled the rug out from under the justification.
  8. PACS was always rolled out as a success for NHS(h)IT but in truth it was already being taken up by hospitals before the National system was thought up because it was cheaper than conventional xray film. The government may as well try to credit the success of digital photography to the success of the NHS IT system. If fact the idea was to use the IT system to link the PACS systems of hospitals (or more accurately, to link hospitals to private health care providers so that patients are not tied to an individual hospital or consultant and can be shipped around like a commodity). In that aim it is largely a failure and we currently transfer the images on to CD and post them if another hospital needs them. This is quite a u-turn. The system was sold to the taxpayer as essential to the front line while the front line clinicians repeatedly stated it was not needed. The fact is that the system was essential to introduce competition and outsourcing in the NHS but as the GBP approaches parity with the Indian Rupee and spending in the NHS will have to go to clinical areas rather than outsourcing specialists like the one Patricia Hewitt was director of there is no money left in this so the real point of NHS IT has been taken away.
  9. Lost the gains of a whole week on an asset that should be considered an intergenerational investment I have been quite depressed by the run up the last few weeks. Not bought any above £600/oz and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. I was happy buying regularly when the price was stable over the summer. Could do with a drop to £550 to scare the bejabers out of traders and let me accumulate some more on the cheap.
  10. The way to do it is to link the fat cat bankers to the fat cat Tories and the salt-of-the-earth Labour to hard-working families in peoples minds. That way the more obscene the mismanagement of the financial sector by Brown, the more people are nausiated by the Tories. This has been policy for a while and it was stepped up just a day or two ago. We even had Lord Prescott of Grimsby Docks - the working class hero- on R4 going on about Tory tax evasion this morning
  11. I once read that the reason sailors used to wear a gold earring was to pay for a christian burial rather than be thrown over the side should they die at sea. Even with POG as it is you would have to walk around with a pretty big earing and you might need to cash it in sooner rather than later if you are unfortunate enough to be robbed for it or mistaken for a gay.
  12. The spouse can claim death benefits of around £2K I think but I don't know if this is means tested. Otherwise if there is no spouse and no-one else wants to pay the local authority become responsible for the funeral - a pauper's funeral it is still called. They can take any of the deceased belongings to help pay. I once had a miserable old b******rd under my care who was disowned by his son after he died. The son did come in to collect a big sovereign ring the old boy wore and wasn't happy to find out it had been taken to help pay for the pauper's funeral.
  13. Not sure what you mean. Do you think these people are core Labour supporters? Many went over to Nulabia because Blair seemsed like "one of them" and a natural Conservative but they saw things like tuition fees brought in, their Equitable Life pensions wrecked and their shareholdings in the few shares they had accumulated wiped out. Now there is a suspicion that their children will be discriminated against for university places and they know they are being lied to about improving hospitals and schools because they know first hand. No - no Labour supporters there. They can be ground up and spat out. Its the people reduced to poverty and unemployment who should be blaming Brown for their problems who he is trying to seduce by portrying the Tories as a load of rich public school toffs.
  14. What was it Reagan said: "If it moves tax it. If it stops moving subsidise it."? Labour have given up claiming to be the best choice for mamaging the economy and, as GB's quips about the playing fields of Eton yesterday showed. they are going for the class envy vote. They even wheeled out Prescot on R4 this morning - time was when he was an embarrassment to Nulabia.
  15. They weren't very subtle when they wiped out the small shareholders in Railtrack, British Energy or Lloyds. They didn't think they needed to be because these people don't vote Labour anyway so are well positioned to be shat on. I should imagine anyone with a few £k in savings or earning £50K plus is probably written off as a potential Labour voter so can be sacrificed to win a few votes from the envious and workshy.
  16. Any one with savings. N. Korea wiping out savers and entrepreneurs overnight must have given him ideas. Why draw it out over a few years.
  17. Every time the mods shunt this thread to the land of the living dead it arises again in a slightly different guise. They really need to wave garlic and wads of £20 notes at it to try and kill it for good or else give up and leave it on the main forum. Its not as if the discussion of real money is nothing to do with economics.
  18. Nah, If its physical and he knows where its stored he'll be getting all of it in due course - no questions asked and the government can do whatever it wants to confiscate savings and inherited wealth
  19. No bubble in N. Korean Won. I recommend you fill yer boots. Bound to be a safe investment. Its backed by a government.
  20. Yeah. Just look at the dying stages of the housing bubble when there were adverts on TV urging people to sell their property for below market value. Sure sign of a bubble when people sell stuff for less than its worth.
  21. They should go with a Porsche, Subaru Impreza or BMW tax IMO. Can't stand the people who drive these. Or tax people who eat sushi - [email protected] eating over priced raw fish . Now that would be justice in my book.
  22. So it was about 2 oz Au 18 months ago and just over 1 oz now, WTSHF you'll be able to buy one for 1/10 oz. I'll stick to gold for now thanks.
  23. If you believed that you would buy lots of them and horde them. A scooter is fine for scooting but is neither a practical means of exchange or a store of wealth. You are comparing apples to screwdrivers, not even apples to oranges.
  24. I'm now beginning to think that houseprices wont crash in £ for the same reason gold is increasing in £. Flight to assets. In real terms houseprices have already fallen maybe 30-40% measured against a basket of currencies or gold and that may be it. The only chance for a crash in HPs would be sound economic management which would in the short term mean more job losses and higher interest rates. I don't see this unless it is forced on the UK.
  25. Location is OK. Used to be called Kilburn when I lived near there but convenient and quite leafy. I would pay 100-120K for it if I was moving back to the smoke.
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