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  1. Good point. Presumably the mega-rich, politicians and celebs will able to keep their movements and transactions hidden "for security reasons" in the same way they don't have their health records online on the ultrasecure NHS electronic patient records for any toe-rag like me to mull over and post on the internet when I'm bored.
  2. A 2% skim off the top as profit every time you use your card would be a sweetener for the banks too seeing as they won't be able to take taxpayer money forever.
  3. Apart from completely missing the point about the government being able to track the movements and spending patterns of all its citizens he comes out with the statement: without explaining this would mean the government can syphon your savings away without even having to pretend that the "pound in your pocket is still worth a pound"
  4. Edmund Conway over at the Telegraph comes out in favour of the cashless society. The comments are excellent and point out the evil behind this suggestion 'though it looks like comments from someone called "clare" have been censored. Link
  5. Who is "we" Why is it a crime for me to ask a decorator to paint my gutters off a ladder but not a crime for me to do it?
  6. Interesting. If this goes ahead and the ID card scheme is scrapped it will be possible for almost anyone to be rounded up by an official demanding to see an ID card which they will know the suspect won't have. I was stopped on a minor traffic offence once by a policeman who claimed there was a warrant out for my arrest and wanted me to prove my ID. I told him I didn't have to and there wasn't much he could do about it except grind his teeth and inconvenience me as much as possible.
  7. You're bright enough to realise I am taking the p1ss and using your own argument about "store of value" against you. I just couldn't resist it but I didn't expect you to be at a loss for words.
  8. Nah. Its a consensus judgement. Even murder isn't a crime in some cultures. Problem is that some people in power want to impose their definition instead of seeking a consensus. Like making smoking in your own car in the hospital carpark a crime.
  9. No such thing as a crime. A crime is what the rulers say it is and changes over time and place. If you define what a crime is you can do what you like to "innocent people"
  10. Just wait till they introduce currency controls and ban gold ownership when sterling crashes. They will be recruiting border guards skilled in radiology and sigmoidoscopy to find those Krugerrands you thought you could escape with.
  11. You could get a few illegal immigrants who would be glad to do their job for half the cost.
  12. This was a bit unclear but it was a local newspaper report. Roles like Director of Nursing and Director of Ambulatory Care are clinical roles but they take the clinician off patient care duties. I would be surprised if these people are actually sacked because many will have worked in the organisation for many years and it would be expensive. Much more likely the title and the income supplement would go and they would get back to clinical duties. I suppose some of the "directors" will have been away from clinical duties so long as to be unemployable and would opt for early retirement - I suspect this is where the money is going.
  13. Was talking to our paediatricians this week and they don't use Tamiflu on confirmed cases of swine flu in children ill enough to be in hospital because they don't think the benefits outweigh the bad taste. Millions of £s has been p1ssed up the wall setting up flu hotlines and posting out Tamiflu to people with hayfever and colds (or just hoping to sell it on) to win Nulabour a few more votes at the election. That moron Ben Bradshaw has also set a new target that anyone who might at some future date have symptoms which might possibly be due to cancer has to be investigated within a week (down from current 2 weeks) Totally bonkers when the NHS is about to fall over due to misallocation of resources.
  14. I applied for a consultant job here many years ago and the application form and documentation I got from them was so full of management bullsh1t I withdrew the application. I can now see how a county DGH has so many people in highly paid management jobs they can sack 28 and still carry on. Looks like they will be reduced to treating patients for a living in future.
  15. I would certainly accept a present like this with grace. I would appreciate the time and effort she put into it much more than buying something from a shop. If it tastes better too that is an added bonus.
  16. Once the election is over, scrounging off the state won't be the easy option either IMO. No one will tackle the benefits culture now but benefits will need to be much more of a safety net than a lifestyle option if UK is to ever cut its spending. It wouldn't be a bad thing IMO and would have desireable social consequences too in the long term. I wish you well. What is your business?
  17. Xmas presents for almost all adults are 5hit we don't need. If we needed the stuff we would have bought it ourselves. Different for young children of course. Anyone who gives me a present usually gets a sullen thanks - not because I'm not grateful they have taken the trouble but I want to put them off doing it again.
  18. My kids are your age (or a bit younger). I planned, saved, worked and went without and now I'm expecting the government to take it all off me and give it to a banker so I'm not terrifically happy. I don't know what the right thing to do is. You are only young once so you should try and enjoy that. Maybe travel and get laid a bit as when you are older it is these memories which count. I am encouraging my children to get real qualifications and go to a proper uni. I'll support them financially to make it possible. The cycle will come round again and in 10 years the economy may have corrected the damage caused by Brown or will have collapse completely and be in a process of rebuilding. Skilling up is probably the best "investment" you can make and the government can't take it off you.
  19. There was a moneyweek article recently which followed the fortunes of companies who invested in R&D and ones who didn't and it showed that the investing companies did better in the long term and actually suggested you seek these out to invest in. Same applies to a country. Sure just handing money over won't give results but shutting down facilities will ensure failure. We are eating our seed corn as a country. When heavy industry was shut down we were told it didn't matter because the wogs can do that while we make our money using our superior knowledge and education. Now we can't even claim that and we are trully fooked unless some generous wogs want to keep the UK as a theme park.
  20. I don't think you have worked in an acedemic environment. When you put a group of gifted people together and take away the target culture and overbearing management and the worry about how the bills at home will be paid the results follow. The results are unpredicable and the relevance is not immediately obvious. UK was good at this in the past with examples such as breaking the enigma code which essentially required the modern computer to be invented.
  21. Its even more stark than this. Report on R4 said the entire UK budget for nuclear physics research is £6m. There must be a few individual bankers taking this much home as a bonus this year. Nuclear physics research discovering how to make gold out of base metals is the only hope the UK has for recovery and it seems perverse to cut spending on this.
  22. The cynic in me thinks he is resigning before he is sacked by the incoming Tories. He has been highly partisan and a mouthpiece for Nulabour. The publications I get from his department go straight in the bin unopened now whereas before there was interesting and useful unbiased information. Hope the barsteward ends up senile in a piss-soaked bed next to violent psychopath with only a non-english speaking ward orderly to look after him
  23. Its worse than this. If you are spending your own money on something for yourself you would make sure you get the best quality at the best price. If you are spending your own money on something for someone else you don't give a sh1t about quality but at least it will be cheap If you are spending someone else money on yourself you don't give a sh1t about how much it costs but at least you get the best quality If you are spending someone elses money on someone else you don't give a sh1t about getting it cheap or getting good quality. This is unfortunately the situation with government procurements.
  24. This tree was for the civil servants at the offices at dept of health not for the NHS. They are not the same. The NHS is tasked to deliver health care and the dept of health is tasked to obstruct the NHS and dispense propaganda. In our hospital Xmas decorations have been banned (infection risk ) In another I work at the staff bought the decoration out of funds gifted to the department.
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