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  1. But this is the Tory business model for fracking And its foreign private ....by the way So what happened to the great N sea oil income funding the utopia of the socialist republic of Scotland under President Salmond the first ...?
  2. flooding is not the only "excluded peril" identified by insurers .... Wait till we get fracking maps and land areas above laterals cant see those getting published to the general public ....might be a bit awkward ....
  3. Well the national park moratorium lasted all of 3 weeks http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/energy/fracking/11408206/Fracking-to-be-allowed-beneath-national-parks-despite-ban-pledge.html And in a real FU to the Welsh senydd over the 32 votes to 16 welsh fracking moratorium know your place plebs
  4. Well ...it appears that the Scottish , and after last nights vote ,and the Welsh assemblies are going to have a moratorium on Fracking for tight gas......its now going to be an English experiment... Best of luck
  5. Morrison's and its free car park killed the Caerphilly metro Lidls car park is continuously rammed since its bakery refit .. And now Aldi are coming back to Caerphilly after leaving it 4 years ago
  6. I had an FB steak and kidney tinned pie the other week and that all it was ...puff , gravy and possibly some kidney bits , I wasn't too sure .......bugger all steak ...ligaments perhaps .....tasted the same as before though .. Tin of mushy , a Bentos pie , and if I was really pushing the boat out .......a tin of new potatoes ......a student Sunday lunch of my 80's ...a 3 tin meal .....'kin lush that was
  7. Yeah .......politics are going the way of TV channels "57 channels and nothing on !"
  8. Is it the tesco "extra's" (extra profit) causing some damage to tescos perceived reputation ?....they should have a flat price range across all their stores .
  9. Windows in and weathertight at £200 k...... a four bedroomed detached house in the space of next doors driveway.....damn ...! Bet the seller is quite fiendishly good at Tetris ,
  10. I couldn't understand why they just didn't run a dredger over there ...and cut a dock ...build the " house " in a boatyard , and tow it into position ?
  11. Eagles face ...50 shades of red .... Edit ... Here QT: Lord Freud's £2/hr pay disabled comment (16Oc:
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