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  1. More than one million households who receive housing benefit will have to find extra cash to pay their rent to private landlords from next year. If the cannot find the money they will evicted or forced to move. Chris Norris, policy manager for the National Landlords Association, said: “Landlords will have to look at their profit and loss and decide how much they can afford to cut their rents by. “If they are not going to do that, they will have to seek non-housing benefit tenants or sell up.” Figures from the Valuation Office Agency, obtained by campaign group Shelter, show that households in area in the country will be affected by the cuts, which will be introduced in two stages, in April and October next year. The shortfalls range from thousands of pounds a month for a large home in London to as little as £5.60 a month for a two bedroom home in the north west of England. The biggest shortfalls will be felt in smarter areas of London, Cambridge, Bath, Guildford and Exeter, where private rents are more expensive. In London a family in a five bedroom home could have to find as much as an extra £6,933 a month, or find somewhere cheaper to rent. In one fifth of the country, a three bedroom household would face a shortfall of £65 a month from the cuts, and as much as £150 a month in expensive areas such as Guildford, the most affected area outside London. People living in a four bedroom property in half of England’s villages, towns and cities will have to find an additional £100 a month to pay their rent. Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said the changes would cause “significant social and personal upheaval”, create “huge clusters of poverty and inequality, creating an even bigger gap between rich and poor”. He said: “The increased rental costs people will have to now find each month will force the poorest and most vulnerable in our society to leave the homes and communities and migrate to areas with the cheapest housing. “Many people will be forced to cut back on essentials like food and electricity, or take on extra debt, just to make ends meet. “Despite trying everything they can to stay afloat, some will be pushed over the edge into a spiral of debt, eviction and homelessness.” Downing Street advisers are known privately to be very worried about the political damage of families being made homeless because of the cuts Coalition ministers are already trying to prepare for the political damage of families being forcibly evicted because they cannot the rent by trebling the value of a special hardship fund from £20million to £60million. Steve Webb, a Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions minister, has defended the cuts insisting they were “fair” to people on low salaries. He said: “The state is paying someone who is unemployed to live in a better house than someone who takes a low paid job. You can see the unfairness of that.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/7869171/Private-landlords-to-slash-rents-to-keep-tenants-because-of-housing-benefit-cuts.html
  2. Your theory seems valid: £399 millions Stamp Duty City of Westminster - £240 millions HB expenditure untill Scotland is put into the equation £320 millions Stamp Duty The whole of Scotland - £1.6 billions HB expenditure http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/stats/stamp_duty/table15-5-0809.pdf
  3. Assuming said 5,439 road warriors are living in 4 bedroom houses , the HB bill for 2011-12 will drop from £240 million ..... down to £113 millions. I think the governments figure of £1.8 billion savings in the life of this parliament is poppy **** - £6 billions a year is more likely going to be the true figure saved from HB. Jobseeker's Allowance Caseload (Thousands) : Government Office region by Parliamentary Constituency of claimant (Westminster) by Ethnicity of claimant
  4. Benefit cuts could force thousands from Westminster 28 June, 2010 | By Corin Williams Controversial measures to cap housing benefit announced by chancellor George Osborne in his emergency budget could lead to 84% of Westminster City Councils claimants being pushed into poverty or homelessness, it has been claimed. The recent emergency budget revealed that payments would be capped from April 2011 as part of a range of measures to reduce spending by £1.8bn a year by 2014. According to figures collated by Westminster City Council Labour group and uncontested by the council, just 847 out of 5,439 families currently receiving housing benefit would retain their existing payments. Labour group leader Paul Dimoldenberg said benefit cuts could lead to homelessness on a massive scale. He added: Thousands of poorer families could be forced out of Westminster, making Shirley Porters illegal homes for votes scandal appear like a sideshow. We are calling on the council to make urgent representations to their friends in the government to think again on this housing benefit cut which could lead to huge social damage to long-standing Westminster families living on low incomes. But cabinet member for housing Phililppa Roe (Con), who has campaigned for housing benefit reform, called the cap a victory for common sense and local taxpayers. She said: Before this announced change, anyone could find a very expensive property to rent in Westminster and claim housing benefit regardless of whether they lived locally or even if they came from abroad. And of course, if people request to be housed in Westminster we will do our best to help. But large families do have to be realistic about living in the heart o the capital and may need to be housed outside of the borough. Westminster LBC spent £157m on housing benefit in 2004-05 and is expected to spend £240m in 2010-11. £240 million divide by 5,439 families = £44,000 per HB claiment................... http://www.lgcplus.com/lgc-news/planning-and-housing/benefit-cuts-could-force-thousands-from-westminster/5016501.article
  5. Now that you ask!, My honest answer is "I havent a clue", when I looked at the house I thought it was a good idea to have a shower downstairs, but at the time my leg was in plaster and I couldnt walk up the stairs.
  6. UPDATE! I walked away from the deal, £500,00 deposit reurned to myself! Instead Found a newbuild 4 bed semi on the market this time last year at £208k, I paid £136k cash and a gurantee of a maximum cash back of 15% if the house price drops should I decide in the next 3 years to sell on the open market.. I'm happy, plus I need to vacate the house I sold within 6 weeks (2 weeks have allready expired).
  7. Update!! Price dropped down to £150k on The Eco house at March, Cambridgeshire, however in the mean time I noticed some prime plots on the site went over to part buy / part rent, people seemed to hanging sheets up instead of curtains, i'm thanking god I didnt buy there.
  8. I never said I lost £500. , the builder wants to pull out of the deal and refund my money back, I told him my solicitors would handle any refunds! Anyway found this on the net regarding contracts, I think I have a binding contract and will try to enforce it. http://www.investni.com/contracts.pdf
  9. Why do you say so? I'm sure people have to fight hard to get deposits back from builders, dont buyer's have rights?
  10. I dont need a mortgage! Was lucky to complete on my property, I have 4 weeks from next tuesday to vacate the ex home that was mine for 19 years! Do I have any rights under law to force the builder to honour the original deal ? Or maybe the builder got a better price from someone else and tough luck to me!
  11. I would hope that under the law I could force them to honor the deal! But I suspect there bankers have withdrawn credit facilities from the builders. The house is exactly what I want. Will speak with lawyers on Monday and see if I can force the builder to honour the deal.
  12. On Monday 6-10-2008 I paid a depost of £500 non refundable for a newbuild house, and an exchange within 28 days. It was a shared equity deal of 75/25 over ten years! I have cash for the 75% . Today the builder informed me the deal cant go ahead on the 75/25 shared equity, because of economic conditions, but he would knock £5k of the asking price of £170k. Can he do this ? Do I have any rights ? I have a sales agreement signed by there site sales person, deposit was via credit card over the phone, and I agreed for the sales person to "pp" my signature. Thanks in advance
  13. Percentage of population : Government Office region by Benefit combination I won't comment on these figures, but it throws into doubt the government myth about non eu immigration being good for the UK economy Jobseeker's Allowance Caseload (Thousands) : Ethnicity of claimant by Government Office region
  14. or *******.com/56vssk
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