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  1. I work in the construction industry and I can add my anecdotal evidence that activity has massively increased in the last few months, and though some of it is 'affordable housing', most is private new-build housing. Most of the housebuilders seem to be building aggressively, having been dormant for two years. Of course, if they don't sell these new houses as fast as they're building them... activity will fall off that cliff again, just like it did two years ago.
  2. It's been the main story on the Radio 1 'news' all morning. The newsreader's comment was: "there are worries this dip could affect the recovery after the recession." Indeed.
  3. "all buyers need someone on their side, whether they are spending £400,000 or £4m. Get a good agent and they should be worth every penny of the 1-2 per cent they cost." Couldn't agree more.
  4. It's certainly going to be interesting to see if the bank are prepared to offer any support: the sudden upturn in business has put severe strain on our cashflow - we're having to spend a lot more on materials, and suppliers are not keen to extend much credit. We intend to ask the bank to increase our overdraft, at least temporarily. I'm not holding my breath.
  5. The construction company I work for has certainly seen an explosion in work - some affordable housing, but mostly private housing, with all the developers opening sites all over the place. Apparently they've run down their stock and have nothing left to sell and so have started building again. We're as busy as we've ever been, and are turning work away. My boss is convinced the boom times are back; I have a feeling we might have a cliff up ahead of us and we might get a repeat of the catastrophic drop in work we had in 2008. We're going to ask the bank for more money next week. But for now at least we're booming...
  6. Working in the construction industry and we are busier than we've been since July '08 - housebuilding is tentatively picking up, we're taking on more staff, and everyone here thinks the boom times are back. On the other hand, they didn't see the last 'downturn' coming until it smashed them in the face.
  7. I'll have Wednesday, if no-one has claimed it yet. (Based on a hitherto infallible system involving tea-leaves, planetary alignments, and the observation of recently disembowelled fowl).
  8. Oh it's a bit flucking late now, I've only just gone and hanged myself! And my dog! (Just joking about the dog, obviously)
  9. What do you aim to discuss that cannot be discussed here?
  10. Can't stand to wait another 8 years - even 2 seems too long. I'll be 40 this year, and though I don't have any problem at all with renting, the neighbourhood we're in now seems to be going steadily downhill... I'm not concerned about spotting the absolute nadir of the market, but I loathe debt and there's no way I can buy a decent property without what I would consider a hefty mortgate (probably 60-80k). Give it another year and I think I won't be able to resist any longer.
  11. Why would anyone envy (or indeed Envy) another's suffering?
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