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  1. Speaking of linguistic rot, I received some blurb about a "deceptive bungalow" recently
  2. I believe Tim is indeed correct. Have a look at CAB's Advice Website, the section headed "Your income and capital" in particular. As for declaring savings or otherwise, beware that at some point, they may ask to see bank statements, and will "follow the money". If you get done for cheating, I believe it's fraud; you will struggle to get a decent job in future, and may well loose your current job.
  3. Hmm, it's possibly only Gosforth in the way an estate agent would look at a map! Or, at best, it's on the cusp of Gosforth / Kenton. I think Meenzer hit the nail on the head. The popular, "gosforthy" bits are further to the east and south.
  4. From said pdf, "benefits from double glazing" Thinking about it, the extra security may benefit a drug dealer.
  5. And about a quarter of a mile from a busy bit of the A1M! Looks like footballer country to me...
  6. Other things that may work: Buy a new kitchen Buy a bigger house Pension contribution
  7. Not saying the BBC are cheap (or expensive), but for comparison, an average Sky package is something like £22pcm, and you have to watch adverts. I hate ads on telly - a) they waste time, remind me of the same sort of mentality that led to the house boom and the debt mountain. Have had several spells without a telly - cue harassing letters from the tv licence peeps - more time wasting, and money down the drain.
  8. You may also want to consider a large pension contribution. The govt will top-up your contribution by 25% (ie your contribution is 80% of total, govt contribution 20% of total). There are limits to how much you can contribute in any one year, but they tend to be fairly generous.
  9. Well, my savings are to buy a house, but houses are still too expensive at the minute, and now that the interest on those savings is less than expected, I'll put more in to make up the short-fall. So, this interest rate cut says to me, "save more", not less.
  10. loon


    Yeah, I wondered about that too. If that is the case, it may be no longer, once the "efficiency savings" arrive. Does anyone know where the £19k figure originated, or how it was arrived at?
  11. On the subject of pensions liabilities and whether to include them: If it were a conventional debt, the govt would issue some IOUs that the holders can call on later. These IOUs could be gilt bonds for example. But in the case of these pension liabilities, the govt has still issued IOUs - not in gilts, but in contracts of employment and membership of the pension scheme. These can be called on too. So what's the difference? Gilts can be rolled-over. Gilts pay a coupon. The govt received labour in lieu of one and money in lieu of the other. Is there any reason to include one issued IOU and not another? Not that I think the Daily Mail is right (about anything).
  12. I recommend A Primer on Money, Banking, and Gold for how banking and monetary policy (supposedly) works. Written some time ago, and from the point of view of the American system, though.
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