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  1. I saw that. The weird thing is you can't turn it off - ie., "show only houses where I'm actually buying a whole house"
  2. Er.. Dunno! I was about to say 'move to Sheffield', when I read your last paragraph..
  3. It's pretty sad - it still looks like one or the other will win the next election and neither of them are economically competent, or even able to speak the truth. The Tories would make a good start by dropping Osborne, he's gotta be what's giving Labour the lead in the "who's best qualified to lead us through recession" polls. On Newsnight the other night he just didn't have a clue. And all the while, everyone ignores the Lib Dem guy who's been bang on for the last year..
  4. ... I think that's because they're on the fat-burn program. Do you get these scary dark thoughts in other day-to-day situations?
  5. Sibley Um, mate, you live in Maidstone. The question should have been, why would you want to? Reminds me of an amusing response to this morning's 'house price fall' article in the Guardian. - willwordsmith
  6. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20...mortgages-banks
  7. Reminds me of an amusing thread on the ever-angry Sheffieldforums - a quick scan on Rightmove shows this is still on, too
  8. Be aware that the majority (in my experience) of UK house-to-flat conversions (which is where our lower-ground-floor flats come from) are done on the cheap, and there is typically little or no noise insulation. So you may find your sleep pattern is pretty much based on that of the people who live upstairs from you I wouldn't consider them worth the saving myself, I'd look to a slightly poorer/less trendy area and get the upstairs flat - many conversions split and fence the garden anyway. You're back-to-front by the way - London is for your youth and Canada is for settling!
  9. Because the guy you gave your details to got laid off, and he never shared them 'cos he thought he'd get an easy sale off you. Call them again.
  10. I saw a £94,000 2 bed terrace in Walkley in an estate agent window last night! Down down down Still full of other houses at peak prices though. Sorry not sure which agent, and haven't seen it on line - it's the last estate agent in Crookes as you walk towards Walkley.
  11. This one http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-215...p;mam_disp=true
  12. Hi Olivier, I hear the trick is to get a high risk card intially (high risk, so a high rate), and get a 'normal' card a few months later, once you have a credit history - see http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/banking/c...t-score#improve
  13. Hello, I've just signed up (long time lurker) to ask what may be a silly question.. thing is, I don't get it - can anyone explain how it could work financially? Eg., the householder can't afford £1000-a-month mortgage, so the council 'buys' half the house (or in reality, half the mortgage?) from them. So the householder now pays £500 a month mortgage, and £500 a month rent. Is that right? And if so, how are they better off (they'll just use the lump sum gained from selling half the house to pay the rent)? Isn't this called equity release?
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