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  1. £100 per week service charge is for maintenance, no gym or swimming pool
  2. I think it really is time to be honest and accept there never will be 'affordable housing' for the majority of people. In Keswick in Cumbria where I live in my campervan, the local social housing provider ' Your Derwent and Solway' housing association, have just built 69, 1 and 2 bed flats for the over 55's (affordable housing) :- 1 bed flat £275,000 plus £100 per week service charge 2 bed flat £300,000 plus £100 per week service charge 50% shared ownership £137,500/150,000 plus £85 rent per week, plus £100 service charge per week. The average wage in Keswick is £13000 to 14000 a year mainly hotel and shop jobs, the site they used to build these 'affordable flats', was local authority housings with tenants paying affordable rents, but housing association kicked them all out, knocked the place down and have build housing that only the rich can afford. I have lived in Keswick for 16 years I used to be able to afford to rent a flat but not anymore - that is why I now live in my van, there has been a massive rise in people living in cars and vans in the town, because they can no longer afford the rents - working people. I do not think it matters who gets in to power in May, because I believe the housing situation will only get worse not better.
  3. I have bought one too - I am leaving and going over the water Dolly
  4. I know you weren't. I know lots of people who would have the inside space to store your van, problem is they wouldn't because of nosey *******, when in a nice world they would be glad to help you.
  5. Unfortuanately in the lakes you can't move for the planners spying on you. I've had people ask me to store there caravan for while, but always have to say no, I've had enough enforcement notices can't risk anymore.
  6. I don't I'm sorry - planners have eyes everywhere.
  7. I live in a campervan, have done for nearly 5 1/2 years. I worked out the other day on 2006 levels, I have saved nearly £37,000 by living in my van. I moved in to my van because I could no longer afford to rent and my single salary. I did hope that my living in a van would be temporary, but as time has gone on and housing costs have got so out of control, I know I will probably not be able to live in a house again, I'm 46 didn't think I would be a vandweller. What have I done with the money i have saved? Well I have bought a beautiful piece of land in the Lakes.
  8. House prices are to blame yes, but there are many reasons why the economy and the living standards are failing. This government are running this country on handouts - benefits to all. There has to be something wrong when a family man works 40hours a week, on a reasonable wage, yet has to be bailed out by the government with Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits just to survive and provide a reasonable living standard for his family. When I was a child I'm 43 now my father didn't get benefits he worked, and my mother stayed at home to look after us four kids. We lived on his wage no handouts, he was able to my a modest 3bed semi for 2x his wages. We will all suffer because of peoples greed. House prices too high, wages too low to cope, an economy driven by debt - something very wrong when people using credit cards to buy famiy food shopping because they have no money left!!!!
  9. I doubt I am anyones kind of woman - I've lost almost everything I had - I live on the streets in my van. I'm at Uni and I have a part-time job, so in some respects at least I won't lose my home. It's a tough world for everyone and I think it's gonna get a whole lot tougher.
  10. Excuse my language, I hate this word and I do try to be a Lady(most of the time), the government are C*nts, they are killing this country, they must thing we are fools - pre-budget report - 2 1/5% vat reduction, lot of difference that will make. I have a post for them 'stick it up your fiscal ****'. :angry: There that's better.
  11. Have some, compassion, unless you are in their shoes - were they homeless, it's not as if they built a palace is it? No water, or elec, they provided themselves with a one bed home. How come big house bulders can build homes for profit on agricultural land, yet the little people try and provide themselves with a home and it gets torn down - money and bribes that's how. I for one will not take pleasure in people losing there homes in such a disgusting way. :angry:
  12. Have some compassion, unless you are in their shoes
  13. I live in a campervan, have done for the past 2yrs - just me and my small dog. I had a flat I rented but got sick of never having any money left once I had paid the bills. Bought a van and got my then bf to convert it for me - it's cosy but very cheap living. I have a piece of land which I park on when I am not at uni, and when at uni I just park on the street, all the locals know I am there never bother me and I feel very safe. I was never going to be in a position to buy a house, and I didn't want to rent for rest of my life - so this is a different way of living. Dolly
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