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  1. People like you look at the small picture. Push up interest rates and everything will be fine. Just think if the country is near tits up @ rates of around 6/7% what do you reckon will happen if they were more close to 10+ you bloody donkey. You might not even have a job cos the company you are working for may need to have job cuts in which will mean you wont be able to pay us fat cat landlords and will mean when im going to pick up my rent from my new tenants i'll be more than likely stepping ver you when youre sleeping homeless outside the gaff. you say you pay a phucking load of money in rent but dont you think you should think a little bit more logically. Your staying in a property (if in nw london and say a 2 bed flat) £250k+ worth..But you dont do you.. You despice paying his mortgage then why dont you get your own place..COS YOU CANT AFFORD ONE..Stop complaning, The landlord is doing you a favor by not having you sleeping rough on the streets but allowing you to stay in his gorgeous flat. every tenant has the same opinion on landlords but us landlords have the same opinion on you *****. Other than you ***** paying my mortgage you also enable me to wear bespoke suits from savill row (Ozwald Boateng) and i thank you..
  2. My nephew's sale of his flat fell through again and he's remarketed at a lower price but its still not low enough to sell without the likelyhood of being guzundered. Greed will bancrupt many but whilst there are the likes of the OP buying there is hope. ............................................. You cant blame someone for guzundering considering the climate we're in. Buyers must be stupid if they dont. Im on the verge of making the "dreaded call to my solicitor" to annonce i want to renegociate. As a investor you want to get a property as cheap as possible, your not hear to make friends or make the vendor money. Your here to make as much money for yourself as possible. Sometimes peoples misery is someone elses windfall.
  3. Banks will need to let there guard down at some point. Why you may ask..Simple Propertys they have put charges on will technically could be looked as being worthless. Cos if the cycle stops i.e. no mortgages to push the old time first time buyers up the ladder to the family houses and no mortgages for first tiem buyers to buy the previous couples 2 bed flat the market is dead. Banks are worried about loseing billions, this could be the biggest mistake they have done to date. They are being safe to who to lend money too at the moment but at sometime these people will have mortgages and they will ahve to start giving people a chance with regards to giving them a mortgage.
  4. Scummy landlord..Im guessing your one of these people that want to live in my arsehole and one of my propertys for next to nothing. You are obviously where you are because you have no understanding on how the world works with regards to interest rates. Like someone has said already, pushing rates to 10% will kick out all the wannabe billionaires but will not kill the market. Do you honestly think banks would want this either? Think about it... Banks have a security against your property, if rates went 10% all what would happen is alot of reposession and no buyers. Even more turnmoil to compared to what we have now. IMO Northern rock should of been sunk. Then we wouldnt be in this problem right now. Why try and save soemthing which is already prononced dead.
  5. The one reduced by 5%, now let, agent would not disclose if at the reduced ask or lower. Landlords take note - price correctly and you will avoid a void! Price high and your void will cost you more than if you price correctly in the first place. Don't chance it hoping for more, if it doesn't shift in a few days, cut it to a realistic level and your loss will be less. I have also been told "more's coming on now" - although am yet to see it. If true, cutting your rent now will ensure you get more than when the rest of them come on to let and prices start to permanently drop. At the moment, drops might be a summer slump, but even so by leaving you rproperty empty for a month or two due to over-pricing, you generally lose out quite a bit unless your next tenant is in for well over a year. **Firstly do not take offence to what i say to this if you are a tenant or one of the above (What i like to call window shoppers) From reading your post i take it your are a renter. But from reading your post above, Are you really one to give advice. Your renting and the person your renting off is the owner..Maybe you should as for tips as how do "i" get on the property ladder. Shouldnt you think sometimes as when you have the NERVE to suggest to a landlord to take a knock in his rent he or she might have no mortgage on the property? Which would intail having no hefty yearly cost if it was to remain vacant???? I'll anwser this for you..........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Some landlord feel from spekaing to them that when reducing the rent you get a certain type of TENANT, people that want to live in your arsehole for free. This might sound wrong but there their to make money, not to give you a free ride just so you can go out on the weekend and blow your money on booze, coke and whores. Sometimes i also feel tenants expect to much and in my responce to that is, get another job, work a few more hrs a week and you'll be able to get thsi lovely 3 bedroom flat in NW London with sky in every room with council tax and water rates paid for £350 a week but i dnt like to offencd. I let the window shoppers look round and move on. My rant over..
  6. We all know estate agents HIKE prices to get stuff on the books. But some vendors need to get a reality check and just like getting building quotes.. You have a low, middle and high quote. I tend to always go for the middle quote. Same with getting valuations..Get a few quotes and work in the middle.. But saying the above i feel bad for the vendors who actually think they might get close to £700k..No matter what, they prob have spent that money in their minds. Buying a new car, getting a new dog etc etc
  7. Did that sell at 326,000 or is that what it got in the room and didnt meet reserve?
  8. * I TRIED POSTING THIS ON A TOPIC BUT WOULDNT ALLOW ME..IT'S ON PAGE 2** O WELL..Hope you like my opinion Reality check. Tell that numpty he's a big donkeys *****. Just because the mortgage has gone up does not mean that (example: 2 bed flat in bromley- south london) has gone up with it. His mortgage previous to the rate rise was just say 800 and was getting rent of 1000 When his mortgage rises to 1000 (example) you think his tenants will pay 1200..OMG What a donkeys *****. This is what ME PERSONALLY want to wash out. Wannabe property millionaires/billionaires. These are the people who got sucked into no money down apartments and from speaking to lenders on a level they beleive to be over valued to the sum of 50-60% When at allsop auction in london (cumberland hotel) apartments were selling 50% below initial price..Did they sell NOOOOOOO Allsop.co.uk (read the news section) they broke the record for the amount of lots they had. The country is gone pete tong. What will happen is all the wannabe property millionaires will only survive if they had half decent deposits (in reality this is no the case) they'll go under/selling propertys below cost to LONG STANDING INVESTORS and still owing money to banks even without having the assest no more. What more will kill of these investors is that most dont have a rainny day fund, with many places not selling (my patch london) many people are turning to renting. This was good at the start of the year as demand for places grew but now demand is slowing and more products are getting put onto the market which now are driving rents down. if someone has identicle propertys net to each other..one has a mortgage of 800 and the other 1000 the person next door with the lower mortgage will have lower cost and in which will start the trend of goign rates within the area. Im fairly new into the BTL (3yrs this september) i never buy new build/off plan. Ive got a few places under my belt but have had my bad luck..vacant property for 6 months. But what is behind me is 22 yrs of growing up with parents which have been in teh buiness 30/40 yrs. Like they say the rich will always get richer and the poor will always get poorer. And im not saying im rich but what im saying is the ones who understand the value of money adn look long term will make money grow but the ones who think they ahve hit the big tiem with 10 off plan aaprtments ..no money down and bying that new flashy sports car, the rolex and thoes gorgeous churches shoes will end up being ******ed by the real sharks. i hope what i have wrote make sence (im dislecsick)
  9. Firstly im new on the board. And hello Im too lazy to read the whoel topic but im sure what i'll say has been said before. All they relistically have to do is start lending again and with reduced deposits. Can i have a job earning 7 figures plz Why wont they do this, they have had there fingers burnt but just like all money hungry bastards (banks/brokers/etc etc) they'll take the risks again..It wont be any time soon but 12/18 months. greed comes risk, greed comes bonuses. Out of them two statements which one are they really thinking about. what im quite shocked about when reading about banks profits DOWN DOWN DOWN but there still in bloody PROFIT. How much do these guys and gals want to bloody make. They get hit for just say 50bill. In the last 6-7 yrs when we're had the BOOM how much have they made. Im sure they have covered what they have lost. Im buying a place @ the moment 30% down grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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