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  1. 100k is decent salary for London and very comfortable to live on, on the assumption you don't insist on living in an expensive area and spunking all your wages on crap. I manage easily with 2 kids on less than 100k and we live in a 3 bed terrace in zone 3, 25 mins from central London on the tube and i run a car. If you think you're 'trapped' in a 2 bed flat on 100k it's your choice when you could get a 3 bed terrace for 300k in zone 3, with a 90% mortgage fixed at 3.5 odd %.
  2. Next to nothing. You buy your car in Poland and register it to an address there and get insurance from a Polish company. Then you drive it to the UK and voila cheap insurance, plus you don't have to pay parking fines, speeding fines or really any traffic violations caught by camera as your plates can't be traced. If you're a Resident of the UK you're supposed to register your details with the DVLA but I wonder how many people do that. Hmmm
  3. To be honest i haven't gone over her contract in great detail and she of course didn't even read it... I doubt the management company have any say in what we do with it so we could probably sell it for what we like. Right now we have tenants in it as we couldn't sell it before we moved into my place (the whole reason we had to rent it in the 1st place), but at the end of this year i'll be looking to get rid of it as quickly as possible.
  4. My girlfriend bought under some shared ownership scheme (before i met he i might add) and whilst it's worked out better than it could have done, the place is still a tightening noose around my (our) necks. She bought 50% for about 75k then managed to get the full 100% for another 75k. So she (we) owes 150k on a mortgage. The flat would be put on the market by an agent at about 220K, but i doubt we could ever, ever sell it for that. The only + is that we could probably flog it for 150K and walk away without being burnt too much. I bought a house a she moved in with me, we couldn't sell the flat so now have to rent it out which is a ballache i could do without. The main issue for me is something not really touched on, the service charge. It's a small (2 story) block of about 12 flats. The service charge has gone from 100 a month last October to 147 a month since last November. And there's NOTHING you can do about it. They can put up the service charge as much as they like and you have no recourse (other than the entire block ousting the management company and going shared freehold but half the flats are council so that's not going to happen) Bear in mind the only "shared" area of our flats is a small hallway with one light bulb. The management company do nothing, even the cleaners they (we) pay don't turn up or don't do anything. I used to work from home when i lived there and the cleaners would park outside, eat breakfast in their van, walk into the hallway, sign off the sheet to say they'd clean and leave. The external door lock broke on our block last year and it took them 7 weeks to fix, in which time one of the flats was burgled. They paid TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS to a decorating company to paint the exterior window frames, and when i complained about the increase in service charge they cited this as a reason. 27k to paint a dozen or so windows, the highest being two storys. The whole thing is obviously a giant scam. I guess my point is, even if people in other shared ownership schemes can get someone to buy their 25% share, how in gods name are they going to get someone to pay an extra 150 a month on top of that for service charges.
  5. Not sure what happened there, stupid iPhone client. Anyway, whilst I agree somewhat with the above regarding Leytonstone I still wouldn't buy there and wish i hadn't. It's still a dump with nothing of any consequence in the centre. There is the Red Lion now, not sure where the 2 nd gastropub is but I doubt the red lion will be there for long given the local clientele still seem to prefer Witherspoons and bullet holes. We moved there because my gf insisted on being in e London still and hackney is now too expensive. If you love pound shops and fried chicken youll love it here. That being said if your young and aren't relying on local service like schools and don't mind always going out somewhere else for fun then you can get a crap house in the crap areas for 250. Nice house in the nicer bits are still 300-325 although I have noticed prices are dropping which is nice. Unless you just bought here.....and I think they'll probably keep dropping once he Olympic site becomes the worlds biggest council estate
  6. That's not 'Murder Mile' (not that it even exists anymore unless your only information on Hackney comes from the Daily Mail). It's no more of a sh1thole than anywhere else in London. As for the flat, they'll probably get the asking price. Terraces near that area that were going for 400k last August are going for 450k now, so people are prepared pay good money to live there, for whatever reasons they have.
  7. I have, but not in S London. In E London I saw about 7 houses from mid 09 onwards. All sold very quickly and checking on them on Nethouseprices now shows they all went for between -2% to +10% of the peak prices of that road. So yeah, everyone here was right... Huge house price crash uh huh. There's always this year, or next year, or the year after....At which all anyone that isn't a middle east oil baron will be able to afford will be a studio council flat in a high rise in Dagenham
  8. 750k for a house in Herne Hill? And I thought prices in Hackney were retarded.
  9. Are those figures per year?? This is what I don't understand. Why they're even talking about making Public sector redundancies (not that aren't areas that could be cutback ) when we could claw a large chunk of the savings back by doing a cull on the welfare state. Those figures are obscene and just shows how fked the state is. Welfare should be for people who are unable to work or who have to care for people who are unfortunate to be unable to look after themselves. Although I doubt anything will ever change. Heaven forbid someone actually has the ******** to stop it.
  10. East London is still ridiculous, i think as denial goes sellers here are at their worst. I can't work out how similar pockets of areas in different parts of East London can command such different prices. Just saw on Rightmove a small 2 bedroom flat that needs decorative work, above a shop in the worst end of Hoxton Street, miles from anywhere for £400,000. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND. You could buy a whole period house minutes from Mile End tube or Stepney Green for far less.
  11. I wish i could find some decent houses in London that are at 2004 levels. Few i've seen that i liked but already sold went for about 2% below their absoute maximum sale price on record. I've been looking on and off for 18 months and as far as i see house prices are the same now as they were beginning of last year - i certainly can't get anymore for my money now than i could then at the houses i've been looking at. None of the houses i've viewed are priced anywhere near 2004 levels, most are priced at 07/08 peaks. In fact the latest one i've been sent is priced at 375k. The absolute most any house in the same terraced road has ever sold for is 395k back in Q2 07...The 2004 prices for them are 230-250k.. And none of this is helped by people like Foxtons who on Saturday claimed to me "house prices are going back up and gazumping is back in a big way", "if you like a house i wouldnt even bother having a 2nd viewing, just make an offer over asking price to make sure you get it".
  12. When are people expecting these 40-80% price drops from? 1604, 1890, 2005?
  13. Wait..a 2 bed flat in E8 recently went for FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THOUSAND POUNDS? Recently? Whereabouts in E8 is it. I'm from Shoreditch and my gf is from E9 so i know the area well. Can you say what sort of flat it is? Newbuild, warehouse conversion, sqft etc? I've been looking at buying for a few years, and the prices in Hackney and Bethnal Green are diving. I saw a 'luxury' newbuild in Bethnal Green a while ago (July) and it was a 1 bed, 480 sqft and £260k. The 2 beds (720 sqft, outside space etc) on the floor above were £395k then, and they'd sold (subject to contact blah blah) because i wanted to view one and the EA said they'd gone. Then they were £335K. Now they're £275k open to offers. Not that i'd make an offer. A year or so ago you'd be lucky to find a decent 1 bed flat for £250k in this area. Now you can get low rise ex LA 3 bed houses with gardens for near that. Cracks me up that people are still putting 1 bed council flats on the market for 300k. whatever. You'd have to be a stupid millionaire or mentally ill to pay £480k for a 2bed flat in Hackney right now (or ever i guess). That being said if you paid 290 and can get 450+ why not go for.
  14. I live in the City end of E1/EC2 and prices for 'normal' properties (i.e 1/2 bed flats) there really aren't dropping at all. Of course i don't know if those prices are being achieved. My road a 1 bed flat is still around 320-400k. I would imagine the same would go for city areas of EC1
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