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  1. I really have had enough of these tyresome puns!
  2. Please accept my apologies as I know the following has been posted countless times, however, can somone please post a link so as to watch the FTSE demise in real time? Many thanks in advance, N
  3. My point of course was not how great a country Nigeria is, it lacks in many ways of course when compared to the west. Your pictures, although not a fair reflection of this country, serve only to emphasise the adversity in which these people try and claw out a living doing whatever they can to survive - WHY? Becasue they have no other choice. Maybe you should escape from behind your computer or television for a while to get a real insight into the world in which you live and maybe loose that belly of yours.. And to answer your question - no I don't think I could get you a drivers job over here nor any other for that matter.
  4. It is the system thats wrong of course. I am currently living in Nigeria where if you don't work you don't eat - simple. My driver told me yesterday that what makes him happy is going home in he evening, having his dinner with his kids and wife, knowing that the rent is paid for the next month and content in the thought that his kids could go to school in the morning. People have referred to menial work as if it is a reasonable excuse not to work at all - bollix. His job would probably be considered menial to many on this forum but for him it allows him to provide for his family so in it he takes great pride. The system over here is tough but it creates tough, resilient smart people. What a society we have created for ourselves back home...
  5. Left 5 years ago once I qualified and have been living in Copenhagen Denmark. Happy to be earning Danish Kroner these days and reasonably content paying a high rate of tax as the public services here and life in general is second to none. Would find it hard to come back to the UK
  6. Most modern accounting packages can affect the VAT change quite easily, simply change the rate in the settings and Bobs your father's brother.. Sorry just caught up with the rest of the thread!
  7. 30yo Chartered accountant living in Copenhagen- Rent about STG 700 PM for 48sqm appartment city centre - rents are flaling fast here though and lease up at end of December. Was considering coming back to UK until I started reading this site.. Thanks guys!
  8. Hi, this is my first post being a converted lurker and all that. Can someone please explain that given the latest news from Nationwide why has the shareprices of our friends at Barretts and Bovis etc not been adversley affected? Thanks
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