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  1. I moved to Germany a number of years ago and transfer a lot of money back to the UK I have always used transferwise, and never had a problem. At one point I did have to send a copy of my passport, after the first 30,000 euros or so, but it was a painless experience and only delayed 1 transfer by a day or so. Are you transferring enough to buy a house for cash or just the deposit? I have always done it in 2500 blocks and its done in a day or 2
  2. Being paid in Euros I'm watching this thread with interest! I just passed the ECB on the train 1 hour ago and almost all of the office lights are still on
  3. I should point out that I am as annoyed as anyone about this scheme and wish prices would be left to fall to a level the market can support, but maybe some HPI in the short term to kill this moronic scheme would be the best thing
  4. Things are getting intersting here, ever since HTB part 1 was announced we have seen HPI accelerating. Hardly suprising because of people wanting to get in before part 2 kicks in, but if this HPI continues for a few months we could have quite a positive YOY figure come christmas. That would leave HTB part 2 looking pretty ridiculous and judging from comments on all newspaper articles public opinion is strongly against re-flating the bubble, it seems people have woken up to the damage it can cause. I wonder what would happen to HTB part 2 if, by November, we already have growth getting on fo
  5. I get 6 weeks plus bank holidays which I think is the norm here. The other 4-8 weeks are from me taking my overtime back as holidays, so far this year I had all of June off just from overtime I did on one 6 week project. With regards to Venger, I do still expect average prices to be down in 3-4 years. But the property we had seen is from a distressed seller looking for a fast sale and would be perfect for us. As I say, the price is back to around the 2003 level and I think that's as much as I could hope for realistically. Anyway it seems none of the main banks offer anything for expats unles
  6. Yes myself and my parents were all born in the UK and I lived there all my life up till last year. I still have my UK bank accounts registered at my parents house. I dont spend 110 nights in the UK per year though
  7. What do you mean by this? Will I end up paying tax on the money I have earned in Germany then transferred back to the UK? I have no earnings coming from the UK other than around £350 pear year in interest Also in my previous post I meant to say 3-4 years, not -43!
  8. Sounds strange when you say it that way, but yes thats pretty much it. My girlfriend will be living in it full time after a little work (its been empty for a year) and its the perfect house for us at a great price. Then I plan to move back in around 2-3 years, the move to Germany was just for the money, but after -43 years I will have made enough and want to settle down
  9. Some of you may remember that around 12 months ago I moved to work in Germany. I have been a resident here for almost exactly 12 months and during thet time I have been paying German income tax and spending many weekends back in the UK. My initial plan was to keep saving up for a few more years before buying but the perfect house has come up for sale at just below the 2004 price. The house is on for £180k and I have a £30k deposit. My earnings are 45,000 euros PA plus regular bonusses of 10,000 euros. However I am having problems finding any bank or building society which will offer a mortgag
  10. Coininvest direct are the ones I use and Ive never had a problem. I live in Frankfurt at the moment but I havent used the collection service as they charge something like £30 just to cellect it and its cheaper just to have it delivered to my house. They have English speaking staff there so you could give them a call. Frankfurt is around a 6 Hour drive from Calais with a few stops thrown in, and the roads are very good
  11. From the FAQ thread: Silver, Palladium, Platinum: VAT is payable if bringing the metal into the UK/EU. If kept in Switzerland or Channel Islands, then no VAT is payable unless it comes out of their vaults and is brought into the UK. Baird and others may have bonded vaults where UNALLOCATED bullion can be stored VAT-free. So I pay my VAT in Germany, hold for 5 years, then pay VAT again when I bring it to the UK?
  12. Basically I am living in Germany for the foreseeable future and I am buying silver over here at a lower rate of VAT than is possible in the UK. One day I will cash in all my PMs in the UK and wondering if I am liable for any import duties bringing silver bought from Germany into the UK? I cannot see why I would be liable to pay import tax on my silver any more that I would be liable on my coffee maker, but if you can buy silver so much cheaper here, how come more people don't come to Germany to stock up then go back to the UK to sell?
  13. I moved to the Frankfurt area (Rodenbach) at the start of august, see my thread: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=176035 Moved here on my own while my girlfriend carries on studying for her nursing degree. Totown is a good place to meet people (been on 2 of their meets in Froankfurt now) and not speaking the language is not a big problem, I am goin to classes each day to learn it anyway because I think its only polite. Im by no means an expert but Ill help out I can, although it was a little easier for me as I dont have kids or my own home in the UK. When Im a little
  14. OK so time for a bit of an update: I have been in Germany now for just over 6 weeks and Im pretty well settled in. I have no regrets about making the move although it does take a little getting used to not seeing the friends and family so often any more (I still lived with parents back home). The people here are friendly and my new colleagues at work have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and help me with all the paperwork and day to day living issues. In case anyone finds themselves in a similar position I can share the following advice (or you are welcome to pm me): Paperwork
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