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  1. Umm, yes. Those who value 18 carat at the price of 9 carat are what we in the trade refer to as "crooks". I agree about Hatton Garden Metals. Easily the most reliable.
  2. Yes, abundant but not cheap. Think how much money NASA paid to get a few hundred pounds of moon rock back to earth (assuming you believe they actually went to the moon). It will certainly ease supply, but how much the price might go down would be a very different matter. I understand the laws of supply and demand will apply, just not as much as you might think.
  3. I don't think they were after addresses. I think it is more likely that they wanted to gain access to the gold buying/and selling system. If they could do this, they could sell the gold back to the website, after altering the bank accounts connected to the website to their own. That way, they could sell as many accounts' gold holdings as possible and get the proceeds paid into their own bank account. No need to wait for the postman to call with the heavy parcel, just whizz the money away into the nearest corrupt country.
  4. I had hoped this might continue, but clicking on your link shows VAT on Silver bullion bars at 19%. Best of luck if you can get it cheaper, might it be a quota system?
  5. There is no VAT on investment Gold. The Illuminati, EU slime, TPTB, whichever name you wish to give the 1%, they all need to buy Gold for themselves. Only the law-abiding 2% beneath them (that's us), actually tend to pay taxes and abide by the rules. The rest are the sheeple. They neither understand know nor care about Gold or the other PMs, and are stupid enough to believe the MSM take on Gold, which is generally classed as "worthless relic", "pointless investment which pays no yield" or "don't they have some of that in Fort Knox?". The Sheeple's eyes glaze over when you raise the subject, or they give a faint vague patronising grin which says "Old Nis is on about his conspiracy theories again". However, since I bought the first of my PMs, they have risen in value by 180%, or to be more honest, the currency in which I have calculated their worth, have gone down by 180% or possibly a combination of the two. At other times in the investment cycle, Gold may not be worth holding in favour of investments which offer a better yield, however, at the moment anyone who has their eyes open should see that we are teetering on the brink. When the slip over the cliff will happen, we don't know, but happen it will, and soon. Just bear in mind that whatever you think of the Rothschilds, they have survived at least three of these cataclysms with their wealth intact. I plan to copy them. So to get back to your precise point, for UK citizens, Sovereigns and Britannias are not subject to CGT or VAT (other worthies who frequent this site should consult local laws). Other PMs all attract VAT and CGT, but are still worth holding long-term, especially Silver. Most Gold coin does not attract VAT, that is to say, my Gold wire purchased for industrial use attracts VAT, but a Swiss investment Gold coin does not.
  6. I always buy from the following companies, none of whom have paid me to endorse them. I can vouch for the utter probity of all of them; Atkinsons. Guernsey Mint - now BullionRock for some bizarre reason. Baird & Co. Weighton Coin Wonders. Hatton Garden Metals. Sarnia Silver. Cookson Gold - a little expensive, but if you are buying a present for someone else, then their silver bullion bars are mirror polished and gorgeous to look at. Magnificent paperweights if you have a very secure office. Others are also available, but I can't be bothered with shopping around; the above provide me with anything I wish to purchase, and Weighton Coin provide a custom "slabbing" service if you have a valuable numismatic coin.
  7. Very tempting, but there are non-destructive methods used now. Ultrasonic testing of bars will indicate any voids or inclusions of tungsten/lead/whatever. The actual assay is done by spectrographic means. The Assay Offices in Sheffield, London, Edinburgh and Birmingham don't employ destructive assays any more. The Swiss, however, are melting the bars down and recasting them, as a lot of old US bars are not quite up to par; also the Chinese market prefers 1 kg bars, so the process of recasting would allay your thoroughly justifiable fears.
  8. We seem to be in a waiting mode at the moment. The price suppression and thievery continues apace on micro-trading, while everyone waits for something to go wrong. Under normal circumstances, this might take a very long time, but we must surely be getting very close to the end-game. Debt is being accumulated at the same absurd rate and the POG and POS is in the Summer Doldrums. I am still buying more on a pound-cost averaging basis, but it's a waiting game at the moment. If something goes wrong in the Middle East or Ukraine, then we'll see some action, but I think the main driver will the the Chinese or Russians looking at the box of US Treasuries and thinking "Well, that's about as much as we can get away with, there's not much left". Then the next time the US pokes the Bear or Dragon, suddenly the new reserve currency will be unveiled. It's only a matter of time, now.
  9. I am sure that's the case, but the point of these are that they are silver (unlike a cupro-nickel commemorative), so there's a metal value that can't drop below spot price (less premium) or the face value, whichever is lower. You might get some issues with people taking them at the moment, but just wait until the economy goes down in the next few years. Peoples' reaction may be quite a bit different then.
  10. I doubt that they will try to seize Gold or Silver again. You can never say never, but the value of the total Gold available in the West is a flea-bite compared with the debt pile, and you'll have the Revenue Men being killed if they try that sort of theft. We would be far more likely to see the seizure of all pension funds. These are enormous and aren't "needed immediately" so they could be taken and "used" by the government - in the same way that Robert Maxwell "used" the Mirror Group pension fund assets. Just as illegal, just as immoral, but easy to grab from people who would be very unlikely to make any form of stand against the PTB. That's not to say they wouldn't try to take the gold held by ETFs and allocated gold funds, but the effort would be unlikely to yield enough to make the effort worthwhile. Thank God. You also have to remember that the 1% have their own gold stashes, and they would be highly unlikely to let politicians vote for anything of the sort. A baked bean can full of sovereigns is worth a small fortune (and under the circumstances we are talking about, would probably be rapidly becoming more valuable). Don't tell me you can't think of a hundred places to securely store something that size. Too many easier targets.
  11. You think that's precarious? (Actually, I do, too). There are many sites on the Internet postulating that the low-hanging fruit in Silver is also gone, and that Silver may be functionally-extinct by 2020. I know that a much higher price will start the miners re-refining their spoil-heaps, but think of the price it will require before that happens.
  12. Having read the OP again, what are you doing using an overdraft if you are on benefits? All banks MUST provide an account which is free to use and has basic functionality (DDI, STD, FP etc). I agree that the NWO is trying to get everyone to stop using cash (to further the control of citizens), but that's another (more heated) argument.
  13. A lot of people try this one; they are almost all unsuccessful. Most banks will give you all your benefits or wages if you need them, but the past (previous) charges stay on your account. They have to be paid at some stage. You will be successful at getting future charges waived for a while, from six months to a year. You will eventually be expected to abandon the account and can pay the overdraft back free of charges, but you'll get a default registered against you, and the account will be sold on to a debt-collector. Most call-centre staff have heard the customers quote the Social Security legislation at them, they just make sympathetic noises and then stop future charges. They will have enough empathy not to laugh in your face, but they've heard it all before and there is no legal right to RECLAIM charges, as distinct from stopping future charges. The banks have already discussed this one with the government, it's sadly a non-starter unless there's a future legal challenge that is successful. Sorry.
  14. As long as it is seen as "those two having a brawl again" then nothing will happen to PMs. If it spills over, or gets unusually-serious, then there may be some effect, depending on the likelihood of disruption to oil supplies. Far more problems will occur if Israel decides to fly over Iran with malicious intent.
  15. Yes, mine arrived today, too. Just let the order drop off the website, then go back for some more, if you want them. Not quite as nicely finished as the first coin from last year.
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