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  1. I am in the 16-55 age group and actively seeking work. I don't get to be counted because I happen to be happily married to the father of our children who works full-time. I am a Generalist Adviser for CAB and think that what I do is useful. It also allows me to demostrate that I am a viable employee despite the fact that I am main carer for our children and chose to take rather lengthy career break to bring them up. Despite the fact that I don't get paid I think it probably says more about my work ethic than some of the paid work I could do - especially when combined with quals and previous work experience, together with other voluntary roles that I have undertaken when I was a full-time employee. Can't think that doing any voluntary work could be bad for young people unless they were being exploited in some way - surely it's better to be doing something useful than sitting on your bum feeling sorry for yourself?
  2. You've got a point there - we're living in rented atm - surely 'no kids' could be construed as ageism? Our children are a darned les likely to damage a house than many 20 somethings and surely if we're prepared to stump up deposit it shouldn't be an issue but is. Can understand 'no pets' even tho' we have cats - but surely some E.U. rule about specism can't be too far off?
  3. A couple of years ago when all this started kicking off I didn't return the 'i.d.' forms to school and was contacted by the School Nurse Dept..My reasons for not returning forms were civil liberties related but obfuscated and made comments about 'can't be too careful' etc.. rather than saying that imho we should all be out on the streets rioting. She was unbelievably thick and could barely construct sentences but said that it was usually the 'problem/bad' parents with an 'issue' who didn't return the forms on time. In my case she wouldn't need to 'take things further' (this meant your name would be automatically put on some register of suspicious 'form non-returnees') as she'd been reassured by her chat with me. I had pointed out that all jabs, health checks were in order that school were fanatastically pleased with my happy well-balanced off-spring and surely the Dr/Dentist/School would have raised any 'issues' with me directly or if they reckoned I were a 'badun' have used appropriate routes. From her responses it was obvious that she was completely indoctrinated and saw it as a non-issue that govt. should have total access to everything about everyone. Have just returned another set with hardly any details completed, next time am going to start changing things and making mistakes'.
  4. In the 'near financial armageddon staring into the abyss' period a short while ago, I got a chunk out in cash. She had to give it to me in £10s and £20s as the bloke in front of me had withdrawn £7 "Oh sorry, make that £8 and a half k"; he got all the £50s. I'm sure the two women behind the counter were exchanging meaningful 'Is this the start of a Northern Rock?' type looks
  5. :angry: Exactly my thoughts - wanted to post this the other night but felt inhibited as sensible 42 year old Mummy . I have never felt more that a replay of the Poll Tax protests is just what is needed - I would be there like a shot (preferably between 9-3 and term-time tho'
  6. No that's not shocking at all that's housekeeping - ask Mr SB about inflation why don't you. he thinks welding is a silly idea - I say he's just scared
  7. More scared than I was yesterday - bumped into another ordinary Mum who lives near me. Somehow 'credit crunch' was mentioned and before I knew it we were having a conversation that could have come straight off this website - both held back I think, as too scary to 'go all the way'. Went back to my house in state of numbed shock because of this other woman who is Joanna Bloggs completely 'getting it' - we're friendly but not buddy-buddy and it was a bit of a shock. Aaaaargh maybe everyone knows. On a more positive less headless chicken front, if it all did go horribly wrong tomorrow, what income generating hobbies/activities would be useful? As a sometimes bored housewife I am thinking of things like welding (for fixing stuff), chickens or maybe hypnotherapy (useful as an alternative to pain relief for chronic conditions and possibly generating a less stressed outlook) not talking 'madmax' just useful things that could do/be learnt and might come in handy...
  8. Absolutely and don't forget by the time you get to that age sometimes all you can do is show up and sit down. My Mum is one year younger than the Queen, other parents/parents in law being dead - know she doesn't always function in ways that would please the younger and more alert. Sometimes the only thing you can do at this stage of life is keep breathing - looked at my dead Dad-in-Laws stuff tonight, by coincidence, as daughter doing WW2 for school - photos of him looking young, acting-up to Captain level at El Alamein because the people in front of him had been killed off (he was just 20). Think DofE can do what he likes on this occasion even if he seems like snobby racist, as think he has prob. earned the right. (Alternatively maybe he has had a stroke or is ill or something. (I assume giveusthefacts is very young and not used to dealing with a generation who do not 'emote' so publicly.)
  9. I think that's right - for now we are in same position - Mr SB keeps saying "It should all be in your name". Think last time we had a conversation with bank bod I was inhibited by the fact that she was looking at him like he was certifiable and at me as tho I was about to run off to the Bahamas or summat
  10. Am thinking 6 months+ deflation followed by mad inflation but am thick housewife so wtf do i know Seriously am thinking this and basing house stuff on it - am I up the wrong track? Have to think re. job stuff and multiple school catchment considerations is my bet a reasonable one or do you clever wotsits know better? (Have revised looking for house from not before Sept. 09 to June 09). Realise this is small beer but at least I'm not doing bingo or anything worse
  11. 42 - Still hate having to go into the next 'segment' on this sort of thing Remember being in petrol queue in 1973 Yom Kippur and altho it's a blur power cuts which led to the village shop giving all it's lollies away as the freezer didn't work Sugar shortages followed When 11 bus strikes and power cuts and everything else in the People's Republic of Sheffield. Left Uni 88 - got made redundant whilst working for a company that went bust whilst delivering a course for long term unemployed. 90's main impact getting made redundant as by now working for construction related organisation - saw it coming - lots of others had gone before; ended up being a good thing for me. Now - think this could be very bad - have been living within means for quite a while and have no debts plus good savings but think many of us have trouble conceptualising the fact that bad shit happens and it can happen to us too. Think my and Mr SBs attitude to debt has in part been shaped by influences of parents who were little in 1920s - my Mums earliest memory is of bailiffs coming to label furniture after her Dads 3 businesses went bust - hitherto successful middle class bod (everyone in family says he was too soft on debtors), don't think he ever recovered mentally from it. Personally speaking feel having little kids makes this worse for me - feeling that at any time you could be deprived of the ability to look after your own and that even tho you have resisted temptations and been boringly responsible, you're about to get asset stripped by that ****** Brown (et al)
  12. Definitely rent - nothing more stressful than real or looming money/employment worries when you are a new parent (partic. first time round). It's easy to go a bit mental at that point in your life and start to think you need to do or have all kinds of things. How safe are their jobs and do they know what they are doing after it's born? I planned on going back full-time when no.1 was 4 months old but then realised that no way did I/we want to do this. We had a tiny mortgage and no other debt so we had a choice, would taking on a mortgage mean they had less choice or would be permanently knackered thru' working really long hours?
  13. Moved from one end of country to other in Feb after 20 yrs in one place. STR saved £390k just found out ll wants his house back end of Jan. Moved after solid research re. where we would be best placed to weather out recession, job options, good schools all the usual - know all the arguments and can happily rant for hours. Son and daughter caught me earlier on pc trying to find new rental house - luckily they assumed it was a buying one - but started saying 'We don't need to move again Mummy we're happy where we are'. Have to balance catchment areas, travel work etc.. Have always said wouldn't start looking til last quarter 09 - logically know that I mustn't but still feel shit about doing the right thing. Mr Stickybun is easily persuaded This has all been my idea from the outset as could see what was coming - but still feel a crap dragging kids about when they are only 6 & 9 . Please give me kick in pants urgently and help me to remember the upside
  14. Some CAB people are excellent - I was a voluntary advisor for a while and in our office we had people with a whole career's experience as senior accountants, lawyers etc.. they were recent retirees and wanted to 'put something back'. The training you have to do before you get let loose on members of the public is considerable. It's worth finding out whether your local office is like this I'd have thought. Quite a lot of companies will tell creditors to draw up a financial statement with CAB or a recognised debt service anyway, rather than taking your word as the debtor. It would be good because they will have to take responsibility for their own actions and it might be less embarrassing dealing with a third party. I'd be mortified as a parent if I was in that situation. Be careful Superted dealing with other family members' debts can be a bit like telling someone their partner's cheating on them - chances are you'll end up the bad guy and it can add up to a lot of cash ( never again) Good luck
  15. Get with the programme speedmatters - there are loads of people on this site who have decent sized funds and can afford to buy outright or with a relatively small mortgage but who choose not to do so because they are not stoopid. They (mostly just have the class not to go on about it and recognise that their interests (for the purposes of property) may well lie with those in different economic segments of the community. They are also quick to recognise those with vested interests or alternatively those who are still happily residing in lala land
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