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  1. Ah, this sounds quite positive. Thank you both.
  2. Sorry, should probably add some further details. I had a 12 month AST that was never renewed. My deposit IS being held in a protection scheme.
  3. My landlords are currently on holiday until the end of March. No agent involved. I have the telephone number for the sister for any emergencies. I don't have an email address for the landlords but could ask her for one - I just want to check where I stand first. This current place is cold and damp with crap heating so I'm looking for somewhere else. Am I able to end my tenancy agreement? What if there is no way of contacting them? And what about my deposit - would it be held until they get back and are able to inspect the property?
  4. There's this one too: http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/2498964-The-property-market-looks-like-its-going-to-collapse-and-thats-a-good-thing
  5. http://m.england.shelter.org.uk/campaigns/building_more_affordable_homes/location I got 3/5 right.
  6. £150 per person. For credit checks and a bog-standard tenancy agreement. I thought that was an absolute rip-off at the time, so I'm shocked at what some of you have paid. Fuuuuuck. I don't know what they charged my landlady, but she decided they weren't worth the money, gave them the heave-ho and now manages the property herself.
  7. http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/savings-rates/know-the-issue/
  8. +1 Surely a coffee chain or two? How much longer can people afford to pay the best part of three quid for a cappuccino?
  9. Hey, it's (that first one) got a dressing room! And the position of that toilet will be really handy if you get in the bath and then realise you need a pee. And sinks so close together you and your partner would be banging elbows if you used them at the same time...intimate
  10. It's bluddy ugly as well. More of a shack than a cottage.
  11. You don't need his/her permission if your tenancy agreement is for 6 months or more
  12. Some people have strange ideas about renting don't they?! It's dead money too, you know! Aaand... I though councillors got a salary and expenses? My colleague is a councillor and he certainly does, along with a laptop, blackberry and money for the telephone and internet. (In reply to profitofdoom's comment that he has given up his spare time for no reward).
  13. Oh my poor hungover eyes! (it doesn't seem to work on the actual cd cover does it?). I'm happily renting.
  14. That would make an excellent 'coffee table' book. Although the usual buyers of coffee table books (shallow, materialistic middle class show offs) probably wouldn't find it too amusing.
  15. Fantastic stuff. Where oh where have Channel 4 and certain newspapers got the idea that everyone loves this stupid bint? Or that she's somehow posh totty?
  16. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/search/39...perty_division/ AN estate agency which has been trading for 150 years has been forced to stop selling properties as the economic downturn continues to pressurise the sector, The Northern Echo can reveal. Sandersons, based in Darlington, said it was devastating that it had been forced to apply to put its sales operation into administration, but the business would continue to trade from its “thriving” lettings division. It is believed to be the first estate agency in the region to take such action, as scores of such companies fight to stay in business as the property market continues to deteriorate. All seven Sandersons Estate Agents offices – in Barnard Castle, Richmond, Catterick Garrison, Stokesley, Aske, near Richmond, and two in Darlington – will close, with the loss of 15 jobs. Although the firm has not ruled out reintroducing property sales when conditions are more favourable, it will not return to mass sales. Its Sandersons Lettings business, which has been trading for ten years, will relocate to premises in Duke Street, Darlington, and will continue to employ seven staff. The firm – which was founded in Newcastle in 1858 – is hopeful the changes will take effect before Christmas. Gordon Catterick, director of Sandersons, told The Northern Echo it was a devastating decision to make, but stressed the Sandersons name would be retained through its lettings business. “This is not a decision that has been taken lightly, and if I could see light at the end of the tunnel in the property sales market this wouldn’t have happened. Although we are the first to take this decision, I don’t think we will be the last. “Maybe we have been braver by doing this first, but I think others will follow. Several estate agencies are cutting back, but we took the decision to bite the bullet. “In all probability, we will not see an improvement in the property market for at least six to 12 months, and I think there will be more devastation to come. “We are going to focus now on lettings and channel all our energies into that – but when the market changes, there may be a possibility of us reintroducing sales, but it would definitely not be on a mass market approach. We would only consider that on a much smaller scale.” Mr Catterick said that while property sales have deteriorated significantly, lettings have shown a marked rise. “The growth of lettings is indicative of how the whole property market has changed,” he said. “The lettings side is doing very, very well, and we’ve had two very successful years, so we look forward to being able to take that forward and grow Sandersons Lettings.”
  17. That man is clearly not very well. Do you think he's joined a cult?
  18. Gosh, I never thought that! But my eyes have been opened even further, yes.
  19. That sketch he does in his latest series about middle class yummy mummies (God I hate that phrase - add that to the list!) buying all sorts of rubbish for loadsamoney is spot on.
  20. People feeling/being made to feel hard-done-by if they 'only' go abroad once a year.
  21. Ordinary girlies dressed head to toe in designer wear, and the insanity of paying £700 for the 'latest must-have' handbag or £300 for an 'aspirational' pair of shoes that they can barely walk in.
  22. I know! I've never seen a male camel toe before
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