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  1. Ah, this sounds quite positive. Thank you both.
  2. Sorry, should probably add some further details. I had a 12 month AST that was never renewed. My deposit IS being held in a protection scheme.
  3. My landlords are currently on holiday until the end of March. No agent involved. I have the telephone number for the sister for any emergencies. I don't have an email address for the landlords but could ask her for one - I just want to check where I stand first. This current place is cold and damp with crap heating so I'm looking for somewhere else. Am I able to end my tenancy agreement? What if there is no way of contacting them? And what about my deposit - would it be held until they get back and are able to inspect the property?
  4. There's this one too: http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/2498964-The-property-market-looks-like-its-going-to-collapse-and-thats-a-good-thing
  5. http://m.england.shelter.org.uk/campaigns/building_more_affordable_homes/location I got 3/5 right.
  6. £150 per person. For credit checks and a bog-standard tenancy agreement. I thought that was an absolute rip-off at the time, so I'm shocked at what some of you have paid. Fuuuuuck. I don't know what they charged my landlady, but she decided they weren't worth the money, gave them the heave-ho and now manages the property herself.
  7. http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/savings-rates/know-the-issue/
  8. +1 Surely a coffee chain or two? How much longer can people afford to pay the best part of three quid for a cappuccino?
  9. Hey, it's (that first one) got a dressing room! And the position of that toilet will be really handy if you get in the bath and then realise you need a pee. And sinks so close together you and your partner would be banging elbows if you used them at the same time...intimate
  10. It's bluddy ugly as well. More of a shack than a cottage.
  11. You don't need his/her permission if your tenancy agreement is for 6 months or more
  12. Some people have strange ideas about renting don't they?! It's dead money too, you know! Aaand... I though councillors got a salary and expenses? My colleague is a councillor and he certainly does, along with a laptop, blackberry and money for the telephone and internet. (In reply to profitofdoom's comment that he has given up his spare time for no reward).
  13. Oh my poor hungover eyes! (it doesn't seem to work on the actual cd cover does it?). I'm happily renting.
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