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  1. Absolutely agree with you, seems full of men who are annoyed they don't own a house (despite having been given every opportunity in the world) yet think all women want is to 'trick' them into giving over half their nugatory possessions after the divorce.
  2. I don't think it's anything to do with the system. It's people, they're daft, they don't realise you only get one shot at this. People (especially women) feel they have to lie about the misery of having kids so they only tell the truth in confidence when they're utterly pissed...so the cycle goes on. Oddly, I've never got married because of the fear of losing my home, because that's what happened to my mam (who worked more than my dad and was trying to get her half of the house off him when she died). I've got a solicitor friend whose salary paid for her husband's cute fantasy of becoming a chef - they divorced, had to split the house she'd paid for AND she ended up with the kids most of the time. This stuff about 'women trapping men' - what century do you all live in? Kids - I understand that even less. Doing things you don't want to do, with people you don't want to be with, missing out on sleep and opportunities, spending a bloody fortune, wiping arses...carrying plastic tat around the world on miserable holidays. Shudder.
  3. I agreed with you til I read the thing you said about women wanting to trap a man! What a rotten thing to say! My own situation has been precisely the reverse.
  4. No. I'm lucky enough to have gone out with blokes so shite that I always bought/moved house on my own and ended up with somewhere nice. I was even luckier not to have fallen for the miserable pyramid scheme that is having kids. Then again, for women, having kids isn't 'having it all' so much as 'giving it all', if any of my mates' experiences are anything to go by. It's remarkable how many of their 'enlightened' men refer to minding their own kids as babysitting! I've wanted a house price crash for years though...I think a house should be a thing you live in and not an investment.
  5. We're the luckiest people that ever lived. It was never going to last forever though, for anybody - none of us gets to see more than the tiniest window of time but our mini-adventure was tons better than the previous generation's (which was immeasurably better than their wartime parents' was)...and now looks like being a hell of a lot better than that of the poor sods of the future (or even anyone born 20 years after us). There are things I hate about now (odd that it turned out to be nothing to do with the powers that be and was everything to do with people giving away all their freedoms voluntarily and living through their phones) but we're still at the 'swings and roundabouts' stage. But I do think it's going to get REALLY BAD. I'd be shit-scared if I had kids. Thank ****** I dodged that bullet. If all else fails, at least we can go to the pub. Oh.
  6. Utterly STAGGERING that the bulk of Salmond's argument for Independence was largely based on oil being a 'conservative' $113 a barrel...and you mention 'Unionist parties scaremongering.' Er...perspective, anyone? What planet are you on? Why isn't ANYONE challenging the SNP about this huge black hole in their figures? The BBC are scared, they've showed that. The SNP are brilliant at passive aggressiveness, I'll give em that.
  7. It's swings and roundabouts...I was convinced that if England had done even moderately well in this World Cup (and that's a bloody big IF) then the hideous gloating that would result would lead to a landslide vote for Scottish independence. Also think Andy Murray's performance may have some bearing on voting behaviour, especially if Alex Salmond tries to hijack the glory again.
  8. I can't believe anyone intelligent enough to have even basic literacy would even think of voting for UKIP. Appalling. Voting for hateful scum as a 'protest'? You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  9. Historically, Walthamstow Village is a square inch around the croissant in the window of the Spar in Orford Road, but since about 1995 it's spread to include most of Hoe Street and the Sea of Tranquillity.
  10. If it is, nobody has told Estates 17 who are teasing us with a £900k mystery property in (again, like the 56-photo house) the very ordinary Addison Road: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-46240718.html Some of the houses have three storeys, but come on. I love it though - 'Low Key Sale'! What brilliant new strategy is this?
  11. Actually the more I think about it the more I wonder if Estates 17 hasn't had an influx of workers from Nick Park's studio. 59 pictures is quite conservative for them! Knowing how mad the mania in E17 has been the past year or so (with even the grubbiest places having crammed 'open days') it seems an amazing reversal to see ANY reductions...but they ARE happening: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/property/upper-walthamstow/reduced/?feature=has_garden&search_source=facets Every time I looked at a house there the past 15 years that Pentire Road one came up...it must be the most hideous extension in the country. Imagine if your neighbours started building that! http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/32018908
  12. You think that's a joke? This (in my opinion very ordinary) was posted on a Walthamstow Facebook group where there were many 'Isn't it beautiful...?' type sighs of longing: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-45630062.html (I just moved out of Walthamstow...it's staggering how the same people who sneered at it three years ago view it as a thing of beauty - when virtually nothing has changed).
  13. They wouldn't even have to go that far away to get somewhere lovely for half the price, it's just ludicrous snobbery about areas that aren't even very nice (I should know, I've just moved out of a booming Walthamstow - which I would argue is even less desirable than when I moved in except that then people wouldn't touch it with a bargepole). This is 20 minutes away from Kings Cross by overground: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-43774253.html?premiumA=true. Btw I think London is the most amazing city in the world, but the people buying there at the moment need mental help.
  14. I completely agree with previous poster. I love London - bought a flat in E17 15 years ago. I've loved every minute of living here but if I was buying now I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole as prices are MAD - I've just sold and am moving to Kent. People roll their eyes when I mention buying in my new area, in exactly the same way as they did when I moved to E17. The same people who rented in supposedly more desirable areas of London and as a result have never been able to afford to buy anywhere in London since. But my flat was worth it to me then - felt substantial compared to the crap people lusted after in the fashionable areas. And I feel exactly the same about the place I'm going to - four-storey house I can imagine living in happily for next 20 years or more. If prices drop (though they can't drop anywhere near as much as the flat I've sold is going to) it doesn't matter because I am not looking at it as an investment and I would never spend more than I can comfortably afford. I want a HOME. I don't care about fashion or what everyone else thinks is a 'nice area' which basically amounts to being able meet people willing to chat about Farrow and Ball. I really think the only way you can buy a house without going mad is to think 'Is it worth it TO ME?' If you look at it as in investment you are asking for trouble. If I was starting off and was in your situation I'd spend a few evenings with Commutefrom.com in one window and Rightmove in another, until you find an area you can find a place you can comfortably afford that's worth it to you.
  15. Hello Camembear, I will do - he's due round in a week to 'survey the property to confirm the construction, noting beam and bolt sizes and spacing, or for a gallows bracket, sizing for all members, and to check the adjoining property for chimney breast removal.' After that, we might move to part ii) 'Carrying out a structural design and drawing to satisfy STG for building regulation approval.' However, everything I've heard about/read suggests that my local authority now insists on the gallows bracket thing. But to get retrospective approval would be a bit iffy as it's in a conservation area. Good luck with your situation! Natalie
  16. Oh it's a nightmare isn't it? I'm moving to a four-storey house built in 1840. Chimney breasts have been removed on three floors at one side of the house, as has an adjoining wall on the bottom floor. Everything looks in great condition and the work was done before the previous owners moved in. However, there are no building regulations certificates. I'm told indemnity policies are pretty useless and only apply if the local authority get involved. I've got a structural engineer going round next week but I'm not sure how confident he can be that work is sound without doing any invasive work. Damn!
  17. Telling me what something isn't doesn't help much. So what are 'indigenous Britons' then? Not of this century - did they come over on the Empire Windrush? Are they Celts or Scandinavian or, God forbid, Anglo-Saxon? I don't mind anyone wittering on about the pros and cons immigration unless they seem to bemoan the decline of the 'white British' in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Big bloody deal.
  18. Oh GET OVER IT. Everyone I went to school with had some sort of Irish ancestry, mine is Irish and Polish (have a laugh by all means - industrial town was full of em post-Industrial Revolution and post-WWII) and we were/are all as British as they come. And you wouldn't tell the difference either, because we're white. Ooh look, we'd be in that '45% white British' category you find so precious! I can try and half understand your point if it's about too many people moving in all at once and it maybe overwhelming any type of cohesiveness (which I dispute, as a northerner in London) but this crap about 'white British' is downright offensive. The term 'indigenous British' is meaningless - at best ignorant, at worst offensive - and thank God for that. It's what's made the place interesting since it began. By all means say we're financially doomed but stop harping on about some mythical ethnic purity.
  19. 'deceptively spacious' - it looks small 'the ever popular xx area' - invariably used to describe the area that's in the ****-end of nowhere people have mentioned no interior photos but I find the increasingly common absence of exterior photos absolutely ridiculous - it means they know they're selling a shithole As for the actual house - vile window modifications (e.g. a bay window chopped off) cladding/pebbledash obvious extensions close to a bloody great big road or airport
  20. £750k. Again, going for c£400k in 2008. Dead end street, unspectacular area of Leyton (as opposed to the really spectacular ones), surely the least well-appointed balcony in the UK... Bid now for this 'shrewd rental investment'! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36663782.html
  21. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-38792453.html?premiumA=true £700k...I mean, £700k (-£750k - 'I'll have it for £750k please!')...for a semi sandwiched between the North Circular and another busy A-road. This would, I reckon, have fetched about £400k at the so-called peak of the market. Houses at £600k+ are coming up with alarming regularity in E17. Who is buying them?
  22. But don't you hate it when they put crap like this in the description of a 300-325k house? (Please can I have it for £325k Mr Estate Agent?) For the ideal second home by the sea this rarely available mews house is offered with vacant possession and is ready to go. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30558052.html How big a target market are they hoping to appeal to? A second house almost £100k over the current (supposedly) average UK house price?
  23. And then there's the bungaroosh to think of (though I have noticed some estate agents list it as a bit of a feature!): http://www.ihbc.org.uk/context_archive/29/bungaroosh_dir/bungaroosh_s.htm
  24. You know, I really didn't like this portion of a Hove wannabe edge-of-town tanning salon until last week, when they put the price up by £81,000: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29996923.html
  25. I bloody love Twigs, in any sort of a vessel. I notice a post is missing from the headboard of the bedframe in the bedroom photo. Do you think it went to A&E?
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