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  1. Not so. The value of land is dwarfed by the trillions traded electronically on markets.
  2. Aye good post. House prixces are a here sideshow in the circus that is life today. No doubt a few of those crowing about falling hoose prices will be oot of a job soon anyway.
  3. Know the area very well indeed! 280k-320k is a fair price. 480k is taking the pish (although the sellers won't see it that way!)
  4. Because £15 grand is far from paltry when seen in the cold light of day and away from the bright lights of our buy now pay later society. Don't pay it and you'll no doubt pay in other ways. Few escape routes for wee folk.
  5. By the end of 2010, 2-2.5 million (official figures). Could be higher if things unravel quickly and those unemployed currently hidden elsewhere on benefits are outed as a cash saving exercise.
  6. You really aren't bright. You bring up the Holocaust in a sad attempt to claim the high moral ground then you post that about Stalingrad. It's like arguing with a six year old. Get back to the OP. We are talking where to go in a depression. Not a holocaust, WW3 or the Russian Revolution.
  7. So your point is that when Stalingrad in under siege by Germans, it is safer to be in London. I'm not going to disagree.
  8. Obviously. But Stalingrad was hardly in the grip of a deprfession now was it?
  9. Sorry, I didn't realise the OP was asking the best country to escape a future Holocaust . . .
  10. My point stands ya fanny. The original post asked best country to escape a future depression. You then turned that into war / revolution and said Britain was a great place to be. Tell that to the people of London, Coventry, Clydebank, etc., who endured the Blitz for starters! And no being a British soldier is not a safe occupation when war is raging in Europe. Because chances are if you are of fighting age that is where you'll be sent - like it or not. To "lie low" was not an option to the millions who have given their lives. And it wouldn't be again. Cold comfort that billionaires cash is safe! So aye read the original post yersel.
  11. Wit a ridiculous post. The history of Europe is littered with MILLIONS of dead Britons sent to war. Continental Europe is often the FIRST place anyone of fighting age will be sent if we return to those dark days. Nae comfort to them that billionaires can stash their cash while they give their lives.
  12. Simply avoid the throat cutters. During a recession / depression, firms that want to stay in business chase the money that is being spent. Perhaps a wee bit surprisingly this leads to those with money being offered better quality and service.
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