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  1. Aren't fortnightly collections the norm.... they certainly are up here.....
  2. Seems like this is a topic for the CML too. Take a look at the annual conference... CML annual conference debate: This House believes Britain would be better off were owner occupation to become a minority tenure* Pro: Peter Hill, chief executive, Leeds Building Society Con: Moray McDonald, managing director, products, personal & business banking, Royal Bank of Scotland *Please note that this statement, or its opposite, does not necessarily reflect the views of the CML or either debate participant.
  3. Spot on. Staircase to 100% at the 'market valuation' then sell at the inflated amount they go for on the 'open market'. Or is it infact that there is a premium involved for buying part share as costs of entry are lower (deposit etc). Mortgage lenders in possession of shared ownership properties reserve the right to staircase to 100% to avoid this very issue.
  4. This in my experience is correct. Social landlords appear very lax in keeping their tenants up to date. Will let them slide to a month in arrears before even chasing.
  5. Payday loans and being irresponsible, poorly organized, bad with money being linked.... strange concept although I think only recent recourse to these sorts of lenders would be considered a 'black mark'
  6. 35yr terms allow income multiples in excess of 5x joint. What could possibly go wrong?!
  7. Anyone done the polar opposite of what Saviles have done here and post the worst case scenario?
  8. Interest only no longer available (at high ltv).. I suppose this the way to game the "affordability" models. They are flawed tho in my opinion as who would want over 50% of post tax income going on the mortgage alone!!
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