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  1. I dont really understand why your sister is still receiving the housing benefit after all this time of rent arrears. The council should have been informed immediately she was 2 months in arrears when the LA would have stopped payment to her and paid the landlord direct. If she is on LHA she only had to be 2 weeks behind for it to be stopped and then new arrangements made. Anyway your concern is your duties and obligations as guarantor. Basically it is down to the landlord to do the eviction etc and down to you to pay any outstanding rent and any damages bills there may be when she is removed from the property. As a tenant for approx 22 years I have made it my business to be 'up' on the different changes to the law on tenancy matters. Your sister sounds like the kind of tenant who gets all others a bad name. I'll bet she is the first one to put the landlord down too, as a 'fat cat'. Very sad. I hope you will think twice in future before you sign anything on her behalf. Sister or not times are tough and even family (close family) can screw you over without a second thought. What a sad world this has become.
  2. Isn't everyone rather jumping the gun here? It is quite likely (as I know from experience) that the landlord has fallen behind with mortgage payments because people are not paying their rent. I have been in my place for almost 6 years now and my landlord has at times had less money than I have becasue he has been covering mortgages on places he is getting no rent from. I have known h im for years and I know landlords are not all fat cats who sit there raking it in. I have on occasion helped him out with paperwork and typing and stuff and I have seen the mess a bad tenant can couse so I think before people jump to conclusions of landlords 'breaking the law' or whatever they should arm themselves with some facts. Or is this a case of not letting the truth ruin a good moan. I have rented all my life and I am 43 now I wouldn't dream of buying. Not all tenants are suffering from some sort of inferiority complex. Some of us choose to be tenants and we actuallyrespect and understand the vagaries of life and the problems faced by landlords. I just felt I had to say so as there doesnt seem to be a lot of opinion from my side of the fence.
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