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  1. How about Dot Cotton grilling Alistair Darling on tobacco duty in his recent budget
  2. On in half an hour but it will never compete with Eastenders
  3. As the title suggests we have an election looming,lots of NuLosers probably looking for new carriers.If we have a new TERROR threat perhaps it would not be prudent to have the forth coming election,so NuLosers can hang on in there on the gravy train for the foreseeable future.
  4. Its your money on deposit in a current account,the privilege is there's to have your money.
  5. Ok we all know nobody in the labour party wants to take the helm until the annihilation of the next general election.But my guess is it will have to happen.IMHO David Miliband will go for it,but in the back of my mind I just wonder if Jacqui Smith is aligning herself for the roll. What do you all think?
  6. Without the sun and I'm not talking about the chav paper.
  7. No problem,dare I say it,I have holidayed with Sun readers abroad and there's no end they will go to to get a two day old Sun
  8. Is there a comparable graph for the FTSE anywhere?
  9. The FTSE to fall tomorrow until Wall St. opens
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