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  1. For a second there I thought that was Sibley on the slope!
  2. I beg to differ - sales are up (I hesitate to use the word massively but not far off!) this month. Before I get shot down in flames, I do have access to quite a bit of data and no I don't think it will last. I reckon it's a lot BTL's ( not all of them went bust) sweeping up the cheaper properties and a lot of people with cash who STR'd and are now fed up of renting.
  3. He mentioned a number of times he supported how the government handled the initial bail out. >> supported quantitative easing but not the way this govt is doing printing money is printing money my mind .....whatever it goes on.
  4. The summary: - He supports printing money Barclays lending has gone UP Big banks are lending at least as much as normal the main problem is a lot of other (sub-prime) lenders have disappeared He thinks house prices will fall 30% top to bottom and were half way there He thinks the government are doing a good job
  5. Don't forget the rate was already dropped a couple of weeks before the Base Rate cut. Overall it's dropped by about 0.75
  6. Yes, they did this a while back by closing the ESaver to new accounts. Now they are rapidly reducing the interest rate for existing accounts. I'm thinking of pulling 50k out of NR and putting it with Tesco's at 6.5. The BR went down .5 and the ESaver has been reduced by nearly a full percentage point. They take the p1ss
  7. IMO The agent will have a mandate on what they can accept say 10% under the asking price. If you offer 20% under then I believe it will be rejected. It's a matter of holding out because like I say it will probably be reduced after a 'fixed' period - say 4 weeks then 8 weeks. So then you could either bide your time and see if it goes to auction or offer 10% under the reduced price.
  8. The usual process is : - Put it on with an agent Reduce it periodically e.g. 4, 8, 12 weeks If it still doesn't sell consider putting it into auction, although the current trend is not to because of the prices being achieved. When it does sell there has to be a public notice placed (usually in the local paper) inviting higher offers for a period of time - say 7 days.
  9. It's funny you say this, I said something similar earlier in the week. It's like Brown/Darling are playing Dragons Den but they don't quite get it i.e. I'll have 60% of the company for 150% of the money Doh! I think they need to watch a few more episodes to get the hang of it!
  10. No Problem. I missed it! Got to work early this morning to open an IGIndex account but ended up getting side tracked. Never mind! At least someone took advantage.
  11. Someone asked how do I buy. I'm going to open an account with IGIndex (spread betting) and do it that way. It seems a lot easier (and cheaper) than actually owning the share . I'm not sure if I can open a 'buy' now or I'll have to wait until the maket opens tomorrow? Edit - corrected typo
  12. I'm not sure of anything! Just a hunch really but like I mention even if it doesn't happen the fact that Peston has been 'fed' quite a few things lately might mean a decent rally on the rumour.
  13. Slightly off topic but I don't think I can start a new thread yet so hopefully I won't upset anybody too much by posting here! Peston's blog tonight mentions: - The Treasury may have to abandon its stipulation that no dividends can be paid to shareholders in RBS, HBOS and Lloyds until these banks have repaid preference shares which they are selling to the state. If that happens, and most of the time Peston seems to tell us what's happening before the government then I would suspect that makes these banks share a very good buy in the short term. Before you slate me too much I'm only thinking very short term. Even if this doesn't happen I would have though the rumour would be enough to positively effect the share price. I'm thinking of having a 'dabble' first thing tomorow and hopefully getting out before sentiment turns -ve again. PS I know the DOW is well down and hopefully that would push the opening price down first thing tomorrow. Thoughts!
  14. On a lighter note http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/busines...?-200810091311/
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