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  1. If you want to imagine a hypothetical where Syria meets the political and economic criteria, then sure.
  2. That's not what the graph on the left shows. In fact, the graph on the right shows that the US has a much lower chance of progressing from the bottom to the top. Basically, it's the opposite of what you're suggesting.
  3. Yes, same as you do with the Strike app that is mentioned as being used for sending BTC remittances to El Salvador.
  4. That's competitive against Western Union and the old legacy providers, I guess. Not so much against the new fintech solutions.
  5. How much actually are bitcoin transaction fees? I keep on reading that the use case for crypto is fast and cheap international remittances, but I already regularly use Transferwise for my regular sterling/dollar/lira international transfers, which is practically instantaneous and super cheap.
  6. Well, Bitcoin had 100% of the value at one point but that seems to have changed.
  7. My work involves advising people on immigration to the UK and it bemuses me that folk think the points based system is supposed to reduce immigration. How do they think it's working in Australia, where 30% of the population is born overseas? The points based system will change the profile of immigrants - fewer white Europeans but probably better educated candidates - but it gives a clear route to the UK for millions of people around the third world.
  8. €0.10 to €0.12 per bottle. Not sure that's a huge competitive disadvantage to be honest.
  9. The current incarnation of the Tories are smashing it in the polls and are fiscally liberal and socially conservative.
  10. I think there's more to it than that. Whether you trust the Tories or not, they are at least talking about regional economic inequality. In the last budget, Sunak announced hundreds of Treasury jobs were going to the North East and he wants to put a freeport in Teesside. People in the North are going to vote for the party that hasn't forgotten them.
  11. Council tax is peanuts for the type of folk who are dropping half a million or whatever on a home that they won't even live in.
  12. Eh, do you know any old people? They all have health issues of one sort or another - that's what happens when you age.
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