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  1. If you own the company, surely you would only pay a minimal amount via PAYE and the rest via dividends?
  2. It's the Daily Mail journalist making that implication, not the scientist or the epidemiologist. I'm not sure why you are giving such credence to the scientific musings of a tabloid journalist.
  3. That is awful journalistic writing. At no point do Trevor Bedford or Dr Ali Mokdad actually suggest that weaker immune systems are the cause of the new variants.
  4. My mum has had it. She's 75 and wasn't due to have it yet, but there is apparently an issue with people in the high risk groups not turning up to their appointments, so she got one of the unused doses before they had to throw it out.
  5. Wow, 2.5m is something like 3% of global annual vehicle sales. Game over indeed.
  6. While I don't doubt that management buzz words were used, no company makes those decisions without a financial or strategic rationale. They even say in the article that you provided that there will be annual savings of £125 million.
  7. Obviously the natural and immediate response to some ******** about pronouns is to jump straight to rightwing authoritarianism.
  8. Eh, have you not paid attention to what we have been doing over the last year? Are Trump and the Tories extreme left wing now?
  9. Definitely a sinister move by the Democrats. Somebody should remove them from executive power immediately.
  10. People will get a choice between two parties who will pretend to be tough on immigration while not making any significant policy changes to reduce it - just as we have experienced over the last 30 years with non-EU immigration.
  11. I think people who expect an Australian style system to limit immigration probably can't picture how many qualified people there are in developing nations. They probably also haven't realised that Australia has shedloads of immigration. I live in Turkey and work as a consultant for Turks wishing to move to the UK. Language skills are a problem but there are still hundreds of thousands of graduates being churned out every year (and MBAs, chartered engineers etc.) and they will happily work for relatively little money in the UK because the lira is worthless. So yes, much more competit
  12. You can do your simple and intuitive estimate, which is wrong, or just look at recent data, which shows annual deaths of c2.7m. You are correct that everybody dies eventually but personally I would prefer my family members to die later rather than sooner. Perhaps this is different for you.
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