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  1. Dollars or Euros instead of the Lira if they have any sense.
  2. Meanwhile, in Turkey everybody is selling gold (according to my client who deals in gold in the Grand Bazaar). Funny how Zerohedge never mentions that kind of story.
  3. A decent Tag wouldn't have a battery, it would have an automatic movement.
  4. That's exactly the opposite of what's actually happened on this thread and on the gold sub-forum over the last 3 years.
  5. For an extra dose of enlightenment, start reading at the beginning of the thread in July 2011! We've had three years of gold being poised to rocket upwards (with the charts and zerohedge articles to prove it).
  6. It's from a Zerohedge article about Turkey. I wouldn't bother reading it if I were you - it takes certain liberties with causality which are fairly blatant if you have a basic knowledge of Turkish current affairs. The conclusion in particular just makes my head hurt:
  7. It's going to do something at some point, which everyone knows. It's one argument against buying. I dunno what the price effect is but it's definitely a factor that people consider when they're looking for an apartment so demand must be higher.
  8. Dunno about purchase prices, but here in Istanbul we're renting a 90m2 apartment (2 bed) for about £600pm. Quite expensive by local standards as our neighbourhood (Cihangir) is hipster-central and popular with celebrities. Elsewhere in the city you can rent a reasonable 2 bed for less than £300, and other cities are much cheaper.
  9. They didn't. The salesman (sorry, financial adviser) would have completed a factfind and asked the customers about their health.
  10. Good news for people holding dollars etc., surely, as the emerging market currencies tank vs. developed world currency? I live in Turkey and my sterling wealth/income has increased in terms of purchasing power quite a lot over the last month. On the micro level, it's quite common here for people to have accounts with their bank denominated in multiple currencies. Whenever the lira starts looking shaky, people just move their savings from their lira account to one in dollars/euros/sterling. It's not quite the automatic dash for gold that some people have in their narrative for times of currency weakness.
  11. Does that mean that we should all be buying property in London?
  12. What percentage of the chartist diagrams posted on this thread over the last couple of years has been even vaguely accurate in predicting actual price movements?
  13. Obviously. And as a liability by one of the parties, surely?
  14. It's interesting how that graph is credible now but wasn't two years ago.
  15. But it seems that the price for dog shit reached $1500 while the price for apples is somewhere under $1300. Strangely though, people who like apples spent several years getting really excited about the price of dog shit.
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