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  1. Here is a hilarious list of bullish books from a "bygone age": Why the Real Estate Boom Won't Bust and other funny books still for sale on Amazon. I personally love "Dow 100,000: Fact or Fiction?".
  2. Post on there by ROBnCAZ: Are they taking the proverbial? They said it themselves - what makes them think its worth double what they paid for it? I would tell them myself but I can't be doing with registering.
  3. How about "Monetary Policy Committee"? oh, no.. it's been done.
  4. Too right! And he was an interesting fella, no nonsense kind of chap just as you would hope a solicitor to be. Had stacks of paper folders 20 high filling every part of his office, and also a big brown dog. Apologised for the fact that he was required by regulations to see proof of my ID before he could take me on as a client, "there was a time when we worked on trust". Told me that property transactions are pretty dull, "its the people that make it interesting". Also, he didnt charge me a penny!!! Topher Bear, thanks for the welcome.
  5. That's really quite beautiful! Touching and very appropriate especially in these information-soaked times.
  6. This is indeed a superb forum. I too have found myself holding court down thr pub and surprised at the breadth of the knowledge and "wisdom" I was able to impart Thanks to all the posters that have made this place such great interesting reading over the last year. This is the only place like it; despite the obvious bearish leanings it is the only place where you can really get the full picture. I personally started reading in April 2004 when I was in the middle of buying myself a 1 bed flat as a green ftb (24 yrs old at the time). The conveyancing solicitor remarked that he wasn't sure my
  7. But the clock IS one hour slow!!! I have to select GMT+1hr AND select daylight saving to get the time correct! And guests see 1 hour slow by default.
  8. What kind of property is it, and in what area?
  9. I agree- parents can be difficult to reason with! My mum's latest strategy is to to look for house details for me on rightmove. Quite handy actually . I'm afraid I haven't perfected a strategy for persuading her WHY I don't want to buy a place just now...
  10. Not forgetting... CGT=Capital Gains Tax IHT=Inheritance Tax
  11. How about... FTB=First Time Buyer/Buy BTL=Buy To Let STR=Sell/Sold To Rent VI=Vested Interest MEW=Mortgage Equity Withdrawl BOE=Bank of England MPC=Monetary Policy Committee (of the Bank of England) IRs=Interest Rates HP=House Price HPC=House Price Crash! (new to posting, hello everybody!)
  12. You can Listen Again here!
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