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  1. Hi, I have lived in both Fleet and Farnham (currently Farnham). There is little in it really but the schools in South Farnham are way better. If this is not important to you then I don't think there is much in it. Both are definitely better than surrounding towns. Fleet is slightly more urban, Farnham more rural but they are similar. Fleet is relatively chav free (especially compared to surrounding areas, Aldershot, Farnborough). Farnham the same but almost no chavs at all. Farnham is more expensive, has more snob value, is prettier and is slightly nicer to live in from a crime/chav point of view. Personally, I prefer the people in Fleet. Hope that this helps.
  2. Just a quick note from the front line. I have been renting a house in Surrey for the last 10 months. Prior to being available for rent it was for sale at £2m but the landlord considered the offers at the time too low ("I know what this house is worth" he said). Last month the property was valued by the bank since he needed a business loan secured against it. The valuer did a full structural survey and sent LL the figure. He was livid with the valuation (approx. £1.3m although I never saw it in print) and he refuses to accept it. I pointed out that the bank will value it at what they think it will sell for in the current market but he was not ready for this information. Ever since I started renting we have been discussing the potential purchase but it would seem that the LL is so far removed from reality that we will never agree a figure unless I move out and it goes on the open market. I have another 14 months to run on my tenancy. I expect prices to be lower still then. P.S. The LL is a good guy. Just deluded.
  3. Depressing stuff on this thread. This is what happens when the tax rate is too high. People just down tools and it makes it even harder for those left. Personally I will be off to live in the sun and pay half the tax.
  4. Thanks Emlyn. 30% is a good start. Will be very interested to see what it finally sells for.
  5. I wish people would stop saying that those who earn more should pay more in tax. They already do! The top 1% of earners in the UK are responsible for 23% of all income tax revenue. God only knows how much more they pay in all of the other taxes too. Enough said.
  6. Who stole what money from who? Who is being underpaid?
  7. I am not a banker, never have been. Although even I know that Somalia is not a great place to start one
  8. And many business owners, entrepreneurs, surgeons, VCs etc. How much do you think this gov makes out of the banking industry by the way?
  9. Good for the gov to milk for taxes! Good for taxing to pay for Labours public sector games!
  10. I did not say all the good people. Anyway, good does not always mean nice
  11. Taken from Wiki so maybe not 100% correct. Would love to see the searches for this kind of thing in the next few days Therefore, the maximum total rate is 35% of income in the states of Florida, Texas, and Washington
  12. +1 on the hating Labour :angry: They do not seem to have any idea about fairness and they think we are all idiots. With luck they will be gone soon enough.
  13. They did it before and they are doing it again. I have lived all over the world and I love the UK. It is my home but why would someone pay 50% to live here when you can pay so much less to live in the sunshine. People earning enough normally send their kids to private school and have private health care. Now they have to pay even more. Watch the good people leave or dodge the top rate!
  14. I was speaking with someone at my bank yesterday and I explained that I was renting. He immediately jumped in and said that now was a good time to buy! Not only is this very unprofessional and should be illegal (FSA needs to dealt with this) but it is bloody annoying. "Now is a good time to buy" They said that when prices were going up and now again when they are falling. Is there ever a bad time?
  15. Again, this is Farnham but I think Farnham/Guildford are so similar it hardly matters. This house has been steadily dropping in price. I do not have property bee so I cannot give exact details but this house was on for over £1m initially and has now come down to £850K. This is a really encouraging sign. Obviously this person actually needs to sell rather than some of the dross coming on at made up prices! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-21992359.html
  16. I was looking at 1-3 y.o. luxury cars in auction last week and the prices were considerably higher than I saw 6 months ago. Since I need to sell my 06/55 Passat and I keep getting horribly low offers I will sit tight.
  17. The survey also found that a tenth of existing sellers were lowering prices by at least 2 percent each month. Here is the link to Reuters release on MSN - http://money.uk.msn.com/mortgages/mortgage...mentid=16210205
  18. Got it now. Sorry about that. http://www.youwaffle.com/economy/rollacoster.php
  19. Whilst it may be taking longer than most of us would like there can be no doubt that HPI has got out of control in a way that cannot last. http://www.youwaffle.com/economy/rollacoster.php
  20. Just read this part of the report. Apologies if it has been quoted before. Average asking prices rose 1.8 percent in the month of April, the third consecutive monthly rise. However, the figures are not adjusted to take seasonal factors into account and include only new listings. The survey also found that a tenth of existing sellers were lowering prices by at least 2 percent each month. "Feedback from estate agents suggest that prices actually being achieved are still around 25 percent below peak prices in many instances," the survey noted. That has got to be the headline of the press release, surely.
  21. I agree completely. It really winds me up. Surely it is either news or it isn't! Problem is, mostly it is not news at all.
  22. And these are the groups that have been hit hardest in the last 12-18 months. That said I know a few bankers who are not exactly running out of cash
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