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  1. Hi Venger I know a lot of people in the area having lived in Bowdon for 15 years. Most are couples rattling around in large houses now that the children have left home. A few have cashed in and downsized or moved aboard, but the majority have stayed put. It is a sad waste of accommodation but I don't know what might trigger an exodus.
  2. The hale property was sold by friends. They made good money out of property in the area over the last 25 + years. You can see where they spent It at www.alfrescoproperty.co.uk
  3. Just look at rightmove house prices in postcodes such as b1-3 ,m1-3 and ls1-3 it is carnage! Sorting by date shows the hits that are being taken. Sort by price descending in any area north of Watford and nothing seems to be selling over 800k after 2010
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    Any comments on the flat in bowdon? Edward Mellor auction February
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    Totally agree Venger. On reflection should only be about 80k offering as a lot of risk attached to the refurb/build and you would want an above average yield for the multiple/transient occupancy. I am not into btl either so would not touch it at all.
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    Went to see the cottage in the grounds of the nursing home. Was a coach house extended probably in 70's in 9 inch brick. No windows in rear wall. Very dark in beds due to main building being close. Also know a nurse who used to visit there and she confirmed the full car park at weekends. Only suitable for a btl imo. Could get 3 beds by dividing up living room so 3 migrant carers at 250 a month each? £120k max after refurb? I also know the guy selling the 3 bed detached in grove lane if someone wants to make an offer.

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