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  1. way out for btl ers and could u imagine if lots of people started doing this, bet there would be some legislation rushed through to stop it. Housng market would be in chaos? Very enterprising though.
  2. Maybe its because i live the north (north notts) and with the the more realistic prices up here. New builds are selling well. Just bought a brand new house at 2002 prices. was 195k got it for 150k (140k) without the huge list of incentives. bought similar house in 2002 for 128k and with say 4% rise each year would be worth 144k ish We str and decided to wait till we saw at least 30% correction. Well mission accomplished! and some
  3. My area (North Notts) Bought house for 128k (2002) if these stupid increases over the last 3 years had not occured and we rose say 4% yoy then I would expect to pay circa 144k today. But due to the sharp rises I managed to sell for 200k (good for me) I am a great believer in the £ per sq/ft argument. The original cost per sq/ft cost me £90/sqft My buyers paid £140/sqft Its the same house in the same location and had virtually nothing added to it. Now I have posted on another thread details of a similar sized house (slightly bigger actually) that I am considering original price (mar/apr
  4. Similar properties are getting approx £600-650/mth
  5. I just want to live in the house have no plans in renting it out, sorry should have said in original post.
  6. I sold to rent earlier this year with a view to reentering the market after prices came back to a more sensible level. (say 30-40% decreases) I have been monitoring new builds in the North notts area ever since and have tried (and succeeded) in getting decent sized discounts. Things are very quiet on the new build scene around my area and the builders seem to be pulling out all the stops to tempt the punters back. I sold my 3 bed detached house not 2 miles from where the below house is for £160k (1000sq/ft) The house type I am interested in was selling for £195k in mar/apr this year. Then
  7. 2 bed new build apts 3 months ago were 130k Offered to me for £96950 as I live and breath! Thats a 25pc discount in old money!
  8. I live in North Notts and just saw the new price of unleaded at 88.9p a litre diesel 92.9p/litre anyone beat this? We are doomed
  9. 3 storey 3 bed town houses £185950 was offered to me for £155950 today! (1400sqft+) This included the following extras (already installed) grass front and rear ceramic flooring to kitchen and utility burglar alarm carpets throughout. Call it £3k for the extras?) Have you seen any good deals around/
  10. Not at all this took less than a day. It was quite amazing.
  11. Lo I have recently sold my house and am currently downsizing. There are 2 developments near me in Notts. Both have 2 bed apts for sale at £125k on each site. To my utter disbelief I negotiated with both and the lowest price I could have bought for was £103300!! (with carpets) =17.4% discount! (One could only knock £18k off) This discount is very near the doom merchants predictions of a 20% correction in the market. Can anyone beat that??
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