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  1. Hello all Being someone who bought in 2010 at a good time and then sadly selling 11 years later due to divorce I have ended up renting. I have a good amount of premium bonds from the sale and living in a beautiful area. The house I rent is in the countryside and about £200 a month cheaper than comparable, the landlord owns all the houses on my road gifted many years ago. Since moving in we have have completely modernised the front garden with turf where is was awful and now its nice and tidy and simple to maintain. we have a 18 month contract and are six months in and the other houses are all 8-15 years plus so staying long term is a huge plus. I am 40 so approaching five years away from standard mortgage years to retire at a good age. Our system is rigged that renting is not as favourable as buying and if you buy you have more rights to benefit long term from home improvements and being property payment free in retirement. My question is how much would you invest in decoration or making a rental your own while you are in it. I am thinking of this year upgrading two 70’s radiators to modern ones (with permission of course) to make the bedroom more comfortable in winter and maybe adding one on the landing, i have installed a tado smart control which i can take with me when I move but radiators are a perm fixture. upstairs in a few degrees colder than downstairs so It will make my winter comfortable. The garden work I will get two years benefit (this summer and next summer) What do you all consider worth spending on a rental if you planned to live in it a few years. What’s the thoughts on renting when buying right now is not possible and planning for the future (if you don’t buy you have to pay rent forever as no mortgage that is completed) Would you just spend more on heating turning it up or add radiators knowing your improving the landlords house? Fellow renters what’s your thoughts?
  2. Announcement was at 17:00 but delayed until 18:30 appalling how can you be late for a national announcement.
  3. Hi all been out of the loop for a few years, anyone know of an iPad alternative to property bee?
  4. Wow I have not logged into this forum for ten years. I logged back in just to comment on this thread, wow those are some hearty drops. I see in my area that houses seem to be appearing on RM that are much lower than the recent listed houses, looks like a fire sale.
  5. Same thing in and around Milton Keynes! As the poster mentioned above things seem to be sitting on the market for month and months some with drops others with no movement at all. I went and viewed one house locally and sent the EA and offer 13% under the asking price and he was very rude and told me that they price there properties according to what is selling. I had a look at SSTC and they seem to be shifting them at that value, still far to over priced but some sell. The EA could not understand why i woudl offer below asking price and was quite rude to me. He then sent me properties of a lower value and said these are what you should be looking at as they will accept offers of the asking price. The property had only been on the market a few days so lets see if it goes SSTC, it will be just my luck it does. Its hard to fight the EA's when they get offers for houses next door for the same amount. p.s supply seems about the same, there were 820 ish 3 beds in milton keynes until recently it has dropped back to about 780 ongoing.
  6. Looks like a DOS attack...Server reports to many connections but is still updating right move when i search Government plan to take the server down???? lol
  7. Hi Yeah i know the feeling i look at prices and I am getting board now too. Starting to think i would rather go on holiday more often etc and having money in the bank is a lovely feeling. The greedy can ask what they want it wont be me paying. Even if they started dropping at 1%+ per month i think its got a long time before we see a bottom.
  8. and on another side how do we get Mr King the sack he clearly cannot do his job and needs to be removed from his office.
  9. Rates are not going to budge for a long time. To many mortgage holders would loose their (the banks) houses. There is no possible way they will raise rates even if the pound crashes. They are quite clearly happy creating an artificial bottom to this correction. I for one would love an IR rise so savings can get a decent return but they wont do that they are coining it in.
  10. Stick your house right up your ..............

  11. To be honest i could not care less what the figures say. In my local area i am seeing drops all over the place, they started at pretty much 5k a time now im seeing some being reduced 20k. It is a slow old process and if the supply does carry on being above demand around here then sellers will have to fight to get buyers expecially when the number of buyers is low. My local area has throughout the correct or downturn or whatever people want to call remained pretty behind the times when it came to reductions but now im seeing EA seem more desperate everyday and the houses that need to sell and want to sell get reduced. The ones that dont well they stay for sale. The only thing these figures actually relate to i feel is attitude a minus figure frightens the reductions into smaller drops, when there is a plus figure i dont see prices rising on property bee i just see smaller drops.
  12. Its about time we saw some minus figures. I am sick to death of hearing how you cannot loose and everything is going up and seeing the media present HPI as a good thing. Let the greedy get burnt, as for the investors i really hope they are in pain today.
  13. why do people get so strung up about their ideal house? Because if your paying for it anything less that perfect is not good enough. Everyone deffinition of perfect is different. If it was free then you cannot get caught up in "ideal" but as we will buy a place one day it neesd to be perfect / ideal.
  14. I love the way people on this Island talk about the recovery as if it was a living person. We must not upset the recovery lol. I agree with the earlier post and im glad i read this as its reminded me to stick to my guns. Shove your F'ing overprices houses up your oversized booty
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