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  1. Is anyone looking to use 800MHz for LTE though? Most operators that I have worked with are looking at 2.4GHz and I think UKBroadBand is looking to utilise it's 3.6GHz allocation for LTE rather than WiMAX. I haven't worked with LTE for over a year so perhaps things have changed :S
  2. But what about the stay-at-home mums with 5 kids by different fathers .... they'll never go out to work and will continue to sponge off the rest of us. The missus has a "friend" on facebook in this very position and she's constantly posting about the stream of Christmas Presents coming through the door that she's "we've" bought. It really boils my blood :angry:
  3. 9th. This is not the "REAL" BBC though is it? They missed off the entries for "Do you own a house" and "How much is it worth".
  4. They are making lots of cuts having bought Motorola Networks Division and have said in the past that delays in the purchase killed Motorola's WiMAX and LTE business. I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth!
  5. Nah ... just rename the company ... http://www.futurewei.com they've been in the US for years!
  6. Not cob, but I think a group build of strawbale would be a very interesting project.
  7. Strawbale would be my approach as I could then do pretty much 90% of the work myself and would happily work a 3 day week to cover the costs. An added benefit is that there is no shortage of help from around Europe from similar minded people who want to gain experience for their own builds. http://www.amazonails.org.uk/
  8. Phew ... didn't know ... this forum is great
  9. I think that you need to give one months notice to leave so you would need to make rental payments to cover this to ensure that he cannot deduct from your deposit to cover. Was your deposit registered under a tenancy deposit scheme? Perhaps the threat of legal action may let him waive commitments on your part?
  10. Why June 30th? When does your current agreement cease?
  11. I thought that the 2500l allowance was for biodiesel produced by one's self rather than bought in. Interesting loophole if you are right
  12. I went for an interview at Huawei many years back in Basingstoke. They were offering 50% of my salary at the time and tried to push how great it would be to be in at the start. Sod that ... I kept the old job as no way could I afford to live there on that kind of money. What sector do you work in? Huawei has 4G trials in Sweden ... so are we in the same business? Do I know you
  13. On the flip side, they have a huge development base which can turn around fixes/product changes much quicker than most western companies. They are also up there with Ericsson on 4G tech so which I agree that they may have had dubious business practices in the past, they also lead in some fields.
  14. A diplomatic clause is fairly common outside of the UK where tenancy agreements are 12 months or more. I exercised mine when moving back from the Netherlands to the UK. But then letting agents and landlords are professional over there!
  15. Well, on the other hand, HMO's and B&B's have to provide smoke alarms to building regs standards so why should one business that offers lodging differ to another? That said, I will sit firmly on the fence as I always fit my own, additional, smoke alarms as my safety is and will always be my business
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