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  1. Well to be exact the asking is £197950!! We paid £168000 which is imo more than enough
  2. Thanks Matt Tthe garage is great, pitched roof planks across the beams loads of storage and still loads of room for the motor. Glad to hear I am not the only sado who loves his Escort. Right, better load the van up
  3. Completed. Bought a second hand one of these: http://www.persimmonhomes.com/regions/anglia/sancroft-square/the-richmond-plot24.aspx Not exactly the same though - rather than having a built in garage our one has a drive through to the garage therefore 2 cars on the drive and another one in the garage No laughing at the back!! Its what we want, garage (for my beautiful escort!!) & downstairs study (for my DJing / record obsession) & the rest of the house for the wife - each to their own as they say. Price? You guess!!
  4. Initially slow progress with mortgage company resulted in the c**k stating "the sale was only agreed as I believed you were a cash buyer" - at NO point did I state I was or not a cash buyer 4 phone calls to the c**k last week trying to nail the vendors down to a completion date - not once did the c**k get back to me Numerous other bits, which may be petty to some but not to me. Maybe on reflection no different to the total and utter incompetence I have to deal with on a daily basis at work
  5. I previously stated seemed like a normal person however I can now confirm he is a top of the range c**k!! More to follow
  6. Wow!! How out of touch am I? £452k for a 3 bedroom terraced house! I think I need to re-write my Christmas list: Dear Santa I have been a very good boy over the last 12 months please may I have a TARDIS. Why I TARDIS you may ask, well I too quite like the idea of living on planet f**king cuckoo land. Thank you in advance A Very Good Boy
  7. What nice people you are, I was fully expecting a hammering!! Nothing to report yet but I will keep up dating as it progresses. I still believe it will fall in price but to be honest I / we have had enough of waiting & its what WE want in the way of a house so no laughing when I put the details up!!
  8. To be fair he was not really pushy about up-ing the offer - he just doing what the vendors wanted, I made it clear from the outset that the offer price would be our final price - when asked the second time about up-ing the offer I did mention that any further calls regarding the price would result in me walking away. Did I get a good deal? - well it is always subjective - many people on this site would say no - but we are happy with it - life is quite simple you pay your money and take your pick When we finally get a completion date I will send you a PM with all the details
  9. Up date - I phoned the EA at 14:30 Fri, oddly seemed like a normal person, he just wanted to confirm the details within the offer letter and take a few other details. I then received 3 calls from him during the afternoon trying to get me to up the offer last one being at 18:15 to tell me that the original offer had been accepted.
  10. Cheers for the advice - you are right I must be amiable towards them (although it should be noted that I am no actor so it will be hard!!). Unfortunately I have received an email back from the agent (09:05hrs today) asking me to phone them asap so it looks as if I am going to have to play the actor - well I guess the offer has not been dismissed totally out of hand otherwise I would not have been ask to call. I will call later this afternoon as I don't want to be seen as too keen.
  11. Looking at the two examples I take it you are from or looking in that area therefore l was Interested in reading the above about Agents - we have put an offer in today by EMAIL (there is no way I am speaking to the filth better known as EAs) on a house not far from Diss will be interested the feedback from vendors/agents as it had been reduced by £10k in the last week and we offered £7k less than the new asking. Can't say I am confident but you never know.
  12. Nor would I want to but I guess it's each to their own. Finding it all very amusing, wife & I have got an eye on a couple of new (1-2 yo) houses, both bought in 2008 and both are for sale for less than they were purchased for, guess it depends on the area, either way we will not be purchasing either until at least 25% is taken off the 2008 purchase price. Life is too short to tie ourselves to a massive debt, enjoy life, hence another car (that makes 4):
  13. Buyers Don’t Care About House Prices - well that counts me out, as I really do care. I am no expert but know an awful lot more than I did 4 years ago mainly thanks to this site and its not a case of cannot afford to I choose not to pay the current prices as houses really are not that important to me. I have pretty much what I want when I want without credit, less than 1/3 of my wages is spent on rent, so whats the point buying and not being able to live the life you want (within ones means) - you are only hear once. Stuff your HPI up your ar5e I'm off to catch Theo Parrish @ Plastic Peopl
  14. Short memory? or selective hearing? BBC were all over Rightmove's reporting (in July) of "asking prices" were up in June - they did not mention Rightmove's reporting of "asking prices" were down in July (in August). HPI merchants = filthy scum
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