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  1. I'm managing to get 520miles out of my 50L tank and that's a combination of motorway driving (so that's stop start on the M62 hell road) and normal everyday driving. Commute to work is 13 miles each way. I've been car sharing for about 3 years now so not felt the pinch as much, but if we ever have to stop doing that I'm not going to be happy in the pocket!!!
  2. Just to add my recent experience with estate agents, I've just had an offer accepted on a house after negotiating for 5 weeks!!!!!. It will not go SSTC until an instruction has been received from the bank. Estate agents have told me there was a viewing booked in for this weekend but it will now be cancelled. I have to say, after a bit of a bumpy start with them they've come up trumps and have done everything they could to help me. It took 3 days for my final offer to be accepted during which time I issued a 24 hour ultimatum that I would walk away if I didn't get an answer. It went right down to the final hour or so and the estate agents kept trying to get the vendors to give an answer but they dragged their feet before giving in. It's all worked out well so far, so fingers crossed.
  3. I've been in this exact same position myself. Fresh out of University 6 years ago, I opted to stay with parents to save a deposit. I just want my life to continue now so I'm trying to buy at the moment. My advice is if you really are determined to buy a house save enough deposit so you can get something that will feel like a home. That way if things do change afterwards, it doesn't really matter as it's your home rather than a stepping stone to what you want. May be in 1.5 years it will be a no brainer. For me it doesn't matter how the market goes now, I'm going to be able to get a house that has the space I want as well as the character. Who knows what life will bring but I can really see myself staying in this place and starting a family. It's been painful at times but it was worth it. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. Tell me about it!!! Well unfortunately for them I've spotted another house this weekend. It's on at 180k which is just above the price range I was originally looking at but it is everything I want, with no compromises having to be met. I'm willing to go a lot closer to the asking price on one even if it is more expensive as it is far better value in my opinion. Viewing on Monday :-) I'm so hoping I can turn round to the vendors/estate agent of the first house and tell them to stick it!!!!!
  5. Well the saga continues. After 3 weeks and 2 raised offers the vendors finally gave me a target value once I said I had enough and this would be my last viewing. I can not believe it has taken them this long to actually put a figure out there, its 3k above what my offer is at the moment. And like magic on the day I say it's my last offer and I'm going to start looking else where as I'm getting bored, someone else has decided to view the property this weekend. Didn't see that one coming!!!!!
  6. Well it is a week since I put my raised offer in and the vendors are "still" negotiating the house they want down. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be no closer to getting the house I want 2 weeks after I put in my original offer. Still no firm accept on my raised offer. Arghhhhh!
  7. This is exactly the type of thing I wanted to avoid. It just seems a conflict of interest. Offer was put forward and wasn't accepted as I kind of expected. Let the games begin....... :-)
  8. All I know is after making the offer early Monday morning, by the end of today she couldn't even give me a counter offer or even a no. That's the thing that annoys me most.
  9. Wish I has spotted this earlier before I posted my question. Great thread I have to say!
  10. I've put in an offer on a house and rang the estate agents today and things didn't quite go as I thought they would. Here is the story: House on market at 160K and I put an offer in at 140k after viewing house twice. I had made an appointment several weeks ago to speak to the Boultons mortgage broker today about mortgages but couldn't go as had to attend a meeting. When I rang up to cancel the mortgage broker I enquired as to how the offer went down with the sellers. The lady at the estate agent then told me she couldn't put a firm offer forward till I had been to their broker to check my details and immediately tried to arrange another meeting saying a firm offer could then be made. I countered this by saying various banks would give me the go ahead on the money so a meeting with them was not needed before an offer could be made. She then said again I needed to come in before a serious firm offer could be put forward. So my question is, is the estate agent lady trying to use details from my mortgage broker meeting to see how much more money they can squeeze out of me because it sounds like it to me?? I feel that if I have this meeting with them I've put all my cards on the table and they know financially how far they can push. I am willing to walk away if the price isn't right no matter how much I like it. I'm going to cancel the broker meeting for good now as the whole situation as annoyed me. Any advice??
  11. I'm going to go for a fix rate. I know rates are as low as they ever will be, but based on the fixed I'm looking at, interest comes in at about 32k over 20 years. That works out at 1.6K a year in interest or £133 per month. Mortgage would be about £530 a month as I want it paid off in 20 year (or less). To rent somewhere like it, it would probably cost £600-£650.
  12. Yes affordable and value are 2 very different things. Believe me, even though it is the most perfect house for me I've seen so far within my budget, they aren't going to get a sale unless the is a good amount come off it. When it comes to money my head rules. I'll be disappointed if it doesn't come up, but there is always a new set of properties just waiting to be put on the market this spring :-)
  13. As a first time buyer this story rings very true with me. Parents have allowed me to stay with them 5 years after coming back from Uni. Very, very cheap rent (basically just enough to cover my food and a contribution to some bills) on the condition 2/3 of my wage was saved at least. Now in a position to buy and most likely going to be putting an offer in on a house in the next week. On at 160K and was bought in 2004 as a new build for 140K. Managed to save up around a 35% deposit and mortgage would be 2.5-3 times income depending on how negotiation went. This place I want is perfect in everyway except for it being a relatively recent new build. I knew I would have to compromise on something, so building age it is.
  14. I swear to god this is the b***hiest forum I have ever had the pleasure of posting in. I'm a reader rather than a poster, however whenever I do decide to contribute and happen to mention my occupation someone always has to have a little dig. I’m all for people speaking their mind but seriously I’m beginning to think a lot of people on here have inferiority complexes.
  15. I'm rather lucky in that I have a good relationship with my parents but I'm increasingly wanting my own space now. The point you make about couples and having children is something that has been on my mind a lot recently. I know once I enter the system I need to be happy with where ever I buy as I will be there for a while due to the amount that would needed to be saved/paid off on mortgage to gain enough equity to move up the ladder. My hope is to miss the first step out and go straight to the 2nd or 3rd step to avoid having to move again anytime soon. I like my space and first time buyer houses are not what I want. Maybe I should just rent instead ;-)
  16. That's a good question. I was forced to change cars as there would have been a very big repair bill coming my way within 6 months. As far as saving money goes in the grand scheme of things I probably only save £500 a year on fuel costs. The cost to change was probably about 4K more than if I had gone for another Focus of a similar age, s not good for the wallet in that way. If I get the life expectancy out of it I'm hoping to get then the Audi will win out long term but only just. I'm not too bothered about that though, sometimes enjoyment has to override money but only if you can afford it of course. It's fully paid for as well.
  17. I changed from an 03 plate petrol 1.4L focus to a 10 plate diesel 2.0L Audi just before the summer. I can't believe the difference in engine economy. It does not far off double the number of miles the focus did. Rather good for the wallet I have to say, pity about the service cost though :-(
  18. Thought I would throw my bit in. 29 year old teacher, living with parents in West Yorkshire. Have just over a 30% deposit saved and would need 2.7 times my salary if I went to the mental limit I have in my head. Bank would probably offer me more though. I've got a years worth of wages (after tax) saved on the side as well. My friends are all home owners and got their slave boxes just before or around peak prices. Their situations are far from good, maxed out credit cards and they have very little free money at the end of the month. I personally think I've set myself up pretty well yet still don't feel comfortable with going off and buying somewhere. Am I just afraid to enter the real world on my own or am I just listening to my head/facts and seeing common sense?
  19. On Friday I could not believe what I was hearing whilst sat in the staffroom at school. 3 members of staff were talking about renting out houses when one said it isn't worth it now getting involved in renting a house out. Everything seems screwed, the economy and the market. You'll probably lose money doing it now, houses are meant to be falling again or at least not going up. Just thought this was interesting as I haven't heard anyone talk like this at work before. A sign things are beginning to hit home I wonder?
  20. There has been a load of properties come on in huddersfield, west yorkshire over the last day or so. Prob 4 or 5 times the norm. All houses worth below 100k, which from the looks of them are btl and student housing.
  21. I know this stroy all too well. Have been doing the same for the last 4 years.
  22. At a friends house last night when the conversation went on to selling houses and how one of our mutual friends was going to try and sell his next year. The person who owned the house we were at then said he had had it valued just to see what his options are since his girlfriend has just moved in. His statement went something like this: "Bought the house late 2006 for 85K (Its got 1 bedroom, a bathroom and a living kitchen, no gardens or garage) First two estate agents valued it at 84K and 86K, f**k that! Another valued it at about 93k. I reckon I need at least 100k just to make money on it." At this point everyone else nods vigorously in agreement whilst I just manage to stop myself reaching for the nearest blunt object. At the time he took at least 110% mortgage as he had no savings. He's got a decent job now, which means his mortgage is no more than 3.5times his salary. Just a little story I thought I would share to contribute what the feeling on the street is.
  23. Moved back home after university with the intention of staying at home for no more than 1 year whilst I saved a small deposit. That 1 year has turned into 4 years after realising it would be stupid getting such a high mortgage. Now in a position where I have a 25-30% deposit. Not going to get any more than 3.5 times my wage, might be able to get it down to under 3 times if I wait for the right place. Desperate to get somewhere now, but want to wait until all the election doomsday dust has settled to get a better idea of things. Maybe buy in the next year, in which case I will have nearly 40% deposit.
  24. I say if my money is going to be taken through tax and given to other people, then they should reduce the amount people receive through benefits. Then use the money saved to top up the minimum wage. The employer pays the first £5.80 (current level for those 22 and over) and the government then supplements this by some amount. Make it worth people’s time to go to work. This of course relies on there been jobs.
  25. From Oakes/Salendine Nook area. You from around Hudds?
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