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  1. My sister went to a bank last week, so post MMR, looking at getting a mortgage in principal with her partner. Her salary late 30s, his late 20s. The bank gave them a MIP up to 320k property (I think it would have to be LTV 90% based on what savings I think they have). A such dont think you can blanket apply your decision to all institutions and people out think a mortgage broker would have to lie on your behalf. Hopefully I'll convince them not to apply and to carry on renting instead.
  2. I read somewhere they have 55% market share of the expensive headphone market. The way they've convinced people to shell out a fortune on mediocre headphones is pretty impressive, really shows what big brand whores a lot of folk are.
  3. Yeah. I've noticed it in Walthamstow too. The prices reduced were generally comedy to start with. Some literally 100% up on a year ago. A house nearby just went SSTC in two or. three weeks with a stupid price though. Will need to wait to see if it actually mashes it through the sake prices and what the actual sale price is though.
  4. I wish my opinion had been changed and wish I had a lot more conviction. Hate having to give friends and relatives advice on housing market when it is so rigged and hard to decipher.
  5. And for the small bit of east London I lived in prior to the current house April 2009 312,500 April 2010 361,145 April 2011 373,626 April 2012 401,669 April 2013 444,804 March 2014 525,022 Why would you argue about an area you seemingly know nothing about?
  6. For the avoidance of doubt 'Small part of East London' From land registry for my current abode April 2009 215,285 April 2010 239,462 April 2011 239,586 April 2012 243,799 April 2013 256,240 March 2014 315,102
  7. Nah. It's been a good two years now at least. The last year been worst but it was steadily rising before that.
  8. Not sure if my view has changed. They're definitely seems to have been some (ridiculously high) plateau being reached in my small part of East London. I never expected it to carry on though (but didnt expect the meteoric rise of recent years either for that matter). I've always been of the opinion we need some sort of major catalyst if we're going to see major falls though, like the financial crisis that preceded 2007, and as yet i'm not seeing any change in that regard. I think these things probably come out the blue though, and things are far from rosey in the world so anything could happen still. Without that I see bobbing along rather than a big fall.
  9. I was reading something recently suggesting US would not have unwound their QE until 2020 and I believe they've said they won't raise rates until QE unwound. So could be 2020 all round for first rate hike. Does make you wonder if the 2% tracker a better option than the 3% 5yr fixed.
  10. I do wonder the same. Did countries where renting more the norm have housing bubbles that never corrected, so permanently altering the housing landscape? I also worry that if we do get a major correction institutional investors will step in and clear up the reduced price inventory, so carrying on the trend towards decreased ownership even though prices have dropped. Neither very pleasant thoughts.
  11. I'd think a lot of this is down to reduced trading volumes in the market as a whole. As such no one on the other side making the money they've lost.
  12. I agree. But my 30k attempt would suggest Barclays don't. Last time I got a mortgage they had a table of salary vs multiplier, but didn't think it went as far as 5.5x hence surprise on Barclays site.
  13. Actually, I stand corrected, sticking 30k in their yields 165k too.
  14. It would put me at the high end of multiples though. I dont think they'd offer me 5.5x if I earnt 30k a year.
  15. It's not bad. I could probably get a mortgage to buy a 2 bed ex-LA flat in Hackney without lying on the application. Or a 1970s 3 bed cul de sac home in High Wycombe if I didn't mind the commute. As such I feel like I've made it in life.
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