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  1. how delicious! Opposable. It's an opposable thumb. Thank you for this treat. May the spirit of goodwill follow you throughout the coming year!
  2. Some maintain that the Recession is not biting into Cornwall yet - well, it's definitely started nibbling around the edges... Surf shops wipeout Christmas lights-out in Bodmin Pole dancing gone t*ts up? Millers Commercial are advertising Tall Trees Nightclub, Newquay For Sale
  3. In the Newquay Guardian this week " A PROPERTY tycoon who once spoke of investing £125 million in Newquay could be declared personally bankrupt. The Newquay Guardian can exclusively reveal that Steve Beasant – known locally as director of property company Penpol Group– faces a bankruptcy petition at Truro County Court on December 2, lead by Travis Perkins and other creditors. Documents seen by the Guardian show the Bank of Ireland sent formal demands to directors of Penpol Homes 4 Ltd – a subsidiary company covering the flagship Woodlands development - demanding more than £5.5 million. The news comes after two of Mr Beasant’s other companies were placed in compulsory liquidation. Penpol Homes Ltd and South West Construction Services Ltd – the construction arm of Penpol - are in compulsory liquidation while Platinum Developers Ltd, another property development company, is in the hands of a Law of Property Act (LPA) Receiver. Furious creditors have now targeted Mr Beasant and the Penpol Group website transforming it into an on-line forum where creditors can get in touch. Posts from angry businesses include: “Creditors are still here Mr Beasant” and “I won’t be taking a holiday at all this year… so think about that Mr Penpol”. Elsewhere, the Tregarn Hotel site, on Pentire Crescent, has also now had an LPA Receiver appointed in the form of Plymouth-based Edward Symmons. And Price Waterhouse Coopers have been appointed as LPA Receivers for Platinum Developers Ltd. With six Newquay sites in prime locations, Penpol arrived on the scene as the property market was taking off – outlining a host of impressive developments. Sites included the flagship Woodlands development, in Pentire, as well as The Quays on Henver Road. However, the dream appears to have soured and we revealed back in September how Mr Beasant planned to sell off many of Penpol’s sites. However, when interviewed, he denied any of his companies were in financial difficulty. Parent company, Penpol Group Ltd, is still listed as active with Companies House, however. Mr Beasant but was unavailable for comment. "
  4. Chatting to a pal the other day who works for an EA; they had had a rout of all the old chestnuts. Each seller was contacted and advised very politely that, if they were still not prepared to consider reducing the asking price, the EA was not able to help them any more. Those who flounced off with their asking prices intact appeared the following week in other agents' local newspaper ads, proudly labelled with " NEW " flags.
  5. The property pages in the Cornish Guardian are getting thinner and featuring properties in increasingly far flung places. Cornwall Watchers may be interested in this item in this week's pages
  6. lovely - your chuffedness is making me smile - all the very best to you.
  7. Yes, Eighties Girly, that strikes a chord and none of us wishes to go back to it. I'm still here, too, but there's no way I want to be back there!
  8. This worked well for us. The builder arranged an account in our name with his local supplier, which incorporated the builder's normal trade discount. The supplier billed us direct monthly for the materials, and the builder billed us monthly for his labour. Everything was itemised. Everyone's cashflow was protected and we were able to monitor costs in detail on a monthly basis.
  9. Frank Hovis in the main discussion forum says Prime position site shop in Newquay. Went out of business in April. Still vacant. -------------------- which shop, where - does anyone know?
  10. 'Grand Demise' ' I'm an estate agent, get me out of here' 'Homes under the jackhammer' 'House Autopsy' 'The price is right ( ... now, but I bought it for a lot more)' ' How to look ten years poorer' 'No cash in the attic' 'Can't sell won't sell' 'Big Bother ' ' 60 Minute Takeover ' ' Repossession Repossession '
  11. PotNoodle on the Main Discussion Forum says, today: Telegraph today. 1st October - it will be illegal to sell a house without an Energy Peformance certificate. Up to now, only houses new to the market needed them. Houses already on the market were exempt. But from 1st October all houses on market need them. Sellers who hoped to sell without one will have to take their homes off the market or go through the HIPs process. Another Govt stumbling block in the way of selling houses.
  12. You'll know this, Toptaffybachboyobutty, I heard that a St Austell EA closed down in last month - is that right?
  13. Long established Cornish building firm fall victim Talling Construction
  14. I was talking to someone a few days ago who retrained as an Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) last summer. He paid £3500+ for his training course. At the end of his training he encountered an immediate dearth of referrals, when the full introduction of HIP’s was postponed due to the shortage of DEA’s, if you remember. It was estimated at the time that 3000 would be needed. Twelve months on, there are 11,000+ trained DEA’s, all chasing fast dwindling demand. He was very down in the mouth about it all, complained about the cost of CPD, lack of referrals, and described what is happening in the housing market as ‘ this little blip.’ Yes, I know. But the poor chap is depressed enough. What astonishes me is that people are still signing up for the courses. Having listened to his bit-of-a-rant about the competition, I got interested and had a look on the web http://www.hip-consultant.co.uk/blog/2008/...nergy-assessor/ some of the comments were amazing … look at the dates of these two … how can people be thinking of going down such a road now? Hannah Says: July 16th, 2008 at 5:27 pm I found this site today after having attended an ‘interview’ with a Training Provider in Birmingham this morning. I found them to be very sales driven, telling me I was ideal for the role and their ‘Recruitment Director’ kept saying “I think you should do it”… well of course he would, it pays his wages!... …They want £3,965 for a four module training course which would take place over 8 days. He told me that I could earn that money back in less than a month! (Now I knew he was full of ****!) That would mean being able to do about 40 in one month (working on the assumption I’d earn £100 per report). He also told me to charge £50 per bedroom of the property… therefore charging most properties in my area £150-£200!! I know for a fact that nobody would pay that so it is unrealistic to expect this level of income. I also know how quiet the property market is at the moment so assuming I even got to do 1-2 a week, it would still take me over a year to pay it back…. ‘Nonsense’ he said… you can earn your course fees back in a month… …I often think that if something sounds too good to be true then it usually is. It seems that this is the case with becoming a DEA and the training providers are only out to line their own pockets. Julie Says: August 1st, 2008 at 9:25 am Thank god I read this, I was about to put my youngest into childcare and sort out after school clubs for my other children to train as an assessor in birmingham (over 60 miles away). After reading this I’ve just rung ands canceled,(sic) thankyou one and all!!! I would hate to think that people actually get themselves into debt to do this. Or spend their redundancy money on it.
  15. This has all gone a bit worms and bacteria, but to get back to thrift, the only real way to cut back is to stop spending on unnecessary things ... like Flowers. Walk past all those tempting bunches in the supermarket. Make a mental note to grow some next year, in between all those rows of vegetables you have made a mental note to grow next year. Clothes. If you have been out for the last five days wearing something decent each day and there is still something hanging in the wardrobe, you've got enough. This does not apply to shoes, which remain in the essential category, for mental health reasons. Meals out. Eat at home and meet your friends for a drink. Somewhere near, that doesn't use up too much petrol. Buying sandwiches. Even the can't cook won't cook amongst us can make a SANDWICH...
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