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  1. Just to set the record stright regarding the prices that appear within the property adverts on GetAnOffer. The price listed is NOT an asking price, it is the vendors opinion of what their property is worth. This is explained to the vendor when they sign up and is also mentioned in the video that sits in the top right property advert page. We've called this video "whats this property worth to you?" Buyers then have to work out what the property is worth to them. This is why we've incorporated links to Zoopla and Mouseprice and given further advice on exactly how to value a property. In some instances, this may mean informing the seller that their asking price is over ambitious. The benefit of GetAnOffer over Rightmove is that on GAO everyone has a need to move quickly and so are willing to negotiate. Hope I'm making sense!
  2. Hi Mixle Nope, we dont have any properties in Guildford at present but when I do a search for Guildford, Birmigham is NOT the nearest. There are plenty nearer. As I've pointed out on this thread before, we are not Rightmove. You wouldn't expect an auction catalogue to have properties accross the road, round the corner, next door, near your aunties, etc etc and the same perspective should be taken with GetAnOffer. When this thread was started on Saturday there were 693 properties listed. We now have 731 lsited. Sure, we don't have properties in eveyones back yard but we seem to be going at a decent rate so maybe it wont take long. As an investor, I'm more concerned with rentability, yields and purchase price than area.
  3. Hi Jonb To counter your statement, what about a fed up vendor who's genuinely prepared to let it go for a little less than true market value? The motive is purely and simply to tempt a buyer. Surely everyone that likes to haggle has bought something below market value. I know I have. Cars, cheap holidays, furniture are just a few examples. Buying below market value does not mean the surveyor got it wrong, its simply a buyer negotiating a great deal.
  4. Hi Timebandit Apologies, I didn't mean to miss out the points you kindly raised. Firstly, its the 50 nearest properties, not within 50 miles. We are currently working with a compnay called Results PR to gain publicity. As a temporary promotion, we have dropped charges for the next few weeks to encourgae more and more sign ups and to build traffic to the site. For sceptical HPC'ers wondering how we'll make money, don't worry, we still earn a commission from HIP and conveyancing quotes. We also practice what we preach and intend to buy properties that list on GetAnOffer. (provided the price is right of course). http://www.getanoffer.co.uk/page/93/Advertise-Your-Home.htm Within this link you'll see "free" mentioned 3 times. This is the main sales page, where we quoted our previous price of £47 and it was also mentioned 3 times on this page. So the site is effectively free of charge for the time being. Can I suggest you list your property at a realistic value, see if you recieve any interest and then report back to HPC? I of course can't make any guarantees but worth a shot?
  5. Thanks Godley and Gurgle much appreciated. Of course, not every property listed will be the absolute sale of the century and the phrase "you can't please all the people all of the time" springs to mind. Sure some sellers listing will try and get away with a higher valaution price. But if a seller is going to go to the trouble of spending 10-15 minutes uploading their details on a website thats clearly for discounted properties, then buyers can safely assume that the seller is motivated and will be prepared to entertain offers. Deals are happening and we're recieving emails of thanks from both sellers and buyers. I guess we must be doing something right. Gurgle - Yes, we advise sellers to use Zoopla and Mouseprice to achieve rough valuations for their properties. Also, within each property advert we've placed a Zoopla link which enables buyers to do a quick desktop valaution. We also list the 3 most local agents to the property. This is done using co-ordinates with google mapping. We do this to make life easy for a buyer doing their homework on local values. Any seller with a toppy valuation, is soon found out. No jobs going in our technical team at the moment I'm afraid!
  6. Hi 2 metre bear. With regards to your comments on BMV (below market value), I can't see what the problem is. If comparable propertries show asking prices and achieved sales at say £100,000 and the property your're considering purchasing with value at £100,000 by a RICS valuer, surely if you purchase it for £80,000 - £90,000 then you're purchasing below market value? I'd also like to add that the price displayed on each GetAnOffer property advert is NOT the asking price as discussed on this thread. It is merely the sellers "opinion" of value. Whether this is correct or not is up to an informed buyer to assess and discuss with the seller.
  7. Hi Tom Hope this answers your question. http://www.getanoffer.co.uk/page/103/Red-H...erty-Alerts.htm This page is still being worked on but is 99% finished.
  8. Guys It's the websites owner again and I appreciate the constructive critisism. With regards to there being insufficient properties in your own specific areas, as I said before, we're not Rightmove. We've only being established a few months and with 700 properties listed so far, I think were doing pretty well. I can however understand a potential buyer being put off by there not being dozens of properties in their own back yard. Can I counter this argument by saying that none of the big 5 resi auction houses have listed a property in my own back yard since 2005? This does not stop me from keeping an eye on the auction catalogues as I know that sooner or later something may crop up and it may be a golden nugget of a property worth considereing for purchase. I'm listening to your comments about listing only realistically priced properties. If you believe we should decline sellers with unrealistic asking prices, then that's what we'll do.
  9. Attention moderator, I am the founder of the property portal GetAnOffer that is currently being discussed on this forum. I'm delighted to see that GetAnOffer has created a lively discussion on HPC. As the websites founder, I hope I can be forgiven for contributing to this thread. In no way are my comments to be interpreted as a sales pitch. I'm pleased to see a postive perspective on GetAnOffer on HPC, but I thought I'd address some of the issues raised. A few contributors have highlighted that several properties registered on GetAnOffer are overpriced. In my opinion, they're right. Unfortunately, theres always going to be a small percentage of sellers that will ignore our USP, ignore our videos were we inform sellers to be super realistic and lastly, ignore the additional "warnings" regarding "value" within the property upload section. We could of course remove these properties when we spot an asking price that seems dubious. However, we decided to permit these properties on the site as its probable that these sellers might "play ball" once shown the error of their ways by serious buyers who've done their homework on local values. Its was also highlighted by a HPC contributor that there where no properties listed in their area. We're not Rightmove with 1 million properties listed for sale. We target our advertising to "catch only the most realsitic and motivated sellers." At present, we have just under 700 properties listed and yes, some areas / postcodes will have little listed if anything at all. However, to prevent the dreaded "no results found" when doing a search, the nearest 50 properties will appear to the place entered within the search. This has its benefits as "buyers" are quite often flexible on location as long as the numbers stack. This is particulary true of investors. We have a national advertising and PR campaign kicking off in June to build exposure. Any other comments both good and bad are much appreciated. We like the feedback.
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