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  1. so its not a downturn anymore? will the bbc change their logo?? the technical recession.. what qualifies a depression (I mean technically, not a real one of course)
  2. As far as I know its still a requirement to have life (aka death) insurance to cover your loan. anyone who 'claims' to earn 70k (and have a family or 4) and doesnt buy longterm sickness cover, bupa etc etc obviously doesnt earn 70k
  3. cheers v helpful info there.
  4. as of last year I had 50k GBP in this one http://content.members.fidelity.com/mfl/su...5910869,00.html started feeding it in 2002 Although the chart looks pretty crappy I've probably made 5% over that time (obvoiusly a load more 12months ago). I'd say its a good call for the next 10years (I think I was paying around £400/month), stopped it feb 2007. recently i've bought stocks like diagio & roche, they seem to have stable prices & should benefit from (imo) inflation to come. (edit the chart is based in USD, so in GBP it is not so bad)
  5. usually the jewelry trade / india is used as a guide to what people are prepared to pay. I think indians dont buy over about $650 (translated to rupees). something a little lower for jewelry. at todays levels the only gold moving is 400oz bars between strong rooms. thats not to say that is different to demand, but at some point people will stop buying ETFs (maybe next week, maybe never) and the price will drop. silver anyone?
  6. it was on the news of ETFS (the london ETF) buying more gold. people should note that there is little physical buying at these levels, so its just getting setup for a drop to $650 again..
  7. qq. any reason for choosing uso? ( i hold IPATH ETN http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=OIL )
  8. in UK, Australia, NZ & Ireland. everywhere else its edison screw.
  9. google 1933 gold ownership usa today they are trying to restrict it because of moneylandering & fraud. tommorow, private & non-industrial ownership banned. bye bye comex, and all the rest.
  10. fertilizer prices are (I've not checked BTW) linked quite tightly to the price of oil. I for one am sure oil will go back to $60-70 a barrel, which would imply fertilizer goes up too. so, maybe POT could go to $200 within 12months. I dont agree that Apple (down), nokia (down) or gold (flat) will rise in the same timescale.
  11. 6 billion of that figure is gold ( 300 tonnes at 20k/kilo) leaving a max of 10 billion is in US treasuries.
  12. the NHS costs 90billion per year. labor force is 30 million. so on average each worker pays 3000GBP, or 1500GBP per head. compare with switzerland I pay 3000CHF or 1785GBP (todays rates, but 12months ago 1500GBP). So its about the same. personally I prefer the swiss system (compulsary - will get deducted at source, if you dont register), rather than NI - simply because its transparent, and reinforces the fact that doctors work for you, not the state. not convinced..? how about you go to your NHS GP & they recommend you go private? or you work for a british company where you are compulsary enrolled in private healthcare?? ...then it costs more. I was paying 500quid/year for private heathcare (+ its a taxable perk!!!) I've also shelled out 6k for private treatments.. that is why the NHS is much more expensive than a private but compulsary heathcare system. (***these are the only 2 systems I know)
  13. "The program, announced Monday, allows the BOE to buy high-quality, private-sector assets. It can also be used for monetary policy purposes if the bank so chooses, and could be a first step on the road to quantitative easing." http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20090119-702917.html as soon as the BOE buy non-govt instruments to control (manipulate) money supply. then in my book, that is quantative easing. The BOE DO PRINT MONEY to do this. It works in the same way as controlling rates with governement securities. i.e. if BOE want to drop rates they print money, and buy a treasury bill. to reduce money supply (thus increasing rates) they sell a tresury bill (and take the cash out of the system). note that they do not use treasury bills to buy the 'high quailty assets', they actually print money.
  14. I think there are two types of suspension. one is where a share falls 10%, then i think all bid/offers are cancelled and then a new auction process begins and the stock opens 10mins later. however thats with auction exchanges which I think the LSE (ftse) is not - its SETS or SEAQ or something... the other kind is when the company itself requests suspension (CEO killed etc) and i doubt announcing terrible results (that were expected) is a reason to suspend shares... still an interesting topic.
  15. re the "carry tax on deposits"... that is effectively the case now. if you have 50k, 100k or 500k you can earn interest, but f you have more its really difficult to find a bank who will accept the deposit and pay interest. this is why US treasury yields (linky http://www.ustreas.gov/offices/domestic-fi...te/yield.shtml) are so low. central banks have basically said, if you want cash come to us for it, do not take deposits.. its a stand off to get money flowing again.. you know the rest.
  16. booze is the key, even if most leave buying half a bottle,- there will always be the table or three that carrys on and runs up a bill. - these guys know what they're doing. crash off!
  17. Thanks, the other thing I learnt is to keep quite. I have lost friends through unwanted advise. I like to think I have a good idea of what the next 3 years have in store, but will only offer empathy this time. The spare room is set up ready
  18. I think these 'teaser offers' have been going on since the dawn of, well since i was a kid. maybe more people are worried these days, and maybe more people cancelling straight after. generally these bullion coins are available in large quantities at bullion value, so very little margin involved for all parties.
  19. if they serve alcohol they will make a profit.
  20. I called it in March 1999 :angry: and rented ever since. not angry really, but keen to see the bottom with better vision.
  21. should have been the chippy, the bricky and the EA
  22. that is total rubbish. desert island, 3 people, a farmer a miller and a baker. farmer decides to do a second job making watches. miller decides to do a second job building boats. baker decides to do a second job fermenting beer. before. everyone eats bread. after. everyone eats bread, sat on their boat, drinking beer, until its time to go back to their first job..
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