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    no seriously, wft are the bbc/google (ok so google are not journalists..) doing.

    even the FT is full of nothing but unsubstantiated opinions...

    how about some journalists calculating how many cars need to be sold, kilos of beef exported, jet engines made .. or how many people earning 150k will get exported.

    all I see is hand waving.

    someone please tell me where the 16billon of government assets for sale will come from, and more to the point who will buy them?

    now thats an easy piece of journalism? isn't it? or counting words in a speech... is that the boundary of their ability?

  2. if you are under 40 years old go for high risk funds.

    emerging markets europe and asia ex japan are ones to go for.

    do not buy any fixed income funds. or any UK funds (lol).

    these ones I picked out as examples.

    SE UBS Global Emerging Markets Equity

    SE BGI Pacific Rim Equity Index

    SE First State Asia Pacific Leaders

    SE Fidelity South East Asia

    I hold 30kgpb in Fidelity Pacific Equity if that makes my argument stronger. it has gone up 8% this year (gbp). I have held it for several years (yes last year was a bit of a nightmare)

  3. To get the right dimensions and weight can only be done with platinum and another metal that I forget. Incredibly difficult. If it weighs right and measures right then it is all good.

    the other metal you forgot is tungsten (as in welding rods).

    i'm sure you'll find more tunsten weldon rods on ebay than krugers. so could only be worth 30quid or so.

  4. I must be very stupid, because I don't understand the maths - why has a 0.9% increase pushed the average from £147,000 to £150,000 ? Someone please explain to this thicko, coz maths woz never me strongpoint, innit.

    fiscal expansion, trillion billions rodney.

    a packet of rolos will soon cost 5billion grommets or groats or bits of paper. do you know how many bricks are in a house? take the bricks and sell them on ebay...

    ebay will drag us all from recession

  5. 1.25 sounds like a low ratio to me. i.e. want to buy 4.0bio, got just 3.5 (whatever).

    what would be more interesting is what the rest of the 75bio is getting spent on... PFI bonds and other such rubbish..no doubt

    in anycase, 9 yr bonds (duration heading toward that) impies the BOE are not planning to 'tear up the pound notes' that the government repays (or doesnt) in the near future..

    if the BOE were so confident of a return to growth, velocity of money etc, they should know they need to be well equipped to take money out of the system pretty quick (effectivly just torching the pound notes the government repay for the principle ).

    30year bonds are just stupid. we can expect at least 4 more recessions before those things mature.

  6. Maybe the Wail reporter didn't think about the ageing population?

    A big factor IMO.

    While I agree the public sector is poorly managed, especially major infrastructure and IT projects(which are so bad I'm inclined to think it's fraud not just incompetence) I reckon those who knock the NHS might be shocked by the price of healthcare in Switzerland.

    For a family of 4, it starts at about 700 quid a month(and it's obligatory, f**k knows what poorer families do, I think they get subsidies). Service is pretty good especially in posh areas where the docs like to have their clinics, but it ought to be!

    You pay the first few hundred quid of treatment every year at that price, as well.

    I'd love the NHS to be the system here - it's flawed, it's not that great, but it's cheap and will usually save your life if necessary. That's all I want.

    I reckon most people who think the NHS is poor value are comparing with countries where the exchange rate makes the comparison invalid - how much do these operations in India/Malaysia cost in local terms?

    I've mentioned this before, and i'm more than happy enough to do it again :)

    UK has several heathcare systems. there is the NHS (which as someone pointed out, consumes 4% of the workforce), then there is the private system which is heavily intermingled with the NHS (paying for a private consultation will get you the same NHS consultant, but this week not in 3 months). then there is the charitable sector, hospices, childrens wards and such like.

    For many jobs, compulsary private healthcare is a 'perk' (and yes its taxable), and any cash you put down for pills and private treatments is paid AFTER TAX.

    So anyone who thinks the 10% NI is all it costs has never used the services of the NHS (or tried too).

    Switzerland (I live here now), private insurance is mandatory, this is not linked(but some policies are) to a specific doctor, so you are free to visit who you like, and I certainly haven't heard of any 'charitable' type hospital wards here, the insurance picks up the tab.. and of course you get seen straight away etc etc ... switzerland IMO has the best healthcare in the world.

    for a family of 4 you'd pay around 1000francs/month (700quid?) the UK equivalent salary would be 35k (which i would guess is a typical family net income) - remember you pay 10% NI, but so does your employer.. salaries are obviously higher since there is no employer NI. Oh and taxes much lower :)

    "f**k knows what poorer families do" - they live a damn sight better lives than in the UK!!!

  7. I think the reason maybe that higher CPI means that inflation is stronger than expected which in turn means that there is more likelihood that interest rates will go up. Thats my interpretation anyway - but there is so much going on it could be other factors as well. Also FTSE would not like idea of higher intest rates - so it drops.


    this is exactly on the money. :)

    higher inflation implies the BOE will very shorty (think 6-12months) need to start raising interest rates, the carry trade gets put back on and the pound strengthens against the lower interest rates currencies.

    this is 'good' for the pound (stronger), but bad for the british economy (FTSE), so pound up ftse down...

    higher interest rates also imply ftse must have higher yields so is another reason for the fall.


    brooon may choose to intervene and print more money, a generally mess things up which would cause the pound to tumble.. all very delicate... i wouldn't like to bet either way.

  8. i think the best way would be to post images of what you think the average house should look like

    im a bit lazy at this moment being weighed down by the phenominally depressive thought that im on this crappy web site on a saturday afternoon when i should be outside having fun with friends but i dont have nay etc etc woe is me.


    here is said house in hull, 3 beds. when i see it for 110k i might start saving a deposit...

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