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  1. All fake bars have tungsten welding rods, or solid ingots of tungsten inside. ..that said apparently depleted uranium is used in aircraft trim weights, so is probably quite easy to get hold of.. if you were so inclined.
  2. gold bars are the easiest thing (excuse my exageration) in the world to fake. it wouldnt suprise me if there are thousands of fake CS 50g bars. sell them to a dealer if you want to get rid of them, but dont be offended if they drill holes in them first.
  3. The BOE should maintain a narrow spread, since obviously the BOE is the biggest market maker. charging, or indeed exploiting wider spreads is somewhere between dihonest and criminal. obviously the losers are savers as the holding banks move money from the retail to the wholesale markets (and back again). if they (the BOE) charged a spread that covered operational costs, or better - zero spread, the retail banks could offer interest rates very close to money market rates. class action lawsuit!!!!!!
  4. Jules Verne was my childhood. Hans Christian Andersen is another but not my thing.
  5. the fact that i dont live there. john lewis bed linen. flat beer. curry. 13amp sockets.
  6. There is a US one from 1890 http://www.ablemesh.co.uk/Images/UShousepr...890-2006lrg.gif
  7. what a train wreak. the woman should do a runner, ideally another country. i can only assume she 'owes' her ex mother in law 50k minus 15k equity.. alls fair in love and war.
  8. "William Hill, head of property" I almost fell of this chair
  9. thats hillarious something you'd expect in the private eye! not NOTW
  10. supply & demand..makes sense if you stop for a moment.
  11. go to the postoffice in east ham, queue up to buy a book af 2nd class stamps. observe the folks walking out with wads of 50s....
  12. the mess was liar loans. sure smart people took liar loans, but mostly it was the stupid people.
  13. that funny, cuz everyone who is richer than you checks share prices every 3 months. selling shares is like dumping a gf. just buy!
  14. most people only watch it for betty lui ..right
  15. stress test = "if the bottom 10% of your loans default, can you still function?" if more default - then its civil war, so the govmt does give a flyiing fig.
  16. since everyone seems to be so well informed here.. anyone have info in FX swaps held by UK govt? either GBPUSD or EURGBP i think normally (??big q??) they write 3M swaps based on interest rate targets..? is the recovery/bounce (back to 1.50) due to inflation, therefore interest rate expectations?
  17. anyone got info on the muhouse area (tgv to zurich). something cheap <100keur land or wrecks
  18. i think philosophical arguments about value, and worth are a bit redundant. gold is $900/oz and this thread is all about where things will be in a months time. just like house prices, things dont change a great deal month to month. we have historical data documenting similar economic circumstances etc blah blah blah gold, house prices, oil, tulips, ok maybe not tulips but lets try & maintain a balance
  19. as i was trying to explain ..at the end of the year it gets out of whack. the bonds have paid coupons. and the equities dividends or gone up/down. so you need to rebalance the holdings to keep the ration at 60:40.
  20. dont forget that dividend yields are prety high now. so best hold on to them.
  21. that simply not true. for a lot of people, 60:40 equity/bonds and same for domestic/international is a balanced and low maintainance investment choice. something you could stick with for 10-20 years. to manage that yourself, you would need to rebalance evey 3 months (typically selling equities & buying bonds) with all the accociated transaction costs.. if u can find an FOF with low annual fees (~<1.5%) then you wont be a mug.
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