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  1. There are many web sites where you can buy gold, bars or coins and have it shipped to you. There is no vat or import duty so you don't worry about that. I wouldn't trust wiring my money to a Nigerian coin shop though :). If you don't want to do that you can show up in person at a bullion dealers and walk out with it. They will ask for id and proof of address though (only criminals and terrorists buy gold). Hatton garden has everything you could want with shiny metals and sparlky stones.

    you won't get asked for id in hatton gardens.

  2. Just like landlords sitting on property and not making any effort to rent it (with a view to capital gains and then a future sale) increased rents.

    The 'Bombsite Britain' demolitions will only happen in the first 6 months as these 'fake' landlords who have no interest in tenants are outed.

    capital gains in themselves are valid enough reasons for operating a business.

    the tax is something that should/could have been applied when the economy is growing and thus pushed up supply, but I never heard anything in the news about supply constraints in either the dot-com boom or 2yrs ago.. most of the offices were being built without tenants being signed up (i.e. the landlords were creating excess capacity).

  3. for many businesses having 'capacity' that is available on demand is an important part of the business model. this might be difficult to express tangibly on the balance sheet.

    e.g. IT companies are likely to have brand new computers that will eventually get thrown away unused. but having them is an important part of disaster recovery, or just having capacity available on demand for a datacentre.

    your pension fund will have 'cash' that is underperforming and not invested in bonds, money markets or shares.

    and a landlord with a portfolio of properties will have many properties that are 'borderline' in need of renovation/lettable. what is it for any of us or indeed the government to dictate how he or she manages the business?

    IMO the places are vacant for good reasons, taxing them reduces the effectiveness of the landlord's ability to operate optimally, thus will raise rents.

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